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Confusion of concepts

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The great thing about using almost all words is that everyone immediately understands what you mean.


A chair is a chair, however it is designed. Ask a child to draw a house and we recognize it, because despite the status of the profession of architect, there are still cookie bakers within that profession who do not get much further than the basic children's drawings. A tree, from conifer to exotic palm and everything in between, every child on earth recognizes as a tree. In this way, endless thought can be taken without the need for a discussion about normal concepts, at most about the implementation or various specific external detail characteristics.


But take the concept of populism for a moment. This word, commonly used in politics, is repeatedly dismissed as inferior by self-exalted people and then thrown into the garbage corner.

However, what exactly is the definition of the word populism? Google it and find: “Populism (from the Latin populus, "People") is a way of politicians companies, in which the central contradiction is that between "the people" and "the elite", and where the populist takes the side of "the people". These terms can be interpreted in different ways, so that left populists, right populists and various other types can be distinguished. For that reason, populism cannot be considered a uniform ideology are understood. In general parlance, populism tends to have negative connotations, although there are politicians and thinkers who like it nickname feed."


So beware: a populist takes the side of the people! If, for the sake of convenience, we assume that the elite does not yet consist of 10% of our population and about 10% would like to belong to the elite, then more than 80% are automatically the ordinary people who are therefore also not represented!


From a political point of view, this is a very interesting conclusion, especially when those almost 20% adhere to the belief that the people are stupid, have no vision, no time and no interest in politics in the broadest sense of the word. These could just be the right wrong conclusions.

The people do have an opinion and sometimes see very clearly where and how things go wrong. The only thing that remains is to observe and then complain powerlessly, because they do not stand a chance within the current state system. And because they are not aware of an alternative polity. The latter is mainly attributable to the regular media (msm).

Any party that does want to work for the people - be it out of conviction, or out of self-interest and career planning - is called derogatory populist. Populist as if it were reprehensible and pernicious. The elite misused the word populism to fear that the people in all their imagined stupidity would harm the interests of the upper class. The elite who vote among others standard VVD. VVD? Wait a minute, our national People's Party for Freedom and Democracy? Without elaborating on concepts such as Freedom and Democracy in relation to the semi-criminal club of Mark Rutte, I would like to briefly summarize the first part of the party name here. The term People's Party suggests to be a party for the people, but absolutely no people's policy to them. An elitist movement whose members know what is good for the plebs. Pretending to be elite populism to mask the true intentions. Call it quiet fake populism.


It is also remarkable that (radical) right-wing populist parties here in our country come close to, from or even beyond the VVD. But left-wing populists are also not taken seriously by the elitist regent parties such as of course the VVD, but also the CDA, the PvdA, D66 and as runner-up GroenLinks.

In essence, it can be said that the people are not represented on either the left or the right. And if some people proudly still vote for a power party with government aspirations, they already know in advance that they are being cheated. That these people want to be lied to over and over again is an exponent of red pencil masochism. And masochists always have a fallacy to downplay their behavior. In this case, "What then?"


And that has been a legitimate reasoning until now, there has been no alternative to being unheard for four years or to be left with baked election air after each election. The ultimate alternative is called: The Alternative State System (AS) with a Plush Revolution as possible effect.
Any party that will apply the AS system as its main spearhead is therefore, in the correct sense of the word, a populist party. Populist because it does stand up for the people and does not run for the sake of power. If parties do represent the people who have felt systematically disadvantaged up to now and stand firm for their positions taken before the elections, then they can proudly call themselves populist. Populism could then be experienced as an honorific, populist as a badge of honor.

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