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Coronavirus stimulates growth of nationalism

72 countries have already imposed a travel ban on people from China, and Trump is not allowing anyone in who has been to China for the last two weeks.

The type of border controls and travel restrictions that Nationalists have been fighting for years are now being introduced rapidly, as a result of the corona outbreak in China.

A common sense country does not simply let people in, whether it is fortune seekers, people who are unable to stand on their own feet or the spread of deadly diseases.

But we live in an unhealthy country, where just expressing your concerns about uncontrolled movement of people to and from the Netherlands leads to accusations of "racism”Of 'coronaphobia'.


Green Left Corinne Ellemeet proudly shows her adopted motion shows:

Chinese are not a race. Another GroenLinkser who does not know the definition of racism.

But how long can the elites and their journalists write about "Coronavirus racists"* and leave the borders open undisturbed before the people come to get a story? Or before the virus itself comes to get a story?



Dr. Steve Turley: 'Coronavirus Strengthens Nationalism:

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