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Conspiracy thinking and what truth?

This column by Rients Hofstra is from over a year ago. May 14, 2020 to be exact. It was the time when "mandatory vaccines" were a conspiracy theory that made you laugh.

Conspiracy thinking and what truth?

The life of a little conspiracy theorist is not about cobblestone vowels.

Whenever something serious happens and the authorities withhold vital files, the conspiracy theorists splash out.
After all, the devised course of events is often many times more logical and understandable than the official lectures.

Look at the assassination of Kennedy, 9/11, the fall of Gaddafi and the failed attack on Orange at the Punt in Apeldoorn. Then go and prove them wrong and you right.
It is even more difficult with drugs. Before a medicine comes on the market, the poisoners are years and cartloads of dollars/euros further. Then the medicines must be tested and then approved. Logical, right? But what if just before the inspection some snags hinder progress? Then tests are tampered with, lobbyists are called in and amounts are not pushed under the table on a large scale for the first time.
Of course not you will think. The pharmaceutical companies are honest and incorruptible. It's about human lives, about saving and healing people, isn't it? The gigantic profits are a side issue, a nice bonus, but nothing more. Really not more?
The covid-19 virus arose as a call. It came and suits a number of people (at the top) very well. Only the many conflicting reports about the origin of this corona variant tickle the conspiracy theorists, all the more because videos are appearing with images of official papers, stating that Covid-19 has been patented. By Bill Gates! But that aside.

Rutte and his associates are so indoctrinated that they are prepared to destroy the economy and burn basic human rights at the stake. We all smell like lemmings reared in it, because who is waiting for a potentially deadly infection?
In the meantime, 5G can be rolled out nicely. After all, schooling more than three people together can result in a hefty fine. So opponents no longer have the right to protest. And that is not necessary: ​​no one has stood up yet who can prove that 5G rays are (life) threatening. And then a little conspiracy theorist starts to prance: Since when do you as a citizen have to prove that a product is not good? Why shouldn't the manufacturers provide 100% tight proofs? And no proofs prepared by people who have received more than 1 euro from the stakeholders. 100% independent, watertight proofs. And there are none.
And what do you hear from proponents of ever more, bigger, faster and brighter: 'Where is your evidence that 5G is dangerous?'
Good God, is that the job of logically thinking people? Do they have millions on the shelf at home between some dry bread?
What a dangerous idiocy that mob bosses can go about their business because simple citizens can't get any evidence around. Honor therefore the conspiracy theorists who, like lice, somewhat curtail the expansionism of big business.

Let me conclude by saying that many vaccines, but also 5G, are a danger to all living things. And not I have to prove that, but those guys who have warehouses full of money and are considering adding another bunker. They must demonstrate that it is more than 99,9999 % safe. Independent!

Rients Hofstra

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