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CommonSenseTV Podcast # 5

CommonSenseTV Podcast # 5

Welcome to the 5th edition of the CommonSenseTV Podcast.

In this episode we talk about Thiery Baudet and his fantastic contribution to the House of Representatives in which he describes exactly what is going on here.

After his input, Flavio Pasquino interviewed Thierry Baudet and a nice personal conversation resulted.

Niels' eye fell on an article from the well-known AD that is known for their in-depth investigations in the service of the citizen. Hospitals wonder whether vulnerable patients need a third shot. Even more poking.

We briefly talk about Russia and the future of CSTV, Blik op de Maatschappij and our podcast. Should and can you ask some money for that?

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The first is the hardest. I don't like asking money for anything and whatever the outcome, we will always keep going. At the same time, we want to achieve more, to have the certainty that we can continue instead of just hoping for a few good weeks in terms of donations and it entails so much work that we cannot yet realize our ideals, or very slowly. I think I speak for Niels too.

We thought it best to ask you outright.

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Then the poll about Thierry Baudet

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