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Come to Rutger Groot Wassink's Yoga paradise!

Spread the freedom!

In addition to the 13 million euros that are spent on reception places for illegal immigrants, it appears that there is also tax money to others facilities goes for the litigation undocumented.

"We already knew that Amsterdam spent 13 million euros on reception places for 500 illegal immigrants who have exhausted all legal remedies." said Annabel Nanninga.

"Now it appears that extra millions of our money go to all kinds of facilities for these illegal immigrants!"

Free Yoga for illegal residents


In addition to costs for lawyers to appeal and other “facilities”, illegal immigrants now even get free YOGALESSES!

Wellness packages for being illegal. A criminal offense. Crime is simply rewarded by GroenLinks.

The benefactor Groot Wassink


Your money goes to figures who move from building to building through the city.

While they have been litigated for years, and have therefore been able to use FREE lawyers for years.

“FvD is going to get to the bottom of where YOUR money is going! To which 'charities' and subsidies. ” says Annabel Nanninga.

All this also has a suction effect. Very illegal The Netherlands now wants to come to Amsterdam to be pampered for free in Rutger Groot Wassink's YOGA PARADISE!

Annabel, it will be nothing without you there in Amsterdam.

Spread the freedom!

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