Corona uses fraud for WhatsApp and Facebook

TelegramNL comes with an interesting and important article about scam practices via Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

It is not possible to warn often enough about such matters.

TelegramNL writes:

“We are receiving more and more reports of scams, TelegramNL is also often approached with such messages. This is one of the messages we received today: "

hi i am sorry to contact you i am writing this message with heavy heart and tears in my eyes, it is hard for me to go to computer to write this message. I share this information this way because I want to give my fortune to a person who grows in GOD. apparently i have terminal brain cancer, my doctor just informed me that my days are numbered due to my condition, my health is deteriorating. I plan to donate all my properties because I have an amount of 500.000 euros in my account and I do not want to leave the bank. I am looking for someone who can inherit my fortune so if someone is interested in inheriting my property they can contact me by email for more reasons for my donation. E-mail: reazri… .. @ E-mail: reazri… .. @ or automatically contact my lawyer via this whatsapp: 337568 ……

Now most people know this type of scams, but emotions often make people inattentive and before you know it you fall for it. So important to keep mentioning.

Read the TelegramNL article here:

Read the whole article here:


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