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Column - The need for babies

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In the debate about population, we often talk about one side of the problem: Immigration and immigrant birth rates.
The other side, namely natives who have too few children, is not much discussed.

The low birth rates since 1973 are the reason that our politicians and large companies continue to make the case for immigration, "To combat aging". And as long as native Dutch have fewer than 2.1 children, they will continue to do so.

Do I have a nice message? Depends how much you love children.
Birth rates are primarily the responsibility of a population group itself, and thus of the individual couples that make up that People.

Too often couples take fewer children than they actually want, often because of the desire to have money left over for expensive vacations and to pay for the children's studies. Or because it is postponed for so long that the genitals no longer cooperate optimally.

"Yes, but Jasper, it makes no sense, because Mohammed has four wives and thirty children."
I do not know where people juggle those figures, while CBS shows that the average birth rate of the non-Western population groups together is 1.78 children per woman, compared to 1.58 for native Dutch. A gap of only 0.2 children difference, which can be made up for with a little patriotic reproductive behavior.

The long-term battle is ultimately won through the womb, not passive people who are bitterly cancerous on the Internet.

And for those who cannot reproduce, I have a heart under the belt:
You can always dedicate yourself to the children of your brother (s), sisters, nephews and nieces. It creates a bond and you partly relieve the parents of the sometimes arduous work of upbringing.


Tarl Warwick: "Don't complain about repopulation, if you're not going to do anything about it"

Birth rate Non-Western women (1.783 children born / woman)

Birth rate Native Dutch women (1.583 children born / woman)

Appendix: “Father and son on a hike”

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