Conspiracy theory

By Marcel van Tol Listening, Observing and Revealing

For over a year now, I've been researching everything related to the greatest pandemic of the past 100 years, the pandemic that is ravaging and defying the world at its seams.

And I'm not talking about a virus or a disease.....


Last year I regularly posted my research results on various forums and my complete story: The Big Corona Picture appeared on CommonSenseTV on September 2 last year. Everything I wrote in it is still current. Pretty much everything I predicted in it has come true.

I tried to write a complete story and therefore called it The Big Corona Picture.

At the time, with all the information I had at the time, the article seemed to paint a pretty complete picture of the global insane situation, including the possibility that there was a conspiracy behind it.


But lately, due to the latest developments and revelations, I have become convinced that the story is by no means complete compleet.

The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion were written more than 120 years ago and are at least the inspiration of what is going on today. It is not immediately recommended to read the protocols because it is very tough. I've already devoted an article to it. The link is at the bottom of this article.

But in short it comes down to a group of self-proclaimed 'elite' wanting to gain control over the entire, albeit thinned, world. They want to achieve that by infiltrating everywhere. Education, politics, justice, civil service and so on. By cunning and deceit, by blackmail and bribery, they want to have power over everything. The outlined plan is a process of many years. None of the creators of the plan at the time is still alive. But we see the ideas from the plan resurfacing later in history in various places. Kissinger, swab, gates, rockefellers, all have written reports and or made statements that could refer to the protocols. Jacques Atalli, advisor to Mitterand and protector of macron, spoke in 1980 about a significant reduction in the population by means of injections for which people will stand in line.

Have you ever heard of Georgia Guidestones? These too can easily be related to the Protocols.

Well, perhaps in a milder form than what is described in the Protocols, but according to the guidestones, the population should be reduced to 500 million people.

There are rumors that even Beatrix has something to do with the guidestones.


bill gates has also let it slip several times that he wants to do something about the overpopulation. His goal was already 10 years ago to reduce the population by 1 billion.



With what happened and is happening in 2019/2020/2021, it all seems to come together. It is very difficult to find out who is behind it and involved. But a few things are clear:

The Rockefeller and Rothschild (Pirbright) families control much of the commodity market, the financial system, and the drug industry. The Morgan family also controls much of the financial system. The Dupont family controls much of the chemical industry. The bush family controls much of politics. The Gates family controls virtually the entire virus and vaccine industry. The Soros family controls much of the education. The swab family controls virtually all of global politics and much of the industry. The Murdoch and Bloomberg family rule the news, and so on. It's too much to map it all out clearly, but these folks and their interests all come together and they are the self-proclaimed leaders of the world. Some more in the foreground, some more in the background. But it is unmistakably all these people who are now 'so committed to changing the world'.


A whole series of individual facts made me think further:

On January 11, 2020, a Chinese man died of a then unknown lung disease. On January 12, 2020, the use of the PCR test for the detection of SARS-COV-2 was approved in the US.

(Reiner Fullmich always assumes that it was the Corman-Droste paper (January 23, 2020) that validated the use of the PCR test for the covid-19 diagnosis, but in reality it was a copy or plagiarism of the US document. from January 12, 2020.)

The direction of this entire crisis is therefore more in American than in European hands.

In the years before 2020, large-scale pcr covid-19 tests were purchased by most countries of the world.

In September 2019, a large-scale exercise took place on how the people could be manipulated during a corona virus outbreak. This involved many presidents, ministers, representatives of the mainstream media and multi-billionaires. The organization was in the hands of Johns Hopkins University (read: mike bloomberg) and bill gates.

The interests that bill gates has in virtually all pharma concerns around the world. And I am not (only) talking about equity interests, but about patents and rights to medicines and especially to vaccines.

The patents Bill Gates has on viruses. Too many to mention. Too crazy to be true.

The power that bill gates have on the who and with it the power over virtually all governments that have signed their obedience contracts with the who.


For a long time I thought the vaccines were designed to wipe out part of humanity.

But now I no longer think that is the case.

Something very different is going on. An accident has happened that has disrupted the entire plan of the 'elite' clique.

The cabal's plan was to develop a very life-threatening virus. The development of the virus has been and has been taking place for years in the virus laboratory in Wuhan. But the financiers behind the development of the virus were not the Chinese. That included gates, schwab and fauci and perhaps a small part of the rest of the 'elite' clique. Of course using the tax payers dollars as much as possible….

The goal of the virus was to wipe out a large part of the world's population. A destructive virus had to be grown by means of genetic 'gain of function' experiments.

However, the danger of a deadly virus is that it cannot distinguish between the self-proclaimed 'good and bad'. In other words, Bill, Klaus and Tony and their comrades and families were themselves at risk of death from the genetically engineered virus they were developing.

That is why there had to be a vaccine. The virus could then roam freely around the world and do its devastating work and the elite group and a group of 'working people' could be protected by means of a vaccine.


Everything was in preparation, everything was very carefully planned. But then something very nasty happened. The lab workers who were still tinkering with the virus accidentally let the 'semi-finished product' escape. They became infected themselves and unwittingly released the 'virus in development'.


Huge panic in the tent. They didn't know yet how much damage the virus could cause and most importantly:

The vaccine wasn't ready yet!

In haste, strategies had to be adapted and new ones invented. They hadn't counted on the panic-creation exercise having to be put into practice so quickly. But action had to be taken quickly. Do you remember the words of Prince Charles? “We must act quickly because this is an opportunity that we must seize. This rare window of opportunity is only open for a short time….”

The escaped virus soon turned out to be not that dangerous, but the outbreak and spread did offer a great opportunity to give the drug companies controlled by the clique a hefty boost.

The vaccines they were developing to protect themselves could now be sold, in a slimmed-down version, to the dumb crowd, if enough panic could be caused through the media. And let them have all the resources available for that!!!


To give it the appearance of care and authenticity, the following strategy has been devised:

The 2 large American pharmaceutical companies will supply the vaccines. One European player will enter for bacon and beans. And J&J, who only has a very small pharma department. And how they managed it: The European development costs have been paid in full by the European governments. The damage suffered by J&J is not substantial and will be mutually settled. I do not know that exactly.

What matters most is your opinion:

“Look, they've done everything they can to save us. Two manufacturers have made it, the vaccines of the other two have turned out not to be good enough after all. How careful they are. How concerned are they with our health?


That there would be problems with the rapidly cobbled together vaccines that could be foreseen.

But focusing on the problems at AstraZeneca and J&J served two purposes: First, by phasing out their vaccines, first partially and later completely, created a tinge of prudence, and second, the European competitor, which vaccine much, much cheaper because the buyers had already paid the development costs, pushed out of the market in an easy way.

They laugh themselves to death. And meanwhile, the Pfizer vaccine does the most damage, but the lying media won't tell you about that anyway.


The number of people who die from the vaccines is not yet substantially higher than the deaths from the escaped virus.

So they can still move forward with this strategy for a while and they are currently rethinking the next step in their strategy. The fuzz that has arisen around the vaccines by a large group of doctors and scientists only serves them well. At least then there is no attention for the continuation of their strategy: In other words, the further development and testing of the vaccines that should ultimately protect them against the real virus that they were developing. Either they continue with the vaccine strategy and try to realize their eradication plans with it.


Despite the fact that their plan initially went a bit wrong, they are now laughing at what is happening.

People almost fight to have a syringe injected. For them, this is a wonderful medical experiment. Or, as Klaus so beautifully put it a year ago: this is a unique opportunity (a rare opportunity) that we must take advantage of quickly and gratefully. What a lucky accident!

The syringes were far from ready for use, but the guinea pigs line up in groups of 100 to try it out. And they can milk this game for a while because there is now a Vietnamese variant and a Nepalese variant and soon a Burkina-Fassou variant and for all those variants we need a new syringe. For now, they can experiment on their own. Enough volunteers.

So the plan didn't quite go as planned. It looks even better for them.


Tomorrow: More about the protagonists…..


The protocols are executed right in front of you

Column: The Big Corona Picture


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