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Dear readers,

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything in a while. This is correct, due to various circumstances my full attention was demanded elsewhere. For the past month and a half I have hardly followed the current affairs and during this period I forced myself to leave the computers alone so that I was not busy with a hundred things at the same time, so as not to walk into the proverbial "locks" at the same time. . When recently my agenda became more "normal" and or calmer, I carefully started working on all the backlogs regarding news gathering and I can tell you, my surprise has risen to great heights.

To give you an understanding of what I mean, I'll cite a few examples. Perhaps in this way we can get an idea of ​​the feeling one can experience when someone comes back after a long journey and his or her whole world has gone haywire. At least that's how I felt it to some extent. Of course, all the idiocy surrounding corona policy could hardly surprise me. So it didn't work, but it doesn't change the fact that it still makes me sick and my blood starts to boil when I hear how easily people are now willing to prick the kids. Of course I continue to find this outrageous and I have already written that in another article here. (see “the child of the bill”). What didn't surprise me even more was last week's cringe-inducing press conference in which it was casually announced that QR code madness has become a fact with all the bullcrap that comes with it. We had all seen it coming and now we have reached the stage where the docile crowd starts to distinguish themselves from the steadfast autonomous individuals. For myself I have long ago determined to which group I belong. And in contrast to that disgusting haughty Hugo with his pedantic talk, there are actually intelligent people in the group of exhibitors. Which I consider to be in excellent company with them.

What did surprise me, however, is that the country's lawyer had the daring audacity to state that it would be inevitable to expropriate the farmers in the future. The disgust….. What also surprised me is that the supermarkets once again screwed up their prices without too much fuss about it. I think it is extremely immoral for them to do this as the supermarkets have been the only ones making money for the past eighteen months. Why solidarity? I am also very shocked by the appalling state in which our healthcare sector seems to be in. For example, I recently heard from a family member that they do not make any lung test in the hospital because of the corona conditions. You know, a test that looks at how much lung capacity someone has. A very important study for many people seems to me, just think of, for example, all COPD patients who now do not know whether their situation has improved or worsened. I also spoke to a young person who had recently overcome the horrible disease Leukemia. It was a terrible battle, but thanks to many chemotherapy treatments, this person eventually won. But since chemotherapy is not nothing and this often serious problems entails, there is probably damage to the heart of this person. It is known that the heart has to endure a lot under chemotherapy and it is therefore very likely that damage to the heart has occurred. But how much and how serious nobody knows at all because so far no doctor has looked at it. In this case, too, corona is the culprit and the person in question is on the waiting list to see a cardiologist. A CARDIOLOGIST!?! Or a “heart” doctor. If they wait long enough for cardiology, those waiting lists will resolve themselves! SCANDALOUS!!!

And so there were more “things” that left me amazed and extremely concerned, but only one subject really surprised me! Somewhere in August I learned that "suddenly" the mess had broken out again in Afghanistan and that the Taliban was once again on the doorstep. This left my mouth open again. The country was left in a hurry. Panic on the planes where various countries were diligently evacuating. Complete chaos! Military vehicles left behind or free to collect for any terrorist group. It was claimed that all the military goods left behind had been "disabled", but yes…. What surprised me most about this matter, then, is that everyone in politics was stunned. At least as surprised as I was, at least that's how Minister Kaag and her cronies made it seem. I couldn't believe this surprise, surprise behavior of these people and of course it has now also become clear that there was indeed a "smell" to this story.
Yesterday there was a debate about the situation in Afghanistan and I followed it with half an ear. It soon became clear to me that, as usual, they had once again seriously screwed things up and motions of no confidence were thrown again. And not only that, no! It got even more painful! For example, there was a hassle at the embassy where only three of the sixty people (of choice) were allowed to be evacuated. Or something in that vein, in short, the ambassador reacted indignantly to this, as did most in the House of Representatives. It also seems that people who had permission to evacuate were sent away several times at the airports because they were supposedly not on the list, with the result that a number of these unfortunate souls are now hiding somewhere. This of course testifies again to the familiar mismanagement of that couple of incompetent fools in The Hague. But what I find downright disgraceful is that Kaag would have ignored an offer from the French to let Dutch evacuees fly with a French transport. Or at least didn't use it. And so I learned from a visibly angry Jasper van Dijk of the SP that the chamber was only once again informed of the situation and again by the media such as the NRC and the Volkskrant. The parliament was therefore in his shirt again and was again not informed by the cabinet. When the cabinet finally had to give insight into the case, a lot of the black marker had been painted off again. This is also not surprising for Rutte and his gang of crooks, as this trick has been performed so often (surcharges affair, etc.). The memory also faltered here and there and to top it off my sense of danger was confirmed. For in no language in the world could I imagine that these quacks supposedly knew nothing and indeed this was not the case. In January this year, Foreign Affairs would have heard from the MIVD that it was inevitable that the Taliban would take over Afghanistan. They just didn't know exactly when. All in all, not such a big surprise after all…

Sigh, I'm back again. After a month and a half of focusing on something else, I conclude that it doesn't really matter how much I still try to figure out everything I've missed. Because actually I didn't miss anything. Lies and deception in politics, arbitrary ravings in corona policy and harrowing stories about the appalling conditions in healthcare. I had hoped otherwise but unfortunately not expected…

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