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Corona debate: The people must revolt!

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When you watch the corona debate, the steam comes out of your ears.

And after the debate it is also clear. The people must revolt. Too many people there, from almost all parties, are just participating in this socialist fascist party. They implement a totalitarian system in the Netherlands through stupidity and falsehood.

Fortunately, there were also positive voices. Nieuwsuur will not broadcast it. Probably the only sentence that is broadcast from Van Haga's input is that he finds it incredible that there is not yet an uprising in the Netherlands.

The media can spin that wonderfully again like "Dividing society" or even "Calls to violence".

Even more insane is that people, their own countrymen, apparently enjoy the oppression. Purely because they should not ignore certain people that they are part of a very serious problem.

This input from Wybren of Haga is from about an hour ago.


Wybren calls in 1984 from Orwell and says that we are moving towards a socialist salvation state with the cooperation of, on paper, a right-wing liberal party. And from Haga put it well and this must be heard. Check out what happened in the US. That small Netherlands really must at all costs also participate in the globalist train of the EU. Everything will be done about that.

Who says there will be no fraud here during the elections they want to mess around with now? (source)

So much injustice, so many complete nonsense stories by Klaas Dijkhoff, the left wing clique and Mark Rutte. It's zum kotzen and hard to watch when you have any sense of justice in you.

You would prefer them… But you shouldn't say that, because then they will really come for you. Literally. Because you "call for violence". You should shut up and sit in a corner. Unless you participate in left-wing extremist protests. Then it will be alright. But what we good people do, what we stand up for is punished. They will try to censor you in all areas and more.

But let's take it easy.

There MUST be an uprising. No violence. An uprising. 

Violence is a last resort. As said before, I am against violence on principle, but you are crazy if you only react after you have been beaten 10 times.

As soon as a people takes to the streets in large numbers to express their dissatisfaction and to enforce something, then there is no one to stop us and there is no need for violence at all.

If the catering industry just opens en masse, even if it is 25% of all businesses, then it will happen with the coercive measures to keep the catering industry closed and then those people can still save what can be saved and stay alive.

If all the people who are awake stop following the measures, then nothing can be done about it.

Fines? Do not pay. What are they going to do? Take 100.000 or a million people to court for walking in the street after 20:00 PM? Or because they were too close to someone? Or because they don't wear a non-working face mask?

Because they take the last resort to keep living? What are they going to do? Nothing.

A few will have to take a moment at the beginning and they will certainly be helped by like-minded people, but otherwise it will stop for them. They only get more resistance from the people against them. It's contagious.

Tomorrow 50.000 restaurants will be open again. The day after there are 60.000. Whatever one person may, the other may and they will certainly do it. Their lives depend on it and they will follow.

Look at Italy. The catering ban is off the table in one day. Wiped out by BURGERS!

Waking! Opening 50.000 restaurants in Italy.

But if we wait too long and socialism becomes deeper and deeper in our government, then at a certain point there is no going back. Then we have to bow to the minorities in our country with radical ideas that are shown by the media as “normal”.

Russia and the Democrats in the US also call themselves democratic but in reality have used (or misused) the democratic system to establish a totalitarian regime. The GDR (German Democratic Republic) were also “democratic”. And they incorporate it in their name to obscure their true purpose. Look at DeepState party D66, Democrats 66.

I now read the word D66 differently. D66. Three Sixes.

A warning from Serbia, a must to listen to:


Now we do not live in the illusion that we can set that in motion. This has to be done collectively and some will fear the consequences for their platform or themselves than for this fascist government and their measures leading us to the abyss.

The only ones in politics who incite, and even drop the word “revolt” between nose and lips, are Baudet and Haga of the Forum for Democracy.

If I can talk to myself for a moment, I have never put on a face mask. Also not for fun to try. I can't get it over my heart because I feel deeply humiliated and want to be in control of my own body. Freedom is the most important thing in life for me. I have not followed any rules and found the places where I will be allowed in. From day one I do not participate in anything. I am lucky never to have been fined. If I did get it, I would report it to see how it plays out.

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If everyone does that, it is resolved.

But that's easy talking ... For me and for a number of others it is much easier than it is for people who have a family to support.

And this writing from your hiding place behind a keyboard and a screen is easy. But those people are also needed.

I have no children and all the consequences of my form of "rebellion" are for myself. But when you are dependent on public transport, you have to comply with rules at work or in any way you are forced to submit to these humiliating fascist measures, it is difficult to do anything on your own because you seem to be the only one to be. That must feel very nasty and discouraging to be forced to follow up on this nonsense.

Nor can we do much more than write articles and opinions and expose this corrupt gang.

This has to stop. But they don't stop. And so we have a very big problem.

The government in your home. The thought police at the door when you let “dissidents” have their say in your podcast. (source)

This cabinet is terrorizing us. Based on air. We should ridicule and ignore those who don't get it. On the social media too. On Twitter, the only place where you can sometimes spit your bile is and I often do but it's pointless. It gives relief for a while, but you have yourself by talking to that people. Because it never leads to a real conversation. It is best to ignore any stupid sound and ignore / block the person. And even better, as soon as there is an alternative, away from Twitter and Facebook.

It is unfortunate but if we have learned one thing from this crisis it is that people are generally very stupid, naive and influenceable as lemmings. Difficult to understand. You can let them walk straight into the abyss.

Many have long lost confidence in politics. It may come back if there is a party that is really going for a Nexit, lifting all measures and willing to overthrow this old rotten political system for a new one. A plush revolution or the like.

And more importantly, politicians need to know that a growing portion of the people are often better informed than themselves. If they are aware of that and act accordingly and they know that they cannot play games and then, just maybe then, something can change in the confidence in politics.

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What is important is public opinion. How the people in the country think. Many still see politics as the ceiling of power in the Netherlands and take it very seriously. And if those people listen often enough to the deluge of common sense by certain politicians, more lights will burn in the minds of the people. In that respect it is not about the politicians, it is about how the people think. We are millions.

And no matter how disappointed many are in the FvD… what comes out of the mouths of van Haga and Baudet usually makes sense. That is not the problem. The problem is trust. But looking back is pointless. We live here and now.

You would prefer to vote blank, but because that will never work en masse, it may not be such a sensible idea.

Dictator Rutte and his fine colleague Hugo de Jonge make every effort to keep them safe. Safe for the people who tell them this idiocy and safe in the future because the jobs are ready for them.

But they must realize that they are no longer safe from the people!

We cannot stand on the sidelines and watch us be treated as üntermenschen and driven into a socialist Europe in which the government interferes in all aspects of our lives.

People are starting to get fed up and even hate people like Mark Rutte, Huge de Jonge, the incompetent “scientists” who follow anything but science. The same applies to the celebrities who live in a parallel reality, who have no understanding of business, but who do open their mouths.

We should certainly not let ourselves be guided by emotions and do stupid things, however justified it may seem given what these people do and take away from us. But there really is only one solution. The Dutch, those who see it, must revolt and we hope for support from the opposition. How? If the answer was ready then we could have given it. We have to figure that out together.

It starts with you, I think. This is what I do: Address people in your area. Gathering groups that think the same. Get together and find other groups from other neighborhoods or cities and collect. Maybe we can try to get other free media to call for a mega march or something like that. We also think out loud.

If we get political opposition behind us, it will be a lot easier but I doubt it. They will fear the pressure from the media. History has shown that as soon as you come up with the truth you will be wiped off the map and therefore it seems that their opposition will end as soon as they leave the House of Representatives. We've been in this dystopian nonsense for a year.

But who knows. In any case, they are several people and they can count on a lot of support.

Are they going to wait for the elections and so, despite the fine words, they leave us cracked? Or do they take action together with us?

This writing is more thinking out loud than a prepared article / opinion piece.

Ideas? Reply! (Keep it neat)

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