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"Serpent Man" Rutte Strikes Again

Bonnet affairs, a funeral entrepreneur who tampered as VVD chairman, Member of Parliament Haga who continued to interfere with his construction company against the agreements and moreover committed illegal activities etc etc. ".

And as icing on the cake, the 'Klaas Dijkhoff issue' was recently added. The now - perhaps former - crown prince turns out not even to open his bank statements ...

Mark Rutte should now become somewhat nervous, Maurice the Dog may not signal a free fall of the VVD in the polls, but there is now a risk of an 'image dent' among the (potential) VVD voters. Forum for Democracy and "phoenix" Wilders benefit for the time being, at least it is clear that the liberal bastion is beginning to show real cracks.

Even the 'environmental / nitrogen pressure' of the coalition parties and the opposition parties became too much for the VVD. Who would have thought last year that 'car party' would agree to a speed limit - 100 km / h - on the country's highways.










Neerland's prime minister is verbally very smart, he extends his vocabulary to such an extent that the 'elastic' barely breaks. Yet he has to be careful with the Dutch 'voting people', statements like "I don't have an active memory of sister and stuff" can still be chopped up to a certain height. But when it comes to more than 70 Iraqi civilian deaths - because of Dutch F-16 attacks - even begin "Fred and Ria" frowning.

Now 'Fred' already voted for FvD or Wilders, now he knows for sure. Active reminder? To label Evident as a political talk, but anyway, latex mark gets away with it again. His now grumpy coalition can continue. But for how long?

Back to the Dijkhoff issue. From his period as a minister, the party chairman is legally entitled to a severance pay. Klaas makes use of that and that is his right. PvdA people such as Lilian Ploumen waived their guard fees and that is also their good right. But to talk about that publicly? And also with the argument that she thereby acts in the 'spirit of the law'.

Who determines that mind? You, Mrs. Ploumen? If you do not agree with this scheme, simply submit a change proposal. This is because there is a body that you are a member of: the Lower House. If not, keep your progressive mouth properly! Shall we describe Ploumen's statement as cosmic salon-socialist chatter? Agreement!

Yes, but then Klaas, that one travel allowance, huh. Dijkhoff wrongfully received 4.900 euros while using a car with driver reimbursed by the VVD. The Crown Prince Group Chairman knew nothing about it, he had - sorry! - just not paying attention. If you are - rightly - wondering whether an immigrant benefits his full benefit assistance may expect if they are not sufficiently prepared to learn the Dutch language, then their own 'accounting' must of course be in order!

Colleague VVD member of parliament Mark Verheijen was expelled from the VVD in 2015, partly because he claimed travel expenses twice. The VVD integrity committee dropped Verheijen like a rock in 2015, but that will certainly not happen with the Dijkhoff leader. This integrity committee comes for this Dijkhof briefcase not even together.

In any case, you would expect the Great Leader Mark to shed his verbal light on this matter in these turbulent times. And yes, there was the political eel from the Heegermeer again!

After the outbreak of the umpteenth 'VVD epidemic', Rutte of course immediately had to instruct his staff how the party could get out of it again 'cocks'. And yes, the zealous liberal auxiliary troops soon came up with the solution. Between 2006 and 2010, the young party leader Rutte received around 20.000 euros in travel allowance, while - in his own words - he also used the VVD 'fraction car'. Genius you would say at first, wouldn't you?

However, nothing is less true. Klaas Dijkhoff uses a VVD service car with driver and receives travel expenses. Mark probably already controlled his beloved at that time Saab and sometimes rode in the VVD fractional car. That Saab is still standing in front of his apartment. Isn't that a completely different story, Prime Minister? Boy, Mark, do you have to protect your crown prince in this very transparent way?

It seems to me that it is not a smart move for free and electorally. It only reinforces the image of 'Fred and Ria' that VVD politicians never open their bank statements. After all, there is enough money on that bank card ...

It would have been more advisable if Mark had spoken to his colleague-politician in Breda in a somewhat punitive way. In the Jip and Janneke style from: it's wrong, but mostly lax what Klaas - not - did. I don't think it's a fatal error, but I gave Klaas an envelope opener as a gift. I fervently hope he will open his post from now on. Was signed Mark Rutte. Fred and Ria had seen the humor of this and might become a little more insecure about their final choice for Baudet or Wilders.

Dear Mark, here my advice: purchase a new spin doctor! I am available for a travel allowance of 20.000 euros. Per month that is. Because in my opinion, one thing is now forever past perfect tense:

We do a VVD puddle and everything remained as it was.

András Csengő, columnist and blogger.

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