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Corona in six Churchill quotes

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Corona in six Churchill quotes

Churchill, who doesn't know him? Statesman with a large capital S. He was known for his pithy statements that hit the nail hard on the head. They cut wood then and still do.

1 - There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion. (Translation: There is no public opinion. There is only published opinion.)
Propaganda has been used and misused by every dictatorship, but certainly also by the Allies for their own political ends. Propaganda sets questionable priorities, establishes non-existent connections, filters and colors information, and serves it to the people in carefully formulated mood-making, bite-sized chunks. Information contrary to the ideology or that nuances the situation is withheld. What the people of the main stream media are presented with is the voice of what is considered to be the elite. Hidden hands with good connections manipulate the masses, put them in the place they should take in history.

The rhetoric of the Hague is in line with the worst kind of propaganda used in Nazi Germany in the run-up to WWII. The political parallels between then and now cannot be missed. The media play exactly the same role as then. And the recipe is simple. 

1 - Take or create a problem. Then, in Germany the high unemployment and inflation during the 20s and 30s. Now there is a fabricated "problem" with corona.
2 - Identify a common enemy. Then, the Jews who were put down as greedy capitalists, job-hawkers, cloven-hoofed devils. Now, the unbelievers, the dissenters who, due to their unwillingness to conform to the regime, deepen the crisis, make it last longer, are guilty of rising contagion rates. They are confused conspiracy theorists, fake news outlets, far-right Nazis (sic!).
3 - Encourage the people with propaganda. Then, Nazi propaganda led by Joseph Goebbels. Now, the systematic banning by all mainstream media of anyone who voices dissent and censorship on all long-range internet channels combined with a propaganda bombardment of state-manipulated 'news'.
4 - Terrify the masses. Then, all of the speeches that Hitler gave were broadcast live on German radio. Now all speeches of the political caste are broadcast by the state broadcaster NOS. All other, also state-funded public broadcasters do it thinly in their 'current affairs programs', just like all commercial companies in the hands of the big business. In both cases the message is the same; there is a threat and we have an enemy to be defeated.
5 - Put Parliament out of the game with an 'emergency'. Then, Hitler won the election in January 1933 and became Reich Chancellor. On February 27, 1933, the Nazis themselves set fire to the Reichstag for which Marinus van der Lubbe was convicted. The Nazis whipped up this self-fabricated 'crisis' and that helped Hitler to convince President Von Hindenburg to give police services extensive powers. On March 23, 1933, he sidelined the Reichstag (parliament) through an amendment to the Constitution and became sole ruler.
Now, a 'crisis' greatly whipped up by the political caste to acquire absolute power through that Emergency Act and the deployment of their armed force. The voting cattle in the 2nd and 1st Chambers approve the law for reasons that we can speculate about, and are neatly aligned with the regime.


2 - I only believe in statistics I doctored myself. (Translation: I only believe those statistics that I manipulated myself).
Take 20 numbers between 0 and 20. The mean is 10. That sequence can consist of 10 times a zero and 10 times the number 20. Average: 10. But the sequence can also consist of 10 times the number 9 and ten times the number 11 .
In the first series, the mean deviation is 10 from the mean of 10. After all, there are only zeros and twenty. In the second series, the mean deviation is 1. After all, there are only nines and elves.
Those average deviations tell statisticians a lot. What is the mean deviation up or down from the mean? These are almost always within a certain bandwidth for that subject. There is a clearly identifiable cause for high peaks or deep troughs.
People talk about excess mortality. That will. But with only 1 person more than the average, there is indeed excess mortality in absolute terms. The question is, statistically, is there excess mortality that exceeds the normal bandwidth? And that is not the case. Even the five-day peak at the beginning of the coronaism was within the statistical bandwidth.
The flu claims victims every year. This year, according to The Hague, only 440. But statistically, that is not correct. When you look at the figures of Statistics Netherlands for the past 20 years and look at the average deviation from the average, this average deviation (the bandwidth) is around 1200 up or down. But never before have we seen an influenza mortality rate of 75% of the average! In fact, 440 flu victims would be only 25-30% of the second lowest flu mortality in the last 20 years! The inexplicable minor mortality from cancer and cardiovascular disease in the period that corona peaked also raises the necessary questions from a statistical point of view.
The propaganda machine, however, leaves only those statistics that have been manipulated, stripped of any nuance and provided with an explanation contrary to scientific principles. Churchill would immediately identify these statistics as being false, manipulated.

3 - If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law. (Translation: When you have ten thousand rules, you destroy respect for the law)
The Hague suffers from chronic regular diarrhea. In 2010, we had about 2000 different laws with thousands of ministerial regulations, Royal Decrees and General Administrative Measures attached to them. Brussels also writes out dozens if not hundreds of new rules every year. And we have not yet talked about provinces, municipalities and other administrative bodies. And every year an average of 2,5% racing crap is added!
The forbidden and commandment vulture that was / is being poured out over the citizen by the coronaism was / is enormous. The prescriptions changed / changes per day, differed / differs from institution to institution, from municipality to municipality, from safety region to security region, from activity to activity, from industry to industry, from country to country, regularly contradicted and was / is substantively inexplicable. In short, the ordinance kaka is incomprehensible, indefensible and unsubstantiated. Why? Easy! If you have to believe it, the virus can tell the time. Until recently (early October 20) the catering industry was allowed to open until 22 pm. No problem for that time, but at 22.01:1,4 pm? Owl! The virus can identify individuals. For example, it distinguishes amateur from professional athletes. The virus can measure. Is someone standing on 1,6 or 4 meters? His GPS tells you which country it is in, googles the latest rules on social distancing and adjusts immediately. Furthermore, it is now able to contaminate another even with wind force 20 against the wind. The virus even interprets the measures per country! With lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions, it becomes extra aggressive and results in just as many or even more (claimed) infections on average. Fortunately, the virus does have a positive, curative effect on cancer and cardiovascular disease because we suddenly have a lot less of it. Just like on the flu; only a quarter of the flu deaths compared to the second mildest flu season in the last XNUMX years. And you like it?
Indeed, tens of thousands of inexplicable and incomprehensible rules destroy respect for the law. And rightly so with respect for the legislators.


4 - Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. (Translation: Criticism may be unpleasant but necessary. It performs the same function as pain in the body. It indicates an unhealthy state of affairs.)
The Hague regime could not and cannot deal with criticism. Consider, among other things, the protests of the Yellow Vests, the farmers or from education in the last few years. Despite all the valid substantive arguments of these groups, The Hague simply waltzed over it and got its way.
Rutte stated that in a democracy everyone can have their own opinion. He lies that it is printed. Who but Rutte and his henchmen sent their heavily armed robbery and corona squadrons at dissenters during peaceful protests? They were beaten together with a baton, thrown into robbery vans, arrested, fined, and provided with a criminal record. Dissenters are marginalized, dismissed as confused people, ultra-right Nazis or simply 'the enemy'. Criticism of Grapperhaus wedding instantly turned him from a martial condemner of 'anti-socials' into a whining, anti-social jelly. Not because corona fines are nonsense, but to save Ferdy's body, the emergency ordinance and fines were adjusted.
Now, in coronaism, we see protests from lawyers, doctors, virologists, citizen petitions, mental health letters, campaign groups, students protesting against substandard digital education and so on. The Hague response? Ignore, deny, smirk, manipulate the masses against critical thinking people. Or, because you have absolutely no substantive leg to stand on, just hit it off. "Power comes from the barrel of a gun," said Mao Zedong. If you have no substantive defense as a regime, you fall back on it; the ultimate proof of impotence. The Hague has good examples of how that works; Stalin, Mao Zedong, Franco and more of such beautiful people.

5 - An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last (Translation: He who constantly makes concessions feeds the crocodile hoping to be the last to be eaten.)
This quote is not entirely correct, but it does come from a speech by Churchill broadcast by the BBC in the early 1940s when the Nazis were crushing Europe. He discussed the attitude of various countries that wished to remain neutral, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway. He said in his speech: “Everyone hopes that if they feed the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat it last. They all hope the storm will subside before they are hit by it. But I fear the storm will not pass. It will screech and rage even louder and spread further. ' And indeed, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark all fell prey to the Nazis despite their ongoing concessions.
We see something similar now. Very obediently, all branches of industry and all (semi-) government organizations are neatly in step, including the unions. No beep, no protest, no lawsuits, no suggestion that it could be done a little less. Each one more Roman than the Pope. And / or terrified that people will be skipped when The Hague draws the support portfolio. The majority of companies incur additional costs, see absenteeism unnecessarily increase due to fake sick people (cough = PCR test = sitting at home, sick or not), see turnover drop, are banned from their activities, are hindered by the Hague or local rules hit. No one gets up and says enough is enough. Trade unions and employers' organizations support The Hague, helping to destroy the economy shoulder to shoulder with the regime. They will soon be creating jobs together with The Hague and are already patting themselves on the back for that. But The Hague does not create jobs. Neither do trade unions and employers' organizations. Entrepreneurs and no one else do that. And bankrupt entrepreneurs, how should they start a business again? With borrowed capital in a market that is subject to every rule of the Hague regime?
To top it all off, Amnesty International, so-called human rights defenders, expresses support for the regime. I read their substantiation; from hero to zero in 300 words.
History proves it time and time again; Dictatorial regimes have the obnoxious quality of devouring their own supporters. The purges under Stalin, the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong, the list is endless.


6 - Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. (Translation: Never before in a war have so many owed so much to so few.)
Churchill said this in the late summer of 1940 when the RAF had managed to win the Battle of Britain against the German Luftwaffe. The Nazi air war initiated the planned German invasion. The estimated 700 fighter pilots of the RAF managed to stop the enormous German superior numbers in the air and Hitler did not cross the Channel. A small group of determined people stood between Nazi terror and freedom.
We are now also seeing this situation. A small group of people stands for freedom, justice, democracy, the right to live your life without disastrous government terror. Groups such as Virus Truth, Vaccine-Free Foundation, Free and Social Netherlands, the umbrella General Citizen Collective, the World Doctors Alliance with free press channels and forums such as De Andere Krant, Independent Press, Café Welzschmertz, The Last Post, Jensen, Commonsensetv and many others. They stand between the dictatorship of coronaism and freedom. The outcome is uncertain. Like the British pilots, they face enormous odds; David vs Goliath. That then turned out wrong for Goliath. Let's hope that history repeats itself.
I sincerely hope for the win. Otherwise Churchill's statement will have to be reversed: "Never before has so much evil, calamity and misery been poured out upon so many in human conflict by so few."

I wish you wisdom,
Karel Nuks

One of Winston Churchill's most famous speeches. 

Winston S Churchill: We Shall Fight on the Beaches

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