Corona corruption: Relentless opportunism

Column: Relentless Opportunism

By Vicky Van Lommel on Thursday, June 10, 2021

Creation of fear with the help of a virus and governmental dehumanization for the purpose of the fourth industrialization that must transform man into a biological machine without any participation.

A virus infection is always temporary and will pass after a while. It is therefore remarkable that companies and governments are now working on the 'new normal': hybrid works. Not so long ago, employers would completely oppose you if you wanted to work from home for a day, but now the complete opposite threatens to happen: 'preferably not in the office'. In this way we seem to be heading for a society in which commercial companies are no longer about making money, but the entire Dutch working population of approximately 9 million people sentenced to day care. Soon a universal basic income and then the picture is complete. Man reduced to worthless something, where it no longer matters whether you do something relevant with your life. That sounds more like a perfect recipe to immediately flatten psychologists and psychiatrists than to make us somewhat happy.


In addition, the left and center political parties in particular, which have been trying for months undemocratic coalition  by VVD, D66, CDA, PvdA (and GroenLinks) that you prefer to bring your child directly from the womb to the Day-care dumps, so that parents no longer have a chance to 'common sense' to give to children. Finally, political correctness or dehumanization with the help of wokeness and gender neutrality must continue, which even determines how you can and cannot call virus variants: alpha, beta, gamma, delta… Is there a 'global urgency' if you have time to engage in those kinds of discussions!? Or is all this more about the intended transhumanism, whereby through vaccines and technology we are unsolicitedly transformed into a species of 'superman'.

Unethical development

At least that's what the World Economic Forum would have you believe, because once your human DNA goes'cut and paste’, CRISPR is much more likely to lead to large-scale literal dehumanization. How far are we genetically from the pig off? Let's tinker with what makes us human and distinguishes us from other animal species!? How backwardly absurd is the reality we live in going to become? Deliberate tinkering with human DNA, even with permission, is an actual crime against humanity. This is an unethical development that affects everyone in the world, but which is not widely discussed, let alone questioned.

Government indoctrination

Under the guise of equality thinking, parents will then only be able to put their child in bed and take it out again in the future. How long before people are no longer allowed to be parents and children are developed in test tubes like in the book'Brave New World' from 1932?

The more parents receive childcare allowance, the more parents are made dependent on the government and the more taxes will be levied to pay for all this. Just the way communists want it: more government indoctrination and meddling in exchange for a sky-high tax burden, so these rulers can let the ill-gotten money flow to their own 'club of friends' while the rest is allowed to crawl. The insanity in the Netherlands is complete! Everyone watches it and those who sheepishly swallow what the government spoons into them obediently got their shots. Father Staat saw that it was all right.

Gain of function

Even now it seems that they have been cooking extensively in the Wuhan lab, for the benefit of the 'more dangerousmaking viruses by 'gain of function', and that seems to have gotten out of hand or they may have even deliberately allowed the virus to escape, there are still plenty of people who reward these unethical practices by being injected with a gene therapeutic substance that they don't know about the long-term effects. In fact, there may be one third syringe in or let's have an annual 'vaccinNormalize APK!? That despite almost everyone in the world is healthy on a daily basis, but nowadays you have to prove against all science that you are indeed healthy to be entitled to 'freedom'.


All this for fighting a 'artificial' created virus, a criminally cobbled together substance that should never have existed! Tolerate and even reward this kind of practice and there is a good chance that next time a variant will wander the world that wipes out half the world's population. In fact, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health already has such a scenario called SPARS, are on the shelf for 2025 – 2028. They even have a drug, the antiviral drug Kalocivir, and if that doesn't work they will happily puncture the world's population. Everything for 'we do it together', except for taking the profits of course, because that's what they do alone!

libel & slander

But rather makefact checkers' a respected virologist, Nobel laureate and HIV discoverer like Luc Montagnier for senile, while from a e-mail to Fauci turns out that Montagnier is right. There are indeed HIV particles in the coronavirus. As well as in the same e-mail to Fauci the word 'bioweapon' cited in relation to the virus. Montagnier also indicated in an interview that large-scale vaccination leads to new variants. ‘Fasten your seatbelt'Dear people, this seems just the beginning of the nightmare that has poured out over the world.

It is also remarkable time and again that scientists who speak out against the general (government) narrative, without exception, are described as 'conspiracy theorists', 'disturbed'… even if they have won very renowned prizes. However, it is statistically impossible that without any exception all these people would have lost their minds at the same time in the same time in which we live. Just claiming that as media, governments, supranational unions and international NGOs makes you completely unbelievable. This is a global libel, slander and 'cancel campaign' which is unparalleled. And if in the long term it turns out that these corona vaccines are carcinogenic, damage hereditary material, are harmful to the unborn child or possibly even fatal on a large scale, then the war victims who fell during WWI and WWII will pale in comparison, because this vaccination policy is supported worldwide. chosen. 'The vaccines currently on the market are actually insufficiently tested for serious side effects', appears in a interview with Dick Bijl, former editor-in-chief of the Medicines Bulletin and now specialized as an epidemiologist.

Dutch bird flu virus

It is also apparent from theFauci emails' that Marion Koopmans was part of the email exchange, as was the Dutch virologist Ron Fouchier. At the time, this professor of virology at Erasmus MC was commissioned by the American health authority NIH (National Institutes of Health) together with a number of other top researchers to find out whether the relatively uncontaminated H5N1 virus could mutate in such a way that it could be transmitted to humans. became, can be read in a article from 2011 in the Erasmus Magazine.

The result of that research was that they succeeded in developing a super-lethal variant of the bird flu virus. This one also appears virologist to have knowledge of and experience with HIV. To what extent is he also involved in the fact that HIV particles became part of Covid-19? How far does his involvement in the 'gain of functionCovid-19 research? And how intensively does it work, among other things National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) led by Fauci, Erasmus MC and Wuhan lab together in the context of 'gain of function'?

Mexican flu

Is it possible that the swine flu virus was also created artificially? In 2009 Fouchier says the following about the Swine flu in Medical Contact:

“We know of a number of pathogenicity markers for bird flu viruses, but they are not found in swine flu because the RNA fragments in it come from pigs. And much less research has been done on swine viruses than on human and bird flu. The Mexican virus is a bit of a new kid on the block. In addition, this virus has genes that were originally in different hosts. We simply do not know how this combination of genes will turn out.”

Virus segments from four different ancestors spontaneously combined in the swine flu virus!? That sounds like an exceptional jackpot that requires further research into the origin of this viral combination. If this virus was also created artificially, it cannot be the intention that five million euros in tax money goes to the victims of the vaccination damage as a result of the swine flu vaccine, but that the perpetrators themselves are completely picked to compensate for the damage, as well as criminally prosecuted. Money that these people with, among other things, narcolepsy are still waiting for.

The swine flu, which was also wrongly declared as a pandemic at the time, because the World Health Organization (WHO) just before definition had changed.

Fauci mail club

Based on the Fauci e-mails, it also seems that Marion Koopmans, together with Fauci and 'colleagues' from the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany threw up a smokescreen to trick the world into believing that the virus did not come from the Wuhan lab. Virologist Robert F. Garry, one of the conspirators, declared early 2020 still with a smoothed face that 'descent from a lab' was impossible and, in collaboration with other Fauci e-mailers such as Kristian G. Andersen, Andrew Rambaut and Edward C. Holmes, endorsed this with a research published on March 17, 2020 in Nature. Now that these emails have come out, the scientific value of this so-called research has dropped to zero. Andersen meanwhile has his Twitter Account deleted. And Garry also seems to be a fan of Ebola and DNA editing technique CRISPR. Creating a deadlier pandemic may be easier than public opinion thinks.

Jeremy Farrar and Paul Schreier, whose names also appear in the Fauci emails, are part of the Wellcome Trust, one of the world's largest investors in health research, a foundation like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, both of which appear to be guilty of conflict of interest by also investing in pharmaceutical companies.

Marion Koopmans

Meanwhile, Marion Koopmans tries to divert attention. She posted the article “White House defends Fauci amid attacks over newly released emails” on her timeline on Twitter, writing:

""The president and the administration feel that Dr. Fauci has played an incredible role in getting the pandemic under control, being a voice to the public throughout the course of the pandemic,”. Scientists across the globe think so too."

Which scientists are those who endorse this? The same that it'bat' made up a smoke screen? On February 14, 2021, she posted:

“Okay, new conspiracy theory: I was scientific advisor to CDC guangdong so “work for the chinese government”. Oh, and also for Europe by the way. Oh, and for America too, for that matter.” at the article 'At least three WHO COVID-19 investigators linked with Chinese-institutions'.

It seems rather that Marion Koopmans herself, together with Fauci and many others, is sending conspiracy theories into the world to mislead the world's population and that it is high time to investigate further whether and if so how far her ties with the Chinese Communist Party extend ( CCP)?

Role of Dutch politics?

And is there possible involvement of Dutch politicians, because also D66 members Jan Paternotte lets us know on Twitter that he no longer excludes the Wuhan lab as a possible source.

How many bodies are going to come out about this and who are all involved in this?

Natural vs Artificial

'Gain of function' research (making viruses more contagious, dangerous and deadly) was banned in the United States in October 2014. according to dr. Wiesendanger scientists already calculated in 2012 that there is an eighty percent chance that within 20 years 'gain of function' a global pandemic would break out. No biotech lab would be one hundred percent safe.

Nevertheless, such research was restarted at the end of 2017 under the guise of:

“Important in helping us identify, understand and develop strategies and effective countermeasures against rapidly evolving pathogens that pose a threat to public health.”

But how important is it to develop these kinds of viruses for countermeasures if in principle they never arise in nature? if 'gain of function' research had never taken place, there would never have been a global Covid-19 pandemic. Although there are sometimes other virus pandemics that break out globally, deadly viruses such as Ebola naturally spread less easily, which means that this is often limited to regional outbreaks. Viruses that spread more easily are naturally less deadly. Through gain of function research, both properties (easier to spread and more deadly) have now been combined in an unnatural way. If this eventually leads to the mutation of a life-threatening variant, those responsible for this may be guilty of the death of many people, not to forget that every death from Covid-19 is already the direct result of unethical and possibly even criminal acts. act, for which these responsible persons must be held criminally accountable. Criminal investigation seems already underway.

Effective virus control

For those who are so afraid of dying from a virus, it is better to demand that those responsible be removed from their position and face an appropriate punishment. That is a much more effective form of virus control and with that you also know that you can keep your hard-earned money for which you work for life, instead of being plucked bare by the Dutch government to enrich these people.

Political Closeness

The pseudo-green and undemocratic clique of the Netherlands gave each other and their friends some subsidies and jobs and laughed around their bellies. Jeroen Dijsselbloem raised his finger, saying: “It is important to prevent risk-averse behavior in the institutions that are seen as the power [such as ministries] and the willingness to be open about mistakes and to learn from them disappears very quickly.”

The openness of the Dutch government is therefore so fresh in people's minds that you can hear their brains cracking over the question of when large numbers of politicians were last open and transparent. Criticism of this decadence and this unbridled abuse of power cannot be tolerated, of course, because how nice it is to levy more and more taxes for your 'friends club' then enrich it with subsidies without having to roll a single drop of sweat over your forehead. These people do not care that this large-scale transfer of money and wealth from poor to rich has no democratic basis whatsoever. Hugo de Jonge calls out again: “we do it together,” and then a strong example of 'maladministration' to be displayed by spacious 9 billion disappear in smoke without any financial justification and en passant, CDA member pik Sywert van Lienden also 9 million euros with it.

Inhuman governance

Meanwhile, the parents in the allowance affair with their children are still biting along, many households in Groningen still live between torn walls, the victims of the shooting in Alphen a/d Rijn in 2011 are still waiting for compensation, as are the people who narcolepsy from the swine flu vaccine. Young people can already take into account that they may not be looking forward to owning their own home until 17 years from now due to long waiting lists and many can write a home for sale due to exorbitantly rising house prices: 'You'll own nothing and be happy!' Yes, such a future perspective and seriously negligent government that leads the Netherlands makes a person extremely happy!?

This will be very nice if in a few years it turns out that many have suffered vaccination damage due to the corona vaccine, as a result of which a significant part may no longer be able to work. The government can then callwe do it together”, but that support is shrinking rapidly in this way. People have been paying for the financial consequences of others' irresponsible behavior for years. The limit to accept that any longer may be approaching very quickly.

Fresh political wind

And the political climate to prevent a large hard-working group from having to continue to bleed for the mistakes of another, could this time be created by the political parties that are now proudly trying the gender neutral fake green woke agenda in an undemocratic and unscientific way. by pressing.

In the United States it is the case that especially democrats get vaccinated and white Republicans are the most reserved. This also seems to be the case in the Netherlands. The political parties that adore the gene therapeutic syringe can therefore very much hope that it will indeed completely safe is. Because if that turns out not to be the case over the years, they are assured that a new fresh political wind will blow through the Netherlands and that they will no longer be part of it. Then they have overplayed their hand and are allowed to sit on the blisters. Surely they will be held accountable for all the damage they have done to society and will also be held fully responsible financially, as well as all those they have enriched. The perpetrators themselves are then allowed to bleed financially for all the damage caused. This parasitic high treason will fall down sooner or later.

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ing. Vicki Van Lommel

Columnist, research and science journalist who writes about sustainability, climate, energy, circular economy, politics and society. Founder

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