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Subject: The COVID Emergency Act

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House of Representatives of the States General
Attn. All MPs
PO 20018
2500 EA The Hague

Purmerend, 18 August 2020

Regarding: the COVID emergency act

Dear members of the House of Representatives,

You will soon have to vote on the bill "Temporary Measures Act Covid-19".

I already wrote you a letter on 22 April in which I express my serious concerns about the legality of the emergency measures taken and all the destructive consequences of the policy followed. We are now more than 4 months later and it is clear that the government has radicalized and is aiming for a direct conflict with the bourgeoisie. My concerns have only increased further, not about COVID itself, because it has already become clear that even with the fraudulent figures from CBS and RIVM, COVID is nothing more than an average flu. And where did that flu actually go? Do people really think that really no one among the civilian population can interpret figures and or that everyone is scared and silenced by the applied intimidation and fear politics? The government's fanaticism to arbitrarily violate civil rights and cast them into absurd legislation is not one, but two bridges too far. Everything is up to her to push this law through. The fascist character of which directly evokes memories of the most terrible period of the last century in many. The government and everyone who supports and applauds this should be deeply and deeply ashamed.

You will understand that I am not in favor of this Cabinet, and certainly not of this law. So I hereby make a final appeal to you to use your common sense, or your empathetic powers, and I urge you to vote against. The passing of this law kicks open a door that we will never get back in the hinges.

In short I find this:
The situation is not serious enough to restrict fundamental rights, and it never was. Since COVID was already at its peak at the beginning of March, even before the intelligent lockdown, or rather intelligent hostage situation, was introduced.

Civil rights have never just been put aside in 150 years. Not for two world wars, not for the Spanish flu, nor for the Asian flu and the Hong Kong flu. And also not for the flu season 2018, in which an excess mortality of 9400 deaths was regrettable. There were millions of infections and almost 1 million sick. Yes sick, so no infections or, as now with COVID, a positive result in the media is presented as sick. And these figures are also quite arbitrary, since a substantial part of the controversial PCR test gives a so-called 'false positive' result.

There is no reason to put our democratic legislative process aside because there are alternatives;
· Without the participation of parliament, the far-reaching powers of the minister pose a risk of arbitrariness and unlawfulness;
The law will be extended until a vaccine is developed. This policy is uncertain and compromised by financial conflicts of interest and avoids any process of democratic decision-making
How is it possible that in January this year such a mild virus as COVID ended up on list A of the WHO? Will the cold virus sometimes be declared a pandemic?
Are there actually people from politics and / or organizations subsidized by government money, such as RIVM, who have learned something from the swine flu from 2009 * 1,2, which was also incorrectly declared a pandemic (without a lockdown, by the way)?

Is the current situation serious enough?

On the basis of this law, the minister is given a license to take freedom-restricting measures without consulting parliament. Proportionality is essential for a restriction of fundamental rights. I don't see that proportionality. The number of infections is increasing, but it does not lead to more hospital admissions or IC admissions. If the current situation is reason to limit fundamental rights, then I fear the future. I fear that our fundamental rights are being eroded and that we are going to lose our freedom more and more. Because that's how I feel now. That I am losing my freedom. Because I can get a criminal record if I hug someone in the street, and I don't know exactly how to celebrate my birthday. I have never been afraid of the police or BOAs, but since the emergency orders I even feel suspicious of people with vests.

Have the alternatives been investigated?

With every 'revival' of the virus that is qualified as such by the minister, the reins will soon be tightened again. That feels like a sword of Damocles over my head. All the more so now that parliament is being set aside in the legislative process. Is that really necessary? There are simply alternatives where the government can switch quickly with the participation of parliament. Like a ratification system. Have those alternatives been investigated? There is a lot of disagreement about the proportionality of the measures, the way in which the virus is spread and which measures really help. Especially now that the country is governed on the basis of minimal information, we need maximum participation. We should not give power to one minister!

Who will be responsible in the future?

According to the safety net provision, the minister may also take measures that are not included in the bill, but they must then be submitted to the Lower House in a draft bill. If the House of Representatives subsequently does not adopt this law, the minister must withdraw its regulation. I find this sequence very exciting, because the measures have already been enforced - with all the consequences that entails. Moreover, this approach is not immune to political interests. And who will be responsible for the damage as a result of improper policy?

Temporality or efficiency?

I read in the Explanatory Memorandum that this law can be extended because it is unclear when a vaccine will be available. So the minister follows the course of the WHO: we can only go back to normal when there is a vaccine. How long will that take? I understand that a Corona vaccine has never been made! How can we be sure that the vaccine is 100% safe? And how is independence guaranteed when such major financial interests play a role at the highest level? And how efficient can a vaccine be at all against a virus that mutates so quickly? Why is it never disclosed? And about the disastrous medical vaccination scandals that are always kept under wraps?

Vote against and look for an alternative.

The passing of this law kicks open a door that we cannot get back in the hinges. Rights that we give away will never be returned. Normalizing violations of fundamental rights will go from bad to worse. I beg you to visually step off the train for a moment that went crazy while you were on it and ask yourself what this law means to our children and grandchildren. If there is a time when your influence matters, it is now. Now you have to do it. Because highlighting this letter is all I can do. Vote against. And then enter into a debate about a way in which the government can intervene at an appropriate speed with the approval of parliament. For example by means of an energization system.

Do not be frightened by the corrupted media that has been slavishly since the death of Mr. Fortuyn, like a Pharisee following the ruler of the time, demonizing every other sound, polarizing, dividing and distracting everyone against everyone. These people, and certainly after the statement by editor-in-chief of de Volkskrant * 3, have long lost their credibility as independent journalists. In recent months we have already been able to become acquainted with the fruits of the current policy. In addition to the fact that half SMEs / freelancers in the Netherlands are or will be unemployed in the long term, there are currently excesses in this country for which no government, except for the occupier himself, has been responsible for this since World War II. I am referring to the prohibition of demonstrations, a fundamental right. Mandatory wearing of mouth masks, which is not possible because it violates the Constitution and the doctors code of Nuremberg. Trespassing of the house, disproportionate repression and incitement by (civilian) police to demonstrations against government policy and everything else. Pre-sorting for a society that most closely resembles “the Hunger Games”. Where the non-vaccinated or non-COVID app users are excluded from public life and thus (indirectly) sentenced to 'death'.

I hope you cleanse yourself with conscience and will vote against. And as a final visual reference, I would like to send you a link * 4 to a video, with an overview of the current COVID policy of the Rutte III cabinet, which says that it is not under dictatorial rule. So don't let that become what it actually already is.

Do we learn from history or not? The choice is yours.

That which will be, when it will be, it will be that which it is.

The extremely concerned citizens of the Netherlands

Watch these videos for support.

Sent by letter to The Hague by a reader.

Sent by e-mail to members of parliament by CSTV





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