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CommonSenseTV now also on Parler

ComonSenseTV can now also be found on Parler!

The social media platform of the future. WITHOUT censorship and where freedom of expression still really exists!

It takes some getting used to on Parler but we will also post our articles there. Parler seems calm, but has already gained 500.000 new members last week alone. The reason is the non-stopping censorship on Twitter.

Read more about Parler here (English but easy to read with Google translator for those who do not speak English):

Little by little we are getting rid of the censoring bigtechs and switching to good alternatives.

To be clear: We will continue to post on Facebook and Twitter for the time being.

You can find us here on Parler:

Click on the button to follow us.

Register too! Share our articles and other news and spread your opinion. Encourage everyone to sign up. Many will follow!

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