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Consider a conspiracy (s)?

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What does the word conspiracy think say anyway?

Well, simply, at least there is THOUGHT. People who blindly carry out all assignments, without asking themselves on the basis of which measures are taken, cannot be blamed for this. Often not recently, when it concerns not scientifically substantiated measures with regard to the Covid hysteria. People who don't think conspiracy are not automatically guys who don't think. They prefer to think neutrally, of their own gain, like the usual paths or MSM, or without obligation for pastime.

Conspiracy thinkers, or wappies, are generally treated negatively, because most slaves think the dissenters are negative towards everything and everyone. The truth is usually the other way around. Here are some (not described in detail) examples.

The Kennedy Assassination. Easy: Lee Harvy Oswald was the culprit, right? A communist still. At least according to the media and the researchers. That people testified to 2 shots, each from a different direction, was never included in the reporting. A defining file was withheld for decades. Conspiracy thinkers assume that Kennedy wanted to reintroduce the gold standard to curb the elite. Lee could no longer testify. The president's killer could be killed just like that. (Just as logical as that pedo king Epstein could commit suicide in a strict regime prison before he could drag others into the abyss!)

The Twin Towers are said to have been attacked by terrorists. Reports from people there that bangs were heard below in the affected buildings, after which everything collapsed and reports from experts who later indicated that the building must have collapsed from the foundation disappeared under the carpet. The fact that Nina Brink had a dream the night before the attack to sell all her shares and did this around 9 o'clock our time, did not surprise the press. The fact that Larry Silverstein bought the Twin Towers at least the 2 collapsed skyscrapers about 3 months before the disaster and insured them heavily (each!) Was also just sweet cake. It didn't make him any worse financially. A united nation had been created, of which almost all 250 million people demanded revenge, with all the violence that entails.

Pim Fortuyn would by Volkert v d. Count have been murdered. But where were the investigative journalists asking how Volkert knew where and when Pim would get some fresh air together with Ruud de Wild. After the back door on the edge of the media park opened, Volkert was ready. How often do Ruud's guests have to air there? But questions also did not arise about how a full riot police arrest team in full uniform after just 10 minutes after the fatal shots (yes, plural. Again, it turned out to have been two from two different weapons, according to insiders!) Volkert checking in with his car. And the privileges he received afterwards from the government are denied 'normal' offenders.

Was Jasper S. Marianne Vaatstra's murderer? There are quite a few unresolved question marks. She was not killed on the spot in the pasture. No blood and no broken blades of grass right around her body. A suspicious caravan in the village where Marianne went out caught fire that night. Prince Friso was mentioned in the secret corridors. Marianne's mother's diaries were not allowed to be published. Jasper was drunk that night, he knew, unlike Rutte is used to, really remembering nothing.

Karst T. is officially the attacker on Queen's Day at the point in Apeldoorn. Where were the critical questions such as: how did Karst know exactly to half a second when to leave and how fast did he have to race the entire distance of hundreds of meters in order to hit the bus? Could that be calculated in advance, or was it a gamble equal to winning the main prize of the state lottery? Why didn't he hit the open bus in the flank with his Suzuki Saltootje, with at most a dent and some artillery at the top? He made a last-minute turn behind the bus. Why was no one amazed at Beatrix's stoic attitude, while everyone else jumped up, or put their hands over their mouths in horror? The fact is that afterwards Orange was more popular than ever, after a disturbing low point until just before the attack.

Demmink is all conspiracy theory. After Panorama, Henk Krol, Pieter Omtzigt has also been gagged about this. Why? Wouldn't every respectable citizen who has repeatedly been falsely accused of pedoporno climb the tallest trees to silence the scatterers and have them convicted of slander? Demmink did nothing, while influential party members (VVD) tumbled over each other to declare that Joris Demmink was, is and will remain spotless. Coincidentally, in the years before his retirement, he had appointed all-round friendly judges for life as a top official of the Justice Department. Who would dare to try him? And who would all have sleepless nights during the sessions?

Recently, Ollongren very showy had one photographer take a peek at highly secret notes. A photo that suited Sigrid Kaag very well, especially after Rutte took Alzheimer out of the stable again.

And now another leak within the cabinet and close employees. If everything has to be kept secret for 20 years, is it so weird that good-minded think through? That they often come up with more plausible answers than the hidden official lectures that are presented to us? Kennedy, Twin Towers, Pim, Jasper, Karst, Joris, Kajsa and now a leaky Trêvezaler? It is clear, however, that ministers feel far superior to well-thinking and critical representatives of the people.
In a true democracy, the House is in charge and ministers are the servants, who develop policy and, with the consent of Parliament, make it ready for law.

Or are there currently some nasty laws unlawfully in the making and is this leak as a lightning rod just called? That thought would not be out of place for a well-functioning conspiracy thinker.
This Thursday, April 29, a vote will be taken in the House of Representatives on the amendment of the Public Health Act in connection with the imposition of temporary rules on the use of test certificates in combating the virus SARS-CoV-2. 19) (35 807), the Amendment to the Public Health Act due to the introduction of additional measures for the international movement of persons in connection with the fight against the epidemic of Covid-19 (35 808).

Perhaps conspiracy thinker is a nickname!

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