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I have stopped watching television. We are inundated with commercials. That is clearly a VVD policy. To my question if others mind that I got the answer, No, because then I can go to the toilet, grab a beer or cut a block of cheese or sausage. We do not realize that the commercials have started to dominate our urination and defecation and our eating and drinking habits.

We watch television and see the artificial theater family of a family in which a woman works from home (she used to be a housewife to her husband and now she is a housewife to her boss). In which the man performs a so-called erotic dance while cutting vegetables. Apparently this man is not working and the woman becomes very horny from all that food and the tricks of her husband. The children are then very subtly asked if they want to let the dog out. (A Jumbo Supermarket Contribution).

These are the commercials of today and they should make people eat until they are greasy. The Jumbo does not understand that the television viewers are sitting on the toilet at that moment or are cutting the cubes of cheese or slices of sausage.

Even more annoying are the beer and alcohol commercials that appear every five minutes between a good movie. Those booze farmers ignore the fact that, Long live the Corona, the whole of society is made an alcoholic and if the Government doesn't like you anything, then you just drink yourself a lot because otherwise we have nothing else to do.

If it were only the Jumbo or an O% beer brand then it was not too bad, but there are many supermarkets and many beer brands and many car manufacturers and many others who are pushing to buy advertising time on television. You understand that this precious airtime is only given away to the big companies and brands. So what do the program makers who broadcast a commercial break every five minutes and boredom.

I tried to take a piss during every commercial but I just didn't have to? So I ran back and saw to my horror that the movie had already moved on and I had missed an exciting moment. Yes, because the viewer will be punished if he does not adhere to the advertising rules. So you get just for exciting or fun or romantic moments, ADVERTISING.

And if you cut your fingers in a hurry while serving the sausage or piss half your pants, you'll miss it, moment supreme. Then you zap to a police series or a hospital series that are all the same anyway. Only the crooks or the patients change places.

On the Discovery channels you can see wildlife films in which usually lions eat a deer or crocodiles tear up a zebra or sharks attack a humpback whale. Long live nature.

It is striking that more and more colored people are also appearing on the screen. In the commercials it is accurately measured. Two white people, two tinted people and two black people. That is to combat discrimination. Yes, because the government has set itself the task of educator. It is a pitiful and pathetic performance that makes me sick and sick.

I zap the lazerus and the indication on the program button, (zap button), has almost disappeared from my remote control. I also need a set of penlight batteries per week to control the images on my screen. Zapping to the music channels also makes no sense because the good channels have disappeared and only the pulp is left.


Everything has become MTV. 1980s, 2000s and 2021s music. But I don't like MTV and I don't like Dutch music either. So the flush of watching television has become very thin now.

That's why I stopped watching television and took my old stereo compact disc player from the attic again and put out a whole stack of discs from Sabaton, Slayer, Metalica and other heavy metal and good music from the 70s and 80s. (You can't argue about taste). 😁

That music gives me inspiration to write this piece. All things considered, how beautiful and uncomplicated the time was in the years up to 2000 and what is now, partly because of the Corona and this Government, made a mess. It may have to do with getting older, but it is no longer my business.

Thomas Wick.

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