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Competition: New name for The Great Reset

Competition: new name for The Great Reset

The terms World Economic Forum, Great Reset en Build Back Better have since been infected, awake people react to this like a bull on a red flag.

Many countries are already suspicious of terms such as Build Back Better. In the Netherlands Henk Krol asked about it, but Mark Rutte avoided the question, like an eel stung by a wasp.

By now, the New World Order billionaires have probably figured out that Klaus Schwab wasn't really their strongest role model to roll out this plan. The comparison with a James Bond criminal is often made.

It was probably a kind of courtesy on the part of the ruling billionaires to show Klaus their master plan to the world after years of faithful service as founder of the WEF and loyal Bilderberg client. However, it was not an unqualified success, he is widely ridiculed. All videos on YouTube that are now indirectly about a transition to a new system, get an exceptionally bad rating. Movies with more than 80% thumbs down are more the rule than the exception.

This means that the entire marketing plan has not yet come out very well from a technical point of view. The mainstream media will have to pull out all the stops to make up for this gap with the alternative media.

Probably the entire Great Reset plan will take place left or right. They do this by giving the whole event a new name, then it is not noticeable that it is actually about the same thing. Something similar was done with the Ukraine referendum. This was voted out en masse and then implemented under a different name.

It will be difficult for Mark Rutte to give The Great Reset a new look and to be able to sell his plan for World Domination.

We are therefore going to help him with new catchy terminology. A few possible examples:

-Full fire on the way to dictatorship!

- SMEs: get rid of it!

-We the government protect you against the invisible CO2, the invisible Corona, the invisible terrorists; we only ask for prosperity and sovereignty in return.

- Freedom, an overrated phenomenon, just like the truth!

- Sell your soul for a basic income, but you will never be released.

- Give me your money, freedom, your future, and you will get a chip under the skin in return.

- We are introducing a fancy new digital money system, hopefully with this we hide that we have screwed you with the current money system.


The winner of the competition will receive 1000 euros from Mark. And Mark is a man of his word!

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