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CommonSenseTV, fuss in the tent and Willem Engel

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There has been quite a bit of buzz over the past week about an article that appeared on CommonSenseTV about Willem Engel.

Dozens of emails have been received about this. Rather 70 than 20. Incidentally, both positive and negative. Then you have to make a statement because there is even disagreement with one of our columnists.

What is CommonSenseTV

First, it is very important to know that we are not like most media and not like most alternative media.

CommonSenseTV is a platform with certain ideals. Very briefly: The sovereignty of the Netherlands, the pursuit of a political system based on common sense in which we once again become a real democracy where citizens are in charge. and at the moment we are mainly focusing on the largest smoke screen ever built: Corona. COVID-19.

Nicely made up name. An Ovid is a sheep. Put the C for controlled and you have a wonderfully scary word for a virus that is kept “unclear” for as long as possible. (the sheep being checked is only a funny, remarkable and not something that can be substantiated).

This while we have long known that it is a virus that mainly gives older people, on average more than 80 years, the final push in addition to other conditions that the patient already had, to die. Just as a flu would become fatal for most people. They are their own numbers.

May sound harsh to those people who have known someone in the 0,03% of the Netherlands who may not have been that old and probably died directly from Covid. Life is the way it is. The flu is the true annual killer for people with an average age of 65 years (17 years difference from the average age of Coronad deaths). We have learned to live with that. Not with Corona because “it is unknown”. And you can bet it will stay that way.

We were very quick and from day one we have written critically about corona. Nowhere was there any nuance about this and I soon found out that (in my view) something is not at all correct with that corona virus. The necessary documents have been written about this. The consequences of COVID against the consequences of the measures are in no way justifiable. Impossible.

In the beginning that took a lot of readers and viewers, but you are not going to adjust your vision for that. You can not do it..

So we are a real citizen platform. There is no organized editorial staff. No guidelines are given to writers. Of course, as regular writers, you sometimes talk about what to do and what we have seen. But otherwise everyone is completely free to write what they want. That has been going well since the website was founded. And as long as that goes well, I see no reason to change this. There are also no rules on our websites except that people behave in the chat.

The compliment we often get from: "You are the real journalists!" is actually not correct but a very big heartwarming compliment and especially a very big damper for the mainstream media who do a lot with a complete team, except to start a real debate among the population by showing all sides of the story . Had we had that, the Netherlands would not have been in this crazy situation. So the compliment is a gross disgrace to our corrupt media. So all they do apparently better than us (me) is write flawlessly. I will fish it out later and it will be fine.

Most do not even know each other, some get together because they are doing the same thing, an example are Jerro and Rick who keep the website running in the background and are being improved step by step.

That way of working works. Virtually no conflict. Nobody sends someone to write down a certain direction. Complete freedom. As a result, you sometimes come across two articles that contradict each other, but I do not see the problem there. That makes sense to me on a citizen platform.

We would also very much like to work with other awake groups. I also think this is very simple.

For example, we regularly post interviews or interesting pieces from others, such as Blue Tiger Media, Weltschmerz or ON! to make this either our point or because it is just too interesting not to show.

Not all of our supporters watch Weltschmerz, Blue Tiger Media or ON! nor vice versa. Like a piece of ON! has 150k views on their channel and 90k views with us, that's a good thing. If we also refer neatly in the end screen to their channel with the recommendation to subscribe there, you already work very well together without losing your own identity or connecting yourself directly to others.

Another example is Raatgever's declaration action. We thought that was a good action and as a citizen platform you do not commit yourself to anyone, but you can give a stage to good initiatives.

The hope is that all supporters will meet each other online and physically. Then we can really make a fist.

We will also give everyone who makes a serious attempt to organize a demonstration or a walking tour and let them use our platform and our ever-expanding reach. An agenda has now been made for this where all demonstrations and other events will be used. The agenda is already there, now we still have to set it up.

Heibel in the tent!

Well, fuss. I'm just trying to put it into perspective by calling it that.

That this is about the piece about Willem Engel that may be clear. I will not go into the comments and the situation further. It is there. It is there. People have their opinion and test approx.

Should I have written there publicly yes or no. Should Chris Collard have responded there publicly yes or no. It doesn't matter at all now. We are all human.

I myself am hardly involved with other “awake groups”, “anti-corona groups” or whatever you want to call it.

I do this deliberately because I cannot be so distracted by opinions of others and I am not waiting to get involved with all kinds of groups that suddenly shoot up like mushrooms to fight against corona measures. This is not meant to be derogatory. In principle it is only a positive thing.

Willem Engel

Was I my hands so clean? No not at all. This is so. And there is only one who is ultimately responsible for this and that is me. That's why I write this too.

I was asked if a piece could be written about Willem Engel because it was important. The answer is basically the same as always: “Go ahead, as long as everything is right!”.

Nothing has been mutually agreed upon. There is no partnership. We are in touch. We app. But what was going to be in the play, I had no idea. I've never had to know that with anyone before. CSTV is not a group that always consults and is committed to working with people. The opposite is true. I think that's the key to success.

Ferry wrote the play. I woke up. Packed with mailbox. Angry people, also happy people who say: finally people see it too. So I went to read the piece.

Because you write so much and make so many videos, you build a kind of button in your head with which you can switch off your emotions as much as possible when you write. That does not always work, which is clearly evident in the article. But in general that is possible. You have to, otherwise you cannot write good informative pieces and you are actually more concerned with expressing your own disgust. Now that is not always wrong, but the whole must be informative.

When I first read the piece, I didn't really understand the goings on. It will have to do with the fact that through what I just mentioned I can read quite emotionless pieces.

After our columnist and a number of other people got quite angry, I read it again and yes, I can imagine that it seems very subtle to people. After this I also called the authors (it was drawn up in collaboration) to discuss this. But mainly because I wanted to know one thing whether I can report it or not. Because it is something personal and I think it has to do with it.

That was allowed. They have Asparagus Syndrome and are autistic. I know more of those people and those people often have something genial, I notice, but often cannot understand how others think about their directness. Is this an excuse? That is up to the reader. I was allowed to mention this and it could have something to do with it. For me, the rule that we have always maintained was: Everyone can write their opinion.

I think this is important because I believe in them and do not endorse that these are people who want to destroy everything.

They are working on what I think is a fantastic project and it felt good. And you can only rely on your feeling. And it felt good.

Had I stopped it or done it afterwards? Yes, I would have gone through the piece, taking into account that these people write VERY directly and then it would probably have been very different. But it is there and it will remain and there are some interesting observations. Everyone just thinks his own. Nobody has been killed yet.

What do I think of Willem Engel?

I also have an opinion about Willem Engel and I cannot keep it to myself now.

Do I think it is a wrong person? I do not know. But I do have my reasons for being suspicious of him.

He's the only one I watched a little bit. That was also the reason that I: Yes! said. Not knowing what would come out. As always.

I also got in touch with him. Was enthusiastic too. Immediately placed a banner for Virus Madness. The more rebellion against this terrible dictatorial humiliating policy, the better.

Indeed, what Chris Collard described well in one of his columns is that we must work together. I want us to support all good initiatives as much as possible, of course.

What to do if you have a fundamental disagreement about someone? In this case Willem Engel? In my eyes: Just keep going and it will automatically come to the surface who was wrong and who was not.

Okay, we're going to continue on Angel.

Where my distrust comes from towards Willem Engel

If there is one thing you shouldn't give an inch of space in this country, it's BlackLivesMatter! Someone who has anything to do with BLM is gone for me.

I don't know everyone is aware of what causes BLM in the US and what they stand for. Look it up quickly. And not on CNN. Watch the real images, see some videos on our channel or see it on FOX which is the only one that shows the real images. It is impossible to describe what happens there with this political movement.

The police become defunded (this means there is NO police anymore) and BLM is entitled to it. There is no room for other opinions and they are also physically punished. These groups are, as has been confirmed many times, financed by the Democrats themselves and here in the Netherlands this extreme left-wing radical group does not accept any other opinion than the bizarre ideas of BLM.

I don't think many people understand what BLM really is. It is not a demonstrator group. It is a political movement. The extreme left, Marxist, everything that goes against our democracy is represented by BLM. Democratic politicians have to bow (literally) to BLM, mayors are chased away, and the police are freaked out. People who are at home and threatened by BLM cannot call the police. Everyone probably knows the news of an older couple who had to defend themselves because BLM idiots, there is no softer word, wanted to attack them with weapons.

Portland, Minneapolis, New York. Cities that Alicia Keys could sing beautifully about a few years ago have now turned into lawless chaos. Murders, lootings, everything related to American history is brought down and wiped out. Streets are renamed and are called BlackLivesMatter street and more nonsense.

We have made a number of videos about this, but it has only gotten worse. One has to search, I cannot write an extensive article about this in this article. But giving BLM space in your country is asking for the real end of democracy. Cities in the US have become totally lawless. Of course the NPO will not show you that! But the big influence of BLM is horrifying there. Purely and only intended to completely overthrow a democracy. There are also no moderate Democrats. It has become an extreme left-wing Marxist group with a demented Presidential candidate who is deployed but does not know what he is saying from behind.

Willem has connections with BLM, has / had a friend of BLM which was shown on EJBron, among others. And later, at the end of June, he even called for BLM to come to a demonstration as well.

Completely freaked out idiots. Perilous and they use a killed criminal, Floyd, as "the example". Complete madness. A criminal from childhood with a criminal record longer than a toilet role.

BLM is poison! Dangerous to life and fatal for your country.

You should not give it an inch and eradicate it very quickly as a movement. You don't do that? Then you work exactly on what you want.

I personally no longer kick nice talk from Engel and I suddenly recognize the techniques of speaking very well. If you want to get BLM involved, I don't want anything to do with it, but NOTHING. And then I can hardly imagine that he meant this well.

Don't forget that BLM also stands for Love and patience. Love and peace. Well, fantastic! If I also hear that they will be active in other countries. For those who believe it, scratch yourself well behind the ears.

It's Antifa. It's BLM. It's all the same. It only wants one thing. Plunder, overthrow democracy and ... POWER !!! Lots of power! And they have! Don't think Trump is going to win elections just as easily. This spreads like an oil slick and a percentage will always switch. A percentage that can be decisive for the election.

WATCH FOR THIS IN THE NETHERLANDS! Keep your eyes open is my advice and my opinion.

The second point is that Engel played everywhere in the picture. I also came into contact with him. You support it, you place a banner. You see it on TV. So far you think: "Ah, that's good!".

That was also my reaction. I still complimented him on it. I didn't know what I do know now.

But then, without working together or consulting with a number of supporters who have built up in a long time, like us at CSTV, he ignores his friends and turns it into his own show. that is not so bad if it doesn't do more wrong than good.

There are longer existing platforms with people from all walks of life who are eager to cooperate in making a strong barge. Suddenly Engel starts some lawsuits. No chance. Seems beautiful but it ruins it and makes it more difficult and really well prepared to set up with many people behind it. Yes there is a hurry, you can say. That's right, and that is now sick.

This will not be everyone's opinion. That's up to everyone. For me personally it is incomprehensible that not everyone will immediately ring the alarm bells. Wolves in sheep's clothing exist. VERY MUCH!! And deceive them.

The play about Willem Engel. It is there. Very unsophisticated. The writers now also know that. That message has really been received. And no, they don't feel good about it but they do write what they see. It stays there because I'm not going to censor. I have never done that. And you can bet that there have been pieces that I did not agree with 100%. They are there. I do not determine the opinion of another.

CommonSenseTV is not going to interfere in feuds

As I said, the groups and people are mushrooming against the corona madness. Good thing. Because there is something at stake.

But what do we see? Mutual struggle, one makes the other black and vice versa. That belongs to that but that again to that. Camps arise. And we don't get on with it.

There will be many people who will learn about these people. Trying to distinguish the good from the bad. There are also bad apples among people who pretend to represent the “good cause”. We have learned that.

If we really have hard evidence for something, you are obliged to post it. also about other groups, but the truth will naturally surface. And that never lasts long.

But I only want to go along in those feuds. That's not going to happen here on CommonSenseTV.

Was this a lesson then? Yes. I would have done it differently on some points, I could have done it again. I have already discussed this with those involved. Both with the authors and with Chris.

Not as an apology, but to keep a sharp eye on what's best for CommonSenseTV.

We do our thing as we have always done and are not going to prick that hornet's nest.

Before you know it you are in the middle of it and you are compared to one side or the other. Do not feel like. Not going to happen. I did not build everything for that. Others may have companies behind them or large lenders. This platform is built from 0 and I will absolutely not let it break through feuds between others.

And that's what I stand for now. CSTV is not in this or that camp. CTSV is CSTV and is willing to cooperate where possible.

I am completely independent and this platform will always remain completely independent. There is no cash flow behind this platform. I will also be very open about how it currently stands and what we are doing with it:

I am a simple citizen. I give € 150 a week to my wife / girlfriend who is more than 100% behind me, for the general costs that are slightly lower than in the Netherlands. (I have nothing to do with getting married, it doesn't matter to me). A portion goes to those who work the hardest in the form of extremely meager tips. Incidentally, no one has ever asked for it, but they deserve it. Subtitles are paid for so that we can show more. We can maintain and expand the website. Paying monthly fees to keep it up and running and the monthly fees for some plugins on our website. We can realize plans that we have had for a long time and that we save for. We now also have a reporter who will soon be interviewing a very surprising guest and I also have between 0 and 300 euros continuously on my account. That's my possession. Rather than Google Ads, ads from multinationals and men who want to give money and have a finger in the pie. Noble huh? But that's not the point. More because I can quietly continue this off the radar without too much hassle and so you also get pure news. And I want to keep it that way. Little more money? Yes, I do and that will come naturally. Can I fix a lot of mess. But it doesn't really bother me now, because what is the money still worth if the thing that awaits us is going to destroy us?

If the flow of money increases, that you really have to pay tax and become official, then we will have to do something more commercial. And as we grow, that is coming. This would have been a goldmine for an affiliate specialist. He had fully exploited the visitor numbers. But I don't like those Blackhat ways. You also deny your platform when you earn money with an advertisement from, for example, Amazon. Just give me the carpenter from our supporters as an advertiser.

Then we'll see. We will remain as transparent as possible without becoming too naive, of course. You cannot put everything down blindly.

The last 2 days I have written almost no article, no video, email does not work and I noticed that I was through it. This case was part of that. Another piece of writing where I, I, I stand, I don't like that at all, but afterwards I am happy that I was able to write it off and immediately feel that boost to continue with what I always like to do am. I hope the rest have that too!

CommonSenseTV! We are going to shake up the Netherlands!

We will take it a bit easier, although I think it is wonderful to see that now that I post less suddenly Leslie and Jens start posting more than usual. Fantastic!

Spread the freedom!

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