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Column Rients Hofstra - Anger and incomprehension

Contrast people with common sense with ignorant people who think they know something about something. For example when it comes to the corona measures.

* 1 All catering facilities closed
Are hotels not included in that? Café owners are small entrepreneurs. Do they miss dearly paid lobbyists?

* 2 At home a maximum of 3 people visiting. And then once a day
A family of 5 is not allowed to visit grandpa and grandma, but the oldies are allowed to visit the five.
And who will be at all Dutch front doors every day for a whole month to check that there is no second wave of 2 visitors? Are neighbors being called upon to retrain as SS men?
Has it been proven that not 1 in 3 already has the virus? Perhaps an eventual 4th and even a 5th could be spotlessly clean.

* 3 Meetings outside with max. 4 people, meetings inside up to 30
Meetings in, for example, cinemas and during funerals fall under the 30 rule, churches and mosques (up to 600 is no problem) are exempt from this on the advice of a supreme being, while cinema visitors do leave the cinema for singing.
The risk of contamination outside is much smaller than inside. Everyone except Mark, Hugo, Jaap and Ab agrees on this.

*. 4 All events (fairs and concerts) are prohibited
Amusement parks again not, while those are also fairs but with a fixed location.

*. 5 Sports matches for adults and children up to the age of 18 will be deleted
Gyms (inside panting, groaning and groaning) may stay open, while outside .. see 3.
Amateur sport is the victim, the dearly paid football professionals are allowed to continue. (Interests ???) The unauthorized audience can sit within 1,5 m of each other, the pros jump each other after each goal. (not 1,5 m and much more than 3 people together!) A salient detail: a professional was tested positive, but retested 3 days later. A small miracle happened: negative, so he can again pounce on his fellow players and spit on opponents and give them headbutts.

* 6 Adults are only allowed to exercise in groups of 4, provided there is 1.5 m in between
Playing tennis and golf can therefore not hurt. What kind of backgrounds do these sportsmen mainly come from? Since when can extremely healthy 17 year olds not carry harmful viruses without becoming ill? Testing also doesn't seem to be foolproof.

*. 7 There will be a compulsory mask in public buildings for everyone over the age of 13
What are mouth masks? Surgeons' caps should not be allowed (don't know the reason) But the mess of the offers really doesn't stop virus particles. They are much smaller than bacteria, of which about 100 in a row fill about a millimeter. Are the Actionlappen so much better than my mosquito mesh hood? I do not think so.
And it is not compulsory until the age of 13. After all, the virus is extremely intelligent, apparently visiting all persons over 13.

*. 8 shopping evenings suspended, shops closed at 20.00 p.m. except for supermarkets
Again that intelligent Covidje. As a dead element, become active after eight in the evening and wait a few more hours at the doors of the supers to pounce on unsuspecting shoppers. Also here the difference as in point 1? Have you ever seen a supermarket from the inside? Try to consistently adhere to 1,5 m throughout the route from entrance to checkout. Does'nt work!

* 9 Ban on the sale and use of alcohol and soft drugs ??? in outdoor areas after 20.00 pm
Where is the total ban on smoking products? Lung cancer kills over 10.000 per year. And how is this controlled? Are supermarkets allowed to sell beer and wine after eight in the evening? Or should the poor checkout girl stop alcohol horks?

*. 10 Schools are spared
Rightly so in my view, but not in line with the (which?) “Vision” of professional idiots. After all, children can be carriers without any symptoms of disease. Classrooms are thus breeding grounds for transmissible dead viruses.

*. 11 Museums, amusement parks and weekly markets may remain open with current restrictions
Who still remembers? Museums and gambling tents (casinos) inside, amusement parks and weekly markets outside are allowed, football, fairs outside are not allowed, church visits and concerts inside are allowed. Say it. Which concerts? That of classical music (tennis players, golfers, hotel owners, supermarket chain owners?). Concerts by popular folk singers, too, with passionate singing as the believers of the Bible belt play the psalms and hymns? But singing club songs outside in a stadium is life-threatening? Is it because football and fairgrounds provide entertainment for 'ordinary people'? Is my suspicion that discord and division between different population groups is being confirmed?

*. 12 and that's just short of 13: Holidays in your own country are allowed, but hotels are only allowed to serve their own guests
At the end of October, a fortnight with a tent in the Veluwe, a cup of tea in the awning every 2 hours and an occasional trip, with a mouth mask, to the toilet building. We are all looking forward to that!

I found these 12 measures in today's AD October 14. The newspaper that, together with all other newspapers, has been filled with all kinds of (dubious) corona messages from 1 source for ¾ years.

If you have a different opinion, you are a conspiracy thinker. If you repeat your point of view, you will be asked to provide evidence, preferably scientific. But it has long been scientifically proven that all Ruttige measures have not been scientifically proven.
But what to do with all small entrepreneurs who are in danger of going bankrupt because of Mark and Hugo's nonsensical tunnel vision and all employees who become unemployed as a result? Are they supported, like KLM and Ajax are supported? Ajax, a listed company that earns tens of millions from transfers and pays the directors several tons in extra bonuses?

The real victims can easily be compensated, so that there is no need for a wave of dismissal (worse than covid ???) if we abolish the monarchy immediately. Then immediately confiscate the billions in property and democratically elect a president for 6 years each time. Our monarchy is based on ancient law of succession, while the members consist of, or are descendants of, criminal money wolves with a lot of civilian, slave and child blood on their hands.

A WHO director (David Nabarro) warns that lockdown tyranny means mass murder.

Rients Hofstra


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