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Corona - Philosophizing and Facts


This document contains many questions you can ask yourself or others to think about the corona situation. These are often philosophical questions, but sometimes also factual. Think about it and possibly discuss it with your environment.


Total number of people in the Netherlands = 17,28 million.

How many people in the Netherlands are infected with covid?
Until July 21, 2020, according to the RIVM, there were 52073 patients with covid. This may have been lower because it measures rivm differently, or higher because people infected with covid have not been tested. So we assume that this number is correct.

In context with the number of people in the Netherlands; 100 / 17,28 Million x 52073 = 0,30% - In other words; about 0,3% of the Netherlands has been infected with covid.

At the moment (August 14) is on the following site to see that there is practically no corona left in nl. 32000 thousand people are estimated to be infected in the Netherlands. This is 0,186% of all people in the Netherlands.

This has increased, especially within the 20 to 40 age group. However, the number of IC beds or deaths is not increasing, which underlines the suspicion that young people will not be hit hard.

How many people in the Netherlands have died of Covid?
Until July 21, 2020, according to the RIVM 6136 people died. 100 / 17,28m * 6136 = 0,035%
On August 14 this was 6159 which is 0,036% as a percentage.

So few deaths have occurred and infections are increasing, which should actually be a good thing, because that causes group immunity, something Rutte also said in the beginning. The people who have died are often over 70 years of age WITH underlying conditions.

An average flu season kills about 5.000 people per year (2018 in 9444). At that time there were already ic bed shortages.

Due to full focus on Covid by hospitals, other diseases or conditions have had more time to develop. People now have larger cancerous growth, more heart problems, or more depressed. How many people are suffering or even dying as a result? 

Below I have put together a number of figures so that you can put the seriousness of corona in context with other causes of death. This is regularly updated;

The vaccine, Bill gates and health

There is constant talk of a vaccine by the media and by politicians. This is said to be the only solution. If a vaccine is the only solution, how come some viruses have not yet been cleared up?

  • Why is there still no solid vaccine for flu, AIDS, HIV, colds?
  • Current policy is mainly focused on the medical perspective, but what about the mental and economic consequences of the lockdown?
  • In the US, children up to the age of 18 can receive up to 75 different vaccines, is that desirable? There also appears to be an increase in autism and other abnormalities, possibly due to different vaccines? What are the long-term consequences of multiple vaccines?
  • Is it okay to restrict people who don't take a vaccine in their freedom? They are no longer allowed to travel or use entertainment, as there is a risk of infecting others. How does that actually work, because those who do have a vaccine are protected?
  • Why whole population vaccine, while the virus is especially dangerous for the elderly?
  • Why take a vaccine for a virus that constantly mutates?
  • Why does the government immediately invest a lot of money in making a vaccine, without finding or looking at other solutions?
  • MATH + covid protocol has been successful, but should not.
  • What about the HCQ treatment method used by robons and other doctors? Why are we only hearing about a vaccine and alternatives being gagged?
  • Why does the world trust Bill Gates to invent a vaccine with his financially backed companies? A non-medical billionaire who supposedly comes to our rescue. Do you trust that? Why do Rutte and Hugo say that we can only return to the old normal after taking a vaccine? something that is generally the same thing bill gates say? is a vaccine really the only solution?
  • Why don't you hear about how you get healthy? How can you strengthen your immune system in a natural way?
  • Why do people have to wear a NON medical mask, which does not work? official bodies themselves indicate this. Furthermore, there are practically no more deaths and a limited number of infections. See the figures of the government itself

Lady Gaga thanks Hugo de Jong for the vaccine investment;
Is she herself one satanist together with Marina abrahomvic? See out of the shadows doc for more info.
Why is this vaccine so special when the number of deaths is not that bad? and who is lady gaga anyway?

Alternative medicines
Plants can mean a lot to people and heal them in a natural way (read: without using pills). Research hereafter is not, or only little, subsidized. Why not?

Traditional medicines
Why is this the default?
Why are people allowed to decide for themselves what they want to use?

Doctors run into a bureaucratic wall of rules and protocols, which means they actually act like a robot and can use their own insight to a limited extent. These protocols have become a kind of dictation, which has a suffocating effect.
Where's the proof that a meter and a half away works?
Why can the WHO determine what is right and what is wrong? Who controls the WHO? Who can criticize WHO?

Media and censorship

  • How is it that the media all over the world tells practically the same story?
  • Why are all alternative information and opinions regarding corona seen as fake news?
  • Why does the government want only RIVM and WHO to decide what to do?
  • Why are YouTube and Facebook taking everything from their channel that doesn't match the WHO story under the guise of fake news?
  • Why are the findings of doctors who, for example, have performed the alternative protocol removed from social media?
  • Why do you hear little information about the potential for covid tinkering? Several studies show that this is quite possible.
  • Why do you hear little about the consequences of Lyme, when it has very large consequences for 4 to 18k a year, of all ages?
  • Why is there no money going to more research and better mapping how Lyme disease works, but to a covid vaccine that most likely has a limited effect?
  • Why do we only see standard media at press conferences? Where are the critical questions regarding the chosen policy?


  • The future generation of young people will have an increasingly difficult time living in this society. Can that be justified again?
  • According to some sources, about 60 million people in Europe are unemployed, 50 million in the US and 110 million in India. Why?
  • Why do the clubs still have to remain closed, when mainly young people come?
  • The US is in the worst depression ever (worse than The Greatest Depression), and for a virus that isn't actually so deadly? How is it that the stock market nevertheless goes up among the worst GDP and unemployment rates ever?
  • Realize that the above figures are destroying the entire economy and especially the entertained sectors such as; catering, clubs, theaters, museums, etc.
  • Why do many people see their business break down, while large companies (multinationals) generally remain open?
  • Is it okay to lock people in their home while they have to work for food? Do they have to stay at home for fear of covid infections, where they then slowly starve to death?


Man is basically a social animal, we have become successful through cooperation and developing emotional bonds. Having social contacts is important for our well-being.

What happens now?
People see other people as dangerous because they may be infected with a dangerous virus. The policy that follows (especially the 1,5 meters) ensures that people can no longer be people. Social contact is avoided for fear of contamination.

This happens because there is apparently a dangerous virus in the Netherlands that is not visible. However, there will always be different (dangerous) viruses and that is something that we have to accept in order to live. People will die, but society will continue.

If we fail to do so, we will give the state the option, under the guise of public health, to imprison people if it appears that they may be infected. More and more rules will also be made that further restrict privacy and freedom.

Man is afraid and lives in fear of dying. For fear of death, we choose not to enjoy life. We choose to isolate ourselves and thereby no longer be able to enjoy the freedom we previously had, for fear of infecting others.

Man, like other animals, has always been subject to death in any way;

  • There are still many STDs in the world, so should we stop having sex?
  • Many people die annually from heart disease / seizures / strokes (30.000 thousand +). Maybe better not to live for fear of a heart attack or getting cancer?
  • Driving by motorcycle and car also kills people, shouldn't we do it?
  • What about skydiving, glider flying and other dangerous sports?
  • People drive motorcycles, fast cars, jump out of planes, climb high mountains with the risk of death if things go wrong. Despite this, people still do it because some people will say that you are just living on the verge of death. What's life worth if you never feel alive?
  • The current policy is completely destroying the economy and, as mentioned earlier, this mainly applies to the entertainment sector. Where is the fun if we don't have catering, big events, cinemas, theaters, museums and / or fairs?

If the 1,5 meter distance becomes legal, the following should no longer be allowed; hugging, standing next to people, shaking hands etc. These are small limitations, but what about; digital funerals, or weddings, where people fear that the virus will spread to the crowd. These emotional major events that are important to people are completely ruined. Would you like to have a digital funeral or wedding?

What would you think if your loved one or family member is in the hospital, but you should not visit them for fear of an infection? And what if you know that this person dies and you cannot take a goodbye hug? Do you agree with that?

During the pandemic, people's well-being was affected; more depression, no social contact, no freedom (isolation). We voluntarily shut ourselves up for fear of being infected, but meanwhile we only get sicker due to a lack of social contact. Is that smart?

We have currently chosen to live together in a closed institution for crazy people, whereby only those who follow the rules (1,5m distance, mouth mask and later vaccine) can participate in the daytime activities (entertainment) and the rest are in cell (house) must remain.

Watch the video below; do you want to live your life in fear of death, or just enjoy life with all its nasty and fun events?

Also check out this video, but realize that it can be shocking images;

Do you suddenly see impalas committing suicide on a massive scale, because they are afraid they will ever be eaten? (They can't think that far, but more on principle haha). No, life goes on. Of course, they will always live in fear of being eaten and try to avoid it, but life goes on. Realize that living in fear of getting sick has very limiting consequences, which are clearly visible; mouth mask, limited travel, less privacy, stricter rules, more control, no wedding or funeral etc.

Totalitarian state

The editor-in-chief of de Volkskrant says that in a crisis all noses have to go in the same direction. Is it useful to make RIVM a leader in everything the population must do? A non-transparent body known for international connections?

People who see other people as dangerous and ask the state for help open a door that may lead to a totalitarian state because power is concentrated. A dictatorship is created under the guise of public health.

Man must have the right to determine for himself what he or she does with his or her body. The state should not be given this power, let alone force its will on people. If that is the case, it is not very different in the Netherlands than in China.

Those who are critical of government policies are dismissed as dangerous and anti-social, while those who do what they are asked to do are labeled as good.

We are told that the virus will not go away until there are 0 infections or deaths, something that is not going to happen, because the virus is with us. Nevertheless, it is said that we must cooperate, because otherwise ...
Why does the cabinet want to introduce an emergency law to put a meter and a half of society into law, when the virus has practically died out and it is clear what works and what doesn't?

Realize that this policy follows the frog principle; we are cooked slowly in a pan. The 1,5 meter was temporary, but will become legal when the temporary (permanent) emergency law comes into force. OV masks were temporary, but as long as the virus does not go away (never) the measure remains.

Why should the elderly not be able to decide for themselves what they want to do? What risk do they want to take? What is life worth if you are lonely in an institution? See the following video;


How do people convince?

In any case, what you should never do is say that the person you disagree with is stupid. Understanding that the person in question has a different perception of the world and questioning it will practically always lead to resistance.

Why do people agree to this policy?
I suspect they think the government, RIVM and the media are protecting them. They think that everything is a temporary measure and that everything will blow over. Many people even demand that the government and authorities help them.

This only makes these authorities more powerful, because people become dependent and think less themselves. In my opinion, with the right information, citizens can think for themselves.

  • Do you think people should be free?
  • Do you think that people should be able to make their own choices and leave others in their value?
  • What are you afraid of when there are no more rules about covid? Why am I scared? What am I afraid of? is that justifiable?
  • View the facts and put them into context; is covid really that bad and dangerous?

The following questions can give an indication of how people think;
Do you think the official 9/11 story was true?
Do you have confidence in the government (dictatorships), media (perception influencers) and banks (creating bondage through debt)?

Nice poem for sleeping

  • If you die of hunger, we made sure it wasn't corona.
  • If your company that has been around for decades is broken, remember that we didn't die of corona through us.
  • If you commit suicide, we made sure it wasn't Corona.
  • If you are depressed and don't like life, remember that we didn't die of corona through us.
  • We force you to stay indoors so you don't die from corona.
  • We'll send you into a life of slavery, but we didn't let you die from corona.
  • If your job is gone, it's because we care about you and you would otherwise have died of corona.
  • If you can't do anything fun anymore because of the 1,5 m measure, then realize that you have been saved from a death by corona.
  • The police will fine you or beat you up if you leave your house, but you will not die from corona.

We the elite are you, the citizen. We help you through this difficult time that we have created. It does not matter that the number of people infected is very low (compared to the total population) and the chance of death even lower. Remember that we care about you.

* Although not everything applies to the Netherlands, this applies to a number of poor countries in the world, such as India, Africa, etc.


Torture chambers of rutte;

Man is a source of contamination and therefore dangerous?

Watch the movie; The giver

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