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CommonSenseTV removed from Facebook for good. Edit: And back again (but with a ban)

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Today we received an email from a reader who could no longer access our Facebook page (which already had a 3-day ban for the 30rd time, after a number of bans of a few days).

I usually read it at night so I just came across it.

At first we thought it was because of the ban. But we are simply completely removed. This is, I think, quite unique. Not that we are the only ones but just completely ban an account?


Surprising? Nah… we were already prepared and recently asked our readers for alternatives.

What more can you say? It's no longer surprising. It's childishly laughable actually. At least it doesn't demotivate me. We were already heavily shadowbanned. The same goes for Twitter.

We recently asked readers for tips and they are all seriously discussed.

The only question is: Why exactly us? CommonSenseTV was there very early, but now there are so many channels that remain on the air.

In the background, sometimes emails are sent out to various agencies and government bodies with critical questions. Other authors here probably too. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Edit: After a defense, our page was restored within an hour. The ban remains in place.


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