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CommonSense TV negatively portrayed!

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It is possible that a single reader has already come across "Your best friend is watching with you" on YouTube, I have been following this site for some time, because quite incriminating videos are presented about people and organizations, in principle this person presented himself under a different name and presented himself as someone who wanted to tackle the Satanic Pedophile Network, but it has become clear to me that we are dealing with an organization that aims to break the resistance that has arisen in the Netherlands, to infiltrate within to pit organizations and people against each other, or to play them off.

(The great thing is: I've never commented on this character or this channel. Reason: I don't know them. Danny)


Given the gigantic amount of footage and recordings, it is almost certain that this is something that is carried out by an intelligence service in the service of our government, so the person in question, who calls himself "Your best friend" is far from it, cut-and-paste films are put together, which suggest that they are something, but which are in reality very far from the truth, whereby politicians such as a Mark Rutte and a Thierry Baudet and their parties are intertwined and a Willem Engel is attempted with Virus Truth, by practices that are strongly reminiscent of a mole within their organization, so videos of ex demonstrators also appeared.

When you see how productive the work is, sometimes three videos roll up on YouTube in a day, it immediately becomes clear that this cannot be the work of one person, the objective is completely clear, JDTV posted another video by Thierry Baudet in a tipsy state on his channel, Eric Donk had filmed this himself, there is suddenly a reaction from "@Your best friend is watching with you", who almost begs whether he can also use this video, it does matter clearly something about it, actually people like from an Arnold Karskens to a Geert Wilders are completely burned down on this channel and links and connections are made, which are far from normal!

The only objective that I can conclude from this is that this will crush the resistance against our government, that people even want to have the independent CommonSense TV off the air, which is why I wrote this column about this, because we will not allow such a thing. happen, it shows how far the State of the Netherlands has sunk, that our free speech is being attacked, that the censorship of our government wants to transform us into robotic creatures, I can say one thing very clearly about this, be very careful with visiting this one “Your best friend is watching you”, if you want to visit it, because nothing is what it seems!

I'll leave it at that for now, with kind regards,

Chris Collard.

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(And we didn't challenge or scold anyone. That's not our style.)

hugo wouldn't answer questions. When many other twitterers pressed for answers, hugo chose the easiest way:

Wierd who blocked us when he was criticized after reporting that the whole of the Netherlands should be vaccinated or else be selfish. He also chose the easiest way.

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