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Column: The Big Corona Picture

The big corona picture

As a macroeconomist and financial analyst I always try to understand the big picture of processes, events, measures and the consequences that they produce.
Since the beginning of the corona virus outbreak I have been analyzing the information about the behavior and the spread of the virus. The numbers that are scattered around. The fear that is created. The measures taken by various authorities. I also analyze countries with governments that take little or no action. And all the results and consequences that this produces.
It quickly became apparent that the mainstream media itself is not investigating anything at all, acting only as the cries of a few virologists who have taken over the world in a sort of dictatorial fashion and are blindly followed by most governments.

But those who do actually analyze what is going on know that reality is very different from what is presented to us.
In reality, our society is being demolished. Companies go bankrupt, people are fired, people live in stress, fear, uncertainty. And according to official figures, the virus just keeps spreading.

In the meantime, governments are trying to cushion the economic damage to companies and individuals by throwing around a lot of money.
The government finances of most countries were not in very good shape, and the lock-downs with all the economic damage that this causes are putting a significant strain on a particularly uncertain future. The indebtedness of most European countries will far exceed Euro standards.

The ECB is also making a significant contribution.
The banknote press had been on there for years, but it has now been turned up a few gears. I will leave it in the middle here whether the ECB is going beyond its powers. But in the meantime, the ECB's balance sheet has risen to over 6.000 billion euros in a short time !!!! That's half the size of the eurozone economy. The discrepancy between the money supply and the real economy is going to be an unprecedented problem. There are economists who will think that it will all be better for us, other central banks do it after all, but this jug will go into water until it bursts. Every economic law says this will lead to hyperinflation. Nowadays we mainly see inflation in assets (shares, bonds, house prices) but eventually inflation will develop broadly.
And then the consequences are incalculable. All central banks, whose main task is to control inflation, will be completely powerless.

You can fool all the people some time, you can fool some people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.

Do governments want to keep cheating on all of us all the time? Do they really want to destroy the entire world economy?
It has become abundantly clear that lock-down, masks, curfews and I know what more nonsensical measures that various governments are enacting, have no positive effect on the spread of the corona virus. In fact, I dare to conclude that the countries with the fewest measures certainly do not achieve worse results than the average and countries with the strictest measures have demonstrably worse results than the average.

Am I so smart or are you so stupid (Louis van Gaal)



How can it be that governments in most countries persist in a devastating strategy that has long proven to have no positive effect on the development, spread and consequences of the virus. I've likened it to burning every house on your street because your bike has a flat tire. And if your tire is still flat after that, we'll set all the houses on the next street on fire.

As an analyst I always try to see the big connection and understand what is happening.

But I cannot connect the dots with this ……

Virus madness, Maurice de Hond, A war already lost, Blue tiger studio, TTM communication, Café Weltschmertz, Lange Frans, CommonSenseTV and many others (n websites) come up with alternative solutions, studies, opinions, ideas and measures. Always based on clear argumentation and / or thorough studies.

Prove me wrong,
Willem Engel has told RIVM several times. But the only thing I have heard the RIVM say is that the findings of (including Willem Engel and Maurice de Hond) have not been proven.
While RIVM and OMT themselves come up with all kinds of unproven findings and measures.

The figures that can be found on the RIVM site do not confirm, but undermine the debilitating panic policy of RIVM, OMT and the government.

The number of hospital admissions in the whole of the Netherlands has not been above 26 per day since May 9, and most days it is 1 or 2. Since June 18, hardly any people have died from covid-19

But if we include the virological weekly statements (just search) it gets even crazier.
Then it turns out that coronavirus is virtually non-existent in the laboratory tests.
(Until recently, coronavirus was not even mentioned separately in the weekly statements, but was part of the heading “other”.)

Almost none of the patients who report to the doctor with respiratory complaints and / or flu-like complaints, who are tested with a laboratory test, turn out to be infected with corona.

Week 34: 0 cases of corona contamination
Week 33: 0 cases of corona contamination
Week 32: 1 case of corona contamination
Week 31: 1 cases of corona contamination
Week 30: 2 case of corona contamination
Week 29: 3 cases of corona contamination
Week 28: 1 cases of corona contamination
Week 27: 2 cases of corona contamination
Week 26: 4 cases of corona contamination
Week 25: 7 cases of corona contamination
Week 24: 1 case of corona contamination
Week 23: 2 cases of corona contamination
Week 22: 5 cases of corona contamination
Week 21: 5 cases of corona contamination
Week 20: 1 case of corona contamination

You can see it ladies and gentlemen. What a pandemic, what disaster is taking place in our country.

These are the results of 21 laboratories (trend representative for the whole of the Netherlands). Test results of people who go to the doctor with respiratory and / or flu-like complaints.
At the height of the 'pandemic' 48 cases was once the highest measured value in a week !!!

But in the newspaper we read about the 2nd wave with many hundreds of infections every day.
I recently read that in a cafe in Hillegom many people were infected. I then think: how is that possible? Apparently 200 people were present in a cafe. Did they all get sick at the same time or something? Did they call a doctor who went to test all those present on the spot?
Willem Engel has been calling for months that the corona test is unreliable. The above discrepancy between an actual laboratory test and the criticized PCR test is hallucinatory.
The RIVM knows this. The OMT knows this. The government knows this.

Why then continue to destroy everything?
Are they really all that stupid or is something else going on?

Let's listen to the conspiracy thinkers. Madmen with aluminum hats. That's how they are put away.
I am not a conspiracy thinker but an analyst. And the moment dissenters are made fun of and at the same time censored, I get suspicious.

Gekkies are free to express their opinions.
There are only a few crazy people and for the rest we are all sensible people, right?
Then why censor?
I have watched Janet Ossebaard's documentaries and enjoy listening to Veron Coleman and David Icke.
Lots of interesting topics, studies, opinions. Plot theories? Perhaps!
I have read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Made up, plagiarized or real? I do not know. I cannot form an opinion on that. But almost everything described in The Protocols is now happening.
Animal Farm and 1984 used to be in the bookstore in the 'fiction' section, nowadays they are in the 'documentary' section.

And when I hear Bill Gates say in an interview that he wants to reduce population growth….
In a private meeting with his friends, he declares that the population must be reduced by 15%… .. "And we must be able to achieve this with vaccines."
What the hell does that mean ??? (later on he put a different spin on his words)
He has also let slip that vaccines will be his most lucrative activity (investment) ever. What ??? He's made $ 100 billion from Microsoft.
Moderna is being pushed forward as a supplier of more than 14 billion vaccines (each 2x) per year for the entire world population. And guess who has his tentacles in this and many other pharma companies (including J&J and Astra) !!
Oh, and Moderna has already announced that each vaccine will cost a minimum of $ 50.
700 billion dollars a year !!!

Bill is right. The 100 billion he earned from Microsoft is just a pittance.
The WHO does not want to know about effective medication, only a vaccine can offer a solution.
And three guesses who the biggest financier of the WHO is ……
Whose bread one eats, whose language one speaks.

Then I try to connect the dots again:

- Governments are doing everything they can to cause as much fear, panic and unrest as possible.
- In reality, the virus does not appear to be as harmful and / or deadly as is always said.
- It even seems like the virus is barely floating around.
- It has been proven many times that there is a large-scale tampering with infected and deceased patients in hospitals worldwide. There is an order 'from above' to attribute as many patients and deaths as possible to covid-19.
- Good results achieved with medication are ridiculed or even banned by doctors worldwide.
- The WHO has proven itself to be one of the most ignorant or unreliable bodies ever, but all WHO guidelines are blindly adopted by most countries
- There are lies about the number of infections.
- There are lies about the effect of measures.
- Surely it cannot be true that governments worldwide cannot admit that they have followed wrong policies and therefore continue frenetically ???
- There must be a vaccine.
- The people are so scared that they will soon be in line for a vaccine.
Bill Gates and his buddies will be the suppliers of the vaccines.

Evil tongues claim that during the Spanish flu (1918-1919), most people died from vaccines hastily put together. For the time being, let's assume that this was not done with bad intentions.

All in all, I'm starting to think the following:

Many people are going to die from the vaccines that are going to be forced upon us. Not because of corona, but because of the vaccines that people are happy to have injected because of fear to death.
The goal is 1 billion deaths (remember, a 15% reduction in the world's population is Bill's goal). But yes, with a deadly vaccine you never know where it will end.
Of course the explanations are ready. "The vaccine is very good, but the coronavirus is so powerful that the vaccine couldn't compete with it."

Seen in this light, it is therefore not so bad that a large part of the economy and the financial system is going to waste. On the one hand, we will soon be with far fewer people and, on the other, we will really ensure that it is not the well-to-do of this world who will die from the vaccines.
I don't think Bill Gates will get himself and his family vaccinated.

But it all goes one step further if you also look and listen to the research work of Spiro Skouras and on the websites of the WHO, The Rockefeller Foundation and especially The World Economic Forum. There I get the feeling that Bill Gates is just a pawn in this whole game and that there is much more to it than a reduction of the world population. Hidden in beautifully presented reports and speeches, gruesome dark plans come to light here and there. She envisions total control over the world. A check that goes so far that technologies can read and adapt people's thoughts. A control over all food production. A check on everything.
'The Great Reset', they call it.

My old colleague and friend Kees, a very knowledgeable analyst, macro economist and radio commentator said
(loosely translated) to me:
“Marcel, you are looking for it all too far. A few 'experts' have been appointed to guide us through this 'pandemic'. It soon turned out that they were quite wrong. But yes, if the experts admit that, they will fall off their pedestal very hard. So they are not going to do that. And the government has gone along with the panic story and can no longer go back. And so are the television news services and the newspapers. Every day, for months on end, reports about the devastating pandemic, then you no longer have the opportunity to one day report that it is all going well and that we have a flu variant. That's how it is. And there is nothing more to it. ”

Okay, if the theories regarding Gates, WHO, WEF, RF are not true, and it is indeed the way Kees argues it, then I have a very good solution for all governments.
There is a vaccine that is guaranteed to be safe, available, cheap and has no side effects: NaCl 0,9%.
Vaccinate everyone with this and then present the real numbers of the infected. Spectacular decrease compared to the current mickey mouse testing methods!
Everyone healed, no side effects and all politicians can start patting themselves on the back without losing face.

Yours faithfully,
Marcel van Tol.
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