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We know you don't read the articles on CommonSenseTV hugo,

But we also know that the so-called 'security services' do. They must search and search for potentially incriminating statements on our website.

I first have a few questions for the employees of the so-called 'security services':

You sleuths in our articles, but do you ever read it? Do you ever understand? We are known as a possible terrorist organization, but you do have a few gray cells up there that are still working? Then you should know that we are concerned citizens who do research, who do not swallow the propaganda of the government and the mainstream media. That we are citizens who immerse themselves, who analyze and come to completely different conclusions.

And that doesn't just apply to the writers on CommonSenseTV. Our readership often engages in discussion and debate with each other. Our readership often also searches for new studies or people elsewhere in the world who have important information to share. You guys are trying to troll in between and attack our website, but our readers are smart enough to see through all these dirty games. Do you get that?

We are not at all waiting for all the nonsense that is presented to us and all the idiotic measures imposed on us by the regimes worldwide. Our suffering and even physical violence and damage is done without their right to do so and that is why we do this work. We would rather go to work, walk or cycle and have a nice dinner with our family. But because of the terrorist policies of those in power, we feel compelled to do this job, to dig and dig to try and get a few bits of truth out. We have more than a day's work to expose the lies that are being hung everywhere. Everywhere and every time it appears that the self-proclaimed dictators simply don't care about the population. Lies are punctured, but they don't care at all. In Australia it has even been admitted by the government that biological warfare is being applied to the population through the 'vaccines'. There is no more parliament and no judiciary. So the self-proclaimed dictators can do whatever they want, and they do. Not in our interest, in the interest of another agenda being rolled out. And you KGB'ers and so-called law enforcement officers are just as guilty as the dictators you work for.


Do you actually have family? Husband, wife, children, brothers, sisters, parents? Do you have friends? I ask this question not only to you from the so-called 'security services', but also to all the police and 'enforcers' (that word alone!!) who eagerly carry out their duties: scouring the internet for statements by good citizens who reveal abuses and who appoint as (potential) terrorists, beat up and arrest old people, women, children and other peaceful people with a large army. Do you realize that you are actually no better than the nsb'ers who took a kink for every Jew they reported, no better than the ss'ers who picked up civilians in resistance and shot them down? And just like 80 years ago, this behavior is still applauded by a large part of the bastard people! Or are your family and friends sometimes cheering too?


It can't go on like this!

But I have a very good idea. Because we have to get out of this and in this way that has been going on for more than a year and a half now, that is not going to work. We think those in power are terrorists. You think we are. My idea is to fight it out. Not literally, we are very civilized people, no, I mean fighting out in a debate. A debate with questions, arguments and answers. A debate with hugo, possibly flanked by his OMG members. We are not afraid of that. But no gossip, like in the room or, disgust, disgust, like a staged feel-good interview with hugo by Johnny de Mol.

Oh look, that hugo turns out not to be such a terrible person at all!



Sorry, I digress a bit. But that's because I always catch those cheap tricks right away.


No, seriously, this is a call for real debate and real explanation.

We have a number of questions and we want real answers, no gossip, no OMG, oh no, OMT based advice, no talpa show, no, real answers.

I am submitting this questionnaire below and I would like hugo to answer it in front of the CSTV audience and all other interested parties. If hugo can convince the audience of CommonSenseTV with his answers that everything that has been happening for almost 20 months now is not a (planned) hoax, that there really is a new virus that is causing great damage to humanity, that the vaccines really is the only way out and that we can consider the vaccines a godsend and that you, hugo, really want the best for us from the bottom of your heart, if you can convince us of that, then I promise that from now on I will only cda write and publish propaganda articles on CommonSenseTV.

ok hugo?

of course hugo doesn't read this himself, I know that, but you from the kgb department should pass this message on to him.

It is really necessary, hugo, we have to debate, we have to get answers to questions, otherwise things will end badly.

Here is the questionnaire in preparation for the debate. The questionnaire goes all the way back to the beginning of the pandemic, because we think things started to go wrong there.


1: What can you tell me about the isolated detection of the relevant sars-cov-2 virus? I read in scientific papers that to date that has not been done and therefore this virus is still a theoretical assumption. In Spain, the government was recently forced to prove the existence of the virus. They failed!


2: How is it possible that there is a (PCR) test to detect the virus? The authorization documents of the pcr test to detect sars-cov-2, both in the US and in Europe, already state that no virus isolate has been found. These documents themselves state that the sars-cov-2 virus was nothing more than a rumor on social media! What do you think of that? You've called it "the gold standard" for detecting the virus, but the virus has never been detected. Not then and not now. How about that?


3: How could vaccines have been developed for a virus based on a theoretical assumption? You have said that the vaccine has been extensively tested and found to be completely safe. Is that correct? Even if you look at it in light of the tens of thousands of deaths and millions of side effects reported after vaccination in the EU countries alone? Even if you look at it in the light of the fact that in most countries with a high vaccination rate (such as the Netherlands) hospitals are overflowing with vaccinated covid patients? Is there a correct registration/distinguishing between people who, after vaccination, have to go to hospital with serious vaccine damage complaints or who are lumped together with the covid-19?

Not only you, but also several veterinarians have claimed that the vaccine has already been extensively tested and approved. But I read in official documents that the vaccine has been authorized for research use in an emergency procedure and therefore has not yet been approved. Can you explain to me how that is?


4: I read here and there that manufacturers of the vaccines are not responsible for the operation and are not responsible for any adverse effects, damage and even death from these vaccines. Is that right? Isn't that a bit weird? Who is responsible then?


5: Is it true that in early March 2021, a group of doctors led by Professor Bhakdi, along with ten other scientists and medics, highlighted blood clotting problems and pointed out the potential dangers of the gene-based COVID-19 vaccines in a open letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA)? The signatories believe that the issue of blood clotting disorders associated with gene-based COVID-19 has not been properly addressed?

And is it true that they have made an urgent appeal to the CDC and the EMA to stop these vaccine experiments because of already proven enormous short-term damage and for causing much greater damage in the longer term? If true, why has the CDC and EMA ignored these calls?


6: Are you aware that the American Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports about 15.000 deaths and many hundreds of thousands, often serious, side effects as a result of the vaccines?

And it appears that registration of deaths and side effects to VAERS is voluntary and research has shown that only 1 to 10% of deaths and side effects are actually reported. That would mean that the actual numbers are 10 to 100 times higher. Isn't that very disturbing? Do you have any idea how accurate the reports of vaccine damage to the Lareb and to EurdaVigilance are?

Are you aware that EudraVigilance, presumably as a result of, but at least shortly after, vaccination with the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines has reported more than 25.000 deaths and over 2,5 million side effects, half of which are serious? got in? Did you know that CommonSenseTV did some research and came to the conclusion that the reported side effects are at most 20% of the actual number? That article is available for your information if you wish.


7: Are you aware that the deaths from/after the vaccines mainly concern people between the ages of 18 and 64? Where the deaths by/with the virus mainly concern people aged 70 and older, even with an average age of 83 years! When you realize that, do you still think the vaccines are a godsend? Do you still think that is the only way out of the crisis? What crisis are we actually talking about, if you consider that Jaap van Dissel already concluded last May that there is no longer any talk of an epidemiological situation? Could it be that last year March/April was just a severe flu season, as has happened to us so often?


8: Is this vaccine really a vaccine? I read here and there that it is an mRNA or Vector/trans gene therapy.

Are you aware that never before has an mRNA or trans gene therapy been successfully developed and approved for use in humans? Did you know that all laboratory animals on which mRNA therapies were tested died shortly afterwards?

Is it correct that the law governing the use of gene therapies has recently been changed. Where it was previously forbidden to allow gene therapies, this is suddenly allowed with the amendment of the law. I came across this amendment of the European Parliament:


Regulation (EU) 2020/1043 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 July 2020 on the conduct of clinical trials and the provision of medicinal products for human use containing or consisting of genetically modified organisms for the treatment or prevention of coronavirus disease ( COVID-19).


And in that amendment it states, among other things:


…. Given the unprecedented public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, priority must be given to protecting public health. Therefore, for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic or as long as COVID-19 is a public health emergency, a temporary exemption from the requirements for prior environmental risk assessment and authorization under Directives 2001/18/EC and 2009 should be granted /41/EC. The exemption should be limited to clinical trials of investigational medicinal products containing or containing GMOs for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.


It says the waiver should be limited to clinical trials… But now it seems like everyone around the world is getting involved in the clinical trials. Can you explain to me how this is?


9: Are you aware that a group of 160 doctors and scientists from 30 different countries have prepared an urgent warning letter? In this letter, in which they seriously doubt the necessity, effectiveness and safety, among other things, they also warn of the legal consequences for those who administer vaccines, as the suppliers of the vaccines enjoy immunity. They have published a detailed substantiation of their views. And in FranceSoir, a report has been published by 57 other medical scientists who have expressed similar concerns about the effectiveness and especially about the safety of the vaccines and calling for an immediate cessation of vaccination campaigns. Doctors for truth have also issued serious warnings in the Netherlands. What do you do with that kind of information? Do you take that seriously, do you let it pass you by or do you hide behind the OMG?


10: If it is true that this is a gene therapy and also an experiment, are you, and many governments with you, not breaking all 10 rules of the Nuremberg Code? Do you not violate Article 32 of the Fourth Geneva Convention from 1949?


“The High Contracting Parties expressly agree that each of them is prohibited from taking any measure causing physical suffering or extermination of protected persons under its control. This prohibition covers not only deprivation of life, torture, corporal punishment, mutilation, and medical or scientific experiments which do not require the medical treatment of a protected person, but also all other forms of roughness applied by civilian or military officials.”


Do you not violate the UDHR, national and European legislation in the field of self-determination and inviolability of one's own body?


You may argue that it is not mandatory to be injected, but failing to properly inform the participants of the experiment is itself a crime and violation of the Nuremberg Code. Furthermore, excluding from social activities and imposing travel restrictions on people who do not participate in the experiment is equivalent to urgently or even coercively imposing participation. And that violates all the above laws.


11: Where is the pandemic hugo? I have been to several countries in the past year and a half. I see the same panic porn spread all over TV and in the newspapers, but I don't see a pandemic anywhere. I don't see full hospitals. I have checked many. I have contact with various doctors who confirm that there is a lot of panic, but that in reality there is hardly anything strange going on. In the ICU it is always dramatic and annoying. That's what ICs are for. If there are no cameras around, the heavy lifting always continues there.


12: Admit it, hugo, that a lot is being lied to. There is astonishing evidence of this and it has often been discussed on CommonSenseTV. My question is whether you (co-)invent those lies yourself or whether you are given them all (and have recently followed a course to sell the lies more credibly)? Explain that!

There are many citizens who are convinced that now that they have taken the vaccine, nothing can happen to them anymore. You taught them that.

However, the core problem seems to be here: It is stated, even in official manufacturer documents, as opposed to government documents, that if you are vaccinated, you can still get infected and still infect others. This whole spraying experiment is therefore completely unnecessary and unnecessarily risky. And that's just a mild expression of my thoughts on this.

You can no longer maintain that (almost) nothing can happen to those injected and that we now have a pandemic of unsprayed. You recently stated that, but everything points to the contrary. This year, there has been excess mortality in all countries in Europe where the syringe has been vigorously used. Unlike the pandemic year 2020 when there were no poison syringes yet.

How many people can you kill, Hugo, before you stop this spray-terror? According to the WHO, more than 1,5 million people have died from the alleged Covid-19 until vaccination started. According to the WHO, more than 1 million people have died from the alleged Covid-2020 since the start of the vaccines, 3 December 19 until now. And don't come up with your delta + variant, breakthrough infections, flu that is back, because you know that all of that is nonsense. Don't you also think that we have been driving on the wrong track for a long time and that the train has now completely gone off the rails? 


So hugo, those were the questions. I understand that some questions are a bit annoying for you, but it is now high time to come up with real answers. Time for real policy!

I think we're really going to have a debate. Our Jasper is probably willing to make a nice recording of the conversation.


At the beginning of this month, Danny translated an open letter from an ARD editorial staff.

Maybe it's a good idea to read it hugo, as part of preparation for our debate.


I'm looking forward to it!


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