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The hypocrisy surrounding COVID19

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Laura Ingraham exposes the worldwide hypocrisy about the coronavirus and the draconian measures.

From day 1 we were critical of this virus at CommonSenseTV. That took a lot of viewers and readers. But you can't let that change your insights.
When the first figures rolled in at the time in March, it was immediately clear that something was wrong, in our opinion.

Our frustration all these months has been great because we did not understand why others, specialized or mathematicians who can also immediately get a clear picture of the situation with the numbers, did not speak up.

Of course, only numbers don't say everything. But in this case, now that it has turned out to be so small, the numbers make everything clear. The average age, the additional conditions that the deceased had. Virtually no one in the world has died directly from Corona.

And those who, according to the figures, have died of Corona are less than 10% of all so-called “Corona deaths”.

So 10% of Utrecht. Worldwide. 80 years on average. 35.000 persons. Negligible compared to pandemics this globe has known. With the difference that this is the only pandemic where the average age is so very high.

Now everything comes out drop by drop and eventually public opinion will change more and more with regard to the corona virus and especially the draconian measures.

This is Laura Ingraham of FOX News. FOX is mainstream. And there is a lot to say about that. But if only we had this as mainstream in our living rooms ..

We are allowed to use FOX News images and subtitles. However… YouTube randomly removes images from FOX News.

Although random ... Everything about BlackLivesMatter and Corona was removed.

VIDEO: Dutch subtitles

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