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Corona scam! Empty hospitals ,. fake burials and empty coffins in Brazil?

... a country that is already doing better than the Netherlands in terms of victims per million people ...


Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, has asked members of the Brazilian Parliament to take a look at a hospital that claimed to have 5.000 infected and 200 deaths from COVID-19.

They found that the hospital had heavily exaggerated the cases and allegations.

Even worse. In fact, there was not a single patient or person. The hospital was completely empty and was clearly still under construction. (source)(source) (source)

What was even more shocking was the decision to open the coffins allegedly awaiting the transportation of the corona virus victims.

Upon opening the coffins, the MPs were shocked, but not surprised, when they were found to be empty. (source) (source)

Is all this real?

There are many sources that confirm this whole story. From May already.

Except most of the mainstream media.

This “right-wing” President has to be off the stage as Donald Trump has to in the US.

Dr. Edison Carmo, from Minas Gerais, reports that hospitals receive 18.000 Brazilian real from certain agencies for every registered COVID death.

This is also strongly denied by the MSM. VERY sure. This is an example.

Doctor Edison Carmo, from Minas Gerais, reports that hospitals receive 18.000 Brazilian real for every registered COVID death.

This is also strongly denied by the MSM. Very certainly.

President Bolsonaro does not want the press to unfairly frighten the people. And you should expect that from a leader.

But according to the MSM, that makes him a murderer.

The media is more or less forbidden to report corona deaths on a daily basis. And rightly so, isn't it? That has nothing to do with curtailing journalistic freedoms. It is sedition. It is criminal!

Don't you join the flu? Then you're still sick?

The man is extremely popular among the population, but the minority creates a different world, again through the media. This right-wing President, like Trump, must be removed from the podium. And don't touch the corona religion!

Jair Bolsonaro


"The Brazilian president has frequently played down the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, even as it devastates his country." (source)
The Brazilian President regularly downplayed the severity of the Corona outbreak, EVEN WHILE IT DESTROYS HIS COUNTRY.

Downplaying? Destroy the country ?? We call that putting things into perspective and looking at the situation objectively.

CNN framed things and takes advantage of Brazil's size to scare people who can't read numbers directly and put them in context. Fear!

The media is throwing back absolute figures, but Brazil is doing better than the Netherlands.(source)
In the Netherlands, 357 people died per million inhabitants. In Brazil 286.

The country has over 210 million inhabitants. Then you quickly speak of hundreds of deaths or thousands of deaths per day. But Brazil is almost as big as the whole of Western Europe.

And of course he must be impeached according to the MSM in Brazil and that magnifies the CNN as if the biggest crime against humanity has just been committed. (source)

Because how easy is it to cast a bad light on a President of a country such as Brazil, which we must see as a “corrupt gang” (again talked to by the same media)?

But how thoroughly corrupt is the West? The advantage of Corona is that we now get to see the real face of media, politicians and dangerous 1% people in the background are also shown.

It is hilarious to see how all mainstream media worldwide is violently attacking every country that has not participated in the lockdown.

Sweden, Japan and also Brazil here. Brazil has also not introduced a lockdown.

They do it just like the rest. The virus is there, but there is no proof that a lockdown will help. It has been proven that a lockdown does not make a big difference with countries that have not been in lockdown.

But those countries that insisted on entering the lockdown have been economically devastated and the most bizarre measures are, with coercion, taken and put into law. The people are humiliated and looted in every way. The New Normal is imposed by force, intimidation and through the media.

Which countries are the Banana Republics? Countries like Brazil or the Netherlands?

The media has ensured that we are now in this situation because people can no longer think rationally through fear.

The latter is correct! But NOT BY COVID19! By the media and our politicians.

Wishful thinking is laughable in this type of media. In the Netherlands too, people speak of “the stupid President”. Without doing any research. They just retype it. They want so badly that COVID19 is dangerous and sows death and destruction.
But it does not. It only affects people at a respectable age and is much milder than the flu. And that sucks !!

One can dare to call the virologist from Sweden a dangerous man without shame, while he is one of the few who has ensured that the country is not economically ruined and speaks clearly about the virus and (impossible) vaccines.
The man is also not listened to. His interviews are not broadcast. He's dangerous. Point. Because he "didn't do it like us."


https: //

This is all happening today. We keep an eye on it.

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