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Column Rients Hofstra: MSM - Fakenews contra news

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MSM - Fakenews contra news

The mainstream media is strong at condemning and ridiculing critical people. Fortunately, the MSM and the politicians are infallible.

1. Hundreds of dairy farms were unfairly locked up almost 2 years ago by Minister Carola Schouten (CU) due to suspected fraud. This sentence alone! 'Suspicions of fraud'.

In February 2.100, 2018 dairy farms were no longer allowed to transport or remove animals from the minister. The minister suspected fraud with cattle registration to avoid high phosphorus taxes, because farmers did not register the stillborn calves. According to EU rules, farmers do not have to register stillborn calves.

A fact check, Carola? And it was already clear that most companies had not cheated. An unacceptable assumption, Carola? Message from the NRC on Saturday 24 Oct. It is strange that parallels can be drawn with the tax failure in the childcare allowance riot, which also loosely and unfoundedly assumed fraudulent parents. And of the latter but not willing / able to? to learn. Making assumptions, not researching facts, persisting in lies and misfacts, thereby making people very unhappy. These two incidents are not unique. Sanctions? Nada.

2. The MSM collectively bring the news about the pathetic oranges.

The treasures came 'of themselves' ??? back from the planned holiday to Greece. Rutte knew nothing about it, he lied, but took all responsibility. Popular statesmanship, constitutional law correct and therefore ridiculing the state system with an infallible monarch with no proven qualities, because the aged adolescent happens to be the oldest of the Bea nest.

Then a hypocritical speech from the autocue, read by a thoroughly spoiled creature, written by a boring ghost writer commissioned by a fierce prime minister. What a puppet show for and by adult mindless people, who afterwards learn from the delighted mainstream media that the people were deeply impressed by the deep bowing and the dust crawling prince and queen. With every sentence, WA perhaps thought with a symbolically raised middle finger of all the suckers who keep paying taxes obediently for an expensive, undemocratic institution that is still being - manipulated - maintained in 2020.

The popularity figures have been artificially high since the planned attack at the point in Apeldoorn, fell due to a half-day holiday and had to be boosted publicity again. No journalist in the service of the state slavishly following MSM will dare to confirm this. Also that the two youngest scions returned a little later was announced in a distorted way: there would be no place in the approximately 30 flights a day from Athens to Amsterdam. And that for several days in a row. Fair reporting? Based on facts?

3. The Limburg MP Paul Smeulders of GroenLinks made a horrible mistake when he bought the 1st (free) copy of the magazine. 'Common sense' on his doormat. He thought without thinking that it was an appendix to his regional newspaper De Limburger.

Without fact-checking. The politician, who is said to be trustworthy, went without investigation on Twitter popiejopie and called the alleged action of his magazine 'mood making'.

'It is incomprehensible that the newspaper does not take responsibility, while we actually need solidarity' according to the link (s) e green. Solidarity from whom to whom? It turns out that the magazine De Limburger had nothing to do with this.

The first edition of 'Healthy Mind' was distributed free of charge in various parts of our country. Funny, but also disturbing that the title of this magazine does not apply to certain MPs. Perhaps the 3 examples mentioned clearly indicate that there is a great need for magazines such as 'Common sense', but also to 'The Other Newspaper'.

4. Yes, then I cannot escape it either: the Covid-19 hysteria.

Countries that took rigorous measures during the 1st wave are now again hit by a serious 2nd wave. (Assuming for a moment that Covid-19 really exists and that the waves apparently continue to wave.) Apparently, the subject-matter insiders have known for some time that the exams in May / June should be spread over several months. Where does their 'knowledge' come from? Wishful thinking? Is it unfounded spread of fear stories? Or should we think of a hidden agenda?

Anyway, back to the now hard hit countries.

That heavy artillery, weeks after the peak of the 1st wave (you don't read much about this and the politicians have not read it at all) apparently did not help. Spain suffered the most severe lockdown, the Netherlands poldered with an intelligent lockdown and Sweden clearly did less than the surrounding countries. And yet all countries again score similar numbers of contagious people. They may all use the faulty PCR tests. The MSM barely or not at all talk about that either.
Critical doctors and scientists - their numbers are swelling! - are banned by the MSM, messages about this on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are systematically removed.

The installers are called conspiracy chooses to much worse.
But the fact that the Netherlands in the meantime is slowly but surely threatening to degenerate into a fascist nation with censorship as the new normal and calls for the betrayal of fellow citizens as a consequence of this, remains jealously underexposed in the MSM, if it is accidentally mentioned in small articles on page 13. touched.

The Netherlands is at a crossroads: are we going to slavishly do exactly what undemocratic party politically appointed idiots unfoundedly demand of us, or are we finally standing up en masse and demanding openness and transparency in all policy areas? The economy has already been almost completely sacrificed to unproven backroom measures.

Rients Hofstra

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