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Column - Corona as a religion

It is actually very difficult to comprehend that a virus which is little more than a normal flu still has such a grip on large parts of the population that a government can still abuse so much power, despite the fact figures show that we were not dealing with a pandemic, that we are not dealing with a killer virus, that there is actually nothing wrong at all and we do not have to worry at all about a second wave.

You just walk into a supermarket and see the necessary people wearing mouth masks and looking around skittishly, so a significant part of the population actually still lives in mortal fear, fear of a phantom, an invisible ghost, which you can just pounce on and drag you to hell, the man with the scythe who can just break your connection with mother earth.
But those same people, for example, get into their car without any hesitation and drive onto the highway, bizarre, isn't it?

They sometimes say, an accident is in a small corner and that is also the case, when I was five years old my twelve-year-old brother died, fifty-six years ago already, but I still remember this as yesterday, because that happened on my father's birthday, who has passed away for some time now, due to a moment of inattention or misjudgment of my brother, who was scooped by a military vehicle, so what are we talking about here, people are not afraid participation in traffic, but terrified of the invisible?

Since the 70s / 80s people started to detach themselves more and more from the church, people often still believed in something, but they lived life with all the pleasures and discomforts without really worrying about whether or not they exist. from a god, work, home on the TV, vacations to sometimes distant places became much more important than pondering the fact that our existence on earth is bound to time.
People had newly acquired freedoms and kept pushing forward the realization of the temporary nature of our existence.

Of course there have been times when this realization was slightly back, for example during the arms race or the war in the Middle East, but each time peace of mind returned fairly quickly, until a great panic broke out due to a virus!
Since April, almost the whole world has been living in an atmosphere of fear and panic, because of a virus that totally did not prove what it was classified for and still there are whole hordes of people terrified and therefore very manipulative to use for a very wrong government!

But now on the issue of religion, as true believers we see texts popping up here and there that we live in the end times, that this is a plan of god, even the necessary biblical texts are removed from the dust, which prophets once as seers from a certain time.
Of course it is not wrong to take this into account, but to attach whole theories to this is a bridge too far for me.
If I look at what is behind it, then I see that we are going to face a completely different time, the Aquarian age.

Religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have some major structural errors in them, denying reincarnation is one of them, when people get into positions of power and there is a single life as their goal, many of these people will, where they can, want to make it as good as possible for themselves and adjust the rules from holy scriptures as much as possible to their own will.
If necessary, they adapt the holy books to their own liking, see the film “The name of the Rose” with Sean Connery, well worth watching.

When humanity would realize that we are here for a purpose and also have multiple lives to achieve this, humanity will change significantly, the greed that is consuming us now, which is also related to Christianity, for example, would go disappear, people would start to live much more consciously and look for spirituality and develop that, something that religion from the Piscean age has fought for a long time, just think of the burning of witches, because who were they actually?


The chaos in which we now live has everything to do with wanting to control and expand power, by a small select group of people, the so-called 1% group, it also has to do with the fact that this New World Order does. has a lot to lose in the new era, Aquarius stands for spirituality, religion no longer fits in there, the knowledge that we can create hell or heaven itself here on earth and are not dependent on some god, we into very different people.

Man should come back into contact with the earth and perform a good stewardship, if we were to observe humanity from space, then it now seems like Sodom and Gomorra in the necessary places, that is, by the way, a biblical description, which we should let go, just as we should let go of the coronavirus, because this needless agony has unnecessarily gripped us long enough.
I want to leave it here, with this different sound!

Yours faithfully,
Chris Collard


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