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Column - Refuel at the gas station ...

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Today, at the gas station, refuel.

Go inside to pay… there is a woman behind thick glass with a mask on it. There was no one else inside. I asked her if it was now mandatory by Shell or something? That you have to wear a mask behind glass?

"No"she replied, "I want people to see that I have a mask on so that they also put on a mask."

I told her that when I saw her before, without a mask, there was an always kind and nice lady behind the counter, always with a smile on her face. Now I only saw fearful eyes, no emotion and especially no smile. I told her that this way you only scare people who come in more. Then she fell silent ... "But it has to, right?" she said…

I said: "No, it is a request, for now, but in this way you cooperate to make it an obligation."

I then turned around and left, it cannot be saved anymore.

When I got into my car I was reminded of the words of Mrs. van Ark: "We have to change the way people think."

Van Ark: Mouth caps do not serve a medical purpose, but behavioral change

Walk into a supermarket without a veil and you will be looked at as a parasite, a traitor, an outcast. And I really want to warn anyone who thinks with common sense !!

We are far from there yet. They want us to become emotionless and mindless creatures. Line up with your sleeves rolled up to get vaccinated, as soon as possible. Don't ask questions, just order follow up. Heil Brussels, Heil Europe ...

Think carefully, dear people, think carefully for yourself !!!!

10 years of Rutte… Just like healthcare now, everyone will still receive 1000 euros from him. We are not going to get. In all those 10 years we pay on average 1000 € pp more on an annual basis in taxes, care and education.

Rutte destroyed everything. At the beginning of March this year there were 1150 IC beds. We are now almost in November and there are still 1150 IC beds. With 50% of the information they get, they make 100% decisions, still.

Today 1 patient flew from the Netherlands to Germany. 1 patient !!

But the media is on top of it. That's news ...

10 years of Rutte dear people, the care, our education, the police and also our soldiers, it is all broken. Everything has to go to Brussels, everything has to go to the EU. Even our very own king no longer believes in these fairytales, he just goes on vacation.

The only thing Rutte has achieved in 10 years?

We were already allowed 120 km / h on our highways, thanks to Rutte we were allowed to 130 km / h on some parts. And now back to 100 km / h… Rutte has done nothing more in 10 years.

Although we all have to look for a lot of bottom stones. Good luck searching ...

Spread the freedom!

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