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The Works Council (OR) of the hospital Zaans Medical Centrum discovered per coincidence that a big CORONABONUS has been given to the managers.

The steam then came 'out of the ears' of various members!

How do you break it moral of your staff who have worked their way through in recent months? Really bizarre ', says one person involved.

The Works Council talked to the Board of Directors, but that delivered nothing on.

The managers, coordinators and team heads got the 'corona bonus' because they had to do more than usual MEETING.

The Zaandam hospital regrets the commotion and understands that 'FEELING' comes across differently '.


Incidentally, Minister Hugo de Jonge has a corona bonus of 1000 euros for all healthcare personnel PROMISED. It has not yet been paid.

Trade union CNV does not think it is smart what the hospital has done.

'Fortunately, these people did clap, also by the managers'one person concerned says.

With Ahold Delhaize the corona bonuses will go to the shareholders, according to the presentation of the half-year figures.

Albert Heyn previously gave the Dutch staff a gift voucher 25 euro for hard work in corona time, instead of the 500 euro bonus previously suggested by the labor unions.

The shareholder gets off a lot better with a ELEVATION of the interim dividend at 20 cents per share, a distribution that 67 percent higher than would normally be paid out.

The holders of the 1,1 billion Ahold Delhaize shares can do so 220 million euros extra dividend looking forward to!

If the same amount had been divided among the 380.000 employees that the supermarket company has worldwide, then the staff, and for example also the shelf loaders, would have 580 euros per person can collect.

"It is increasingly difficult for employees to explain why shareholders receive an additional 67 percent dividend," says the CNV.

The gift voucher of 25 euros can only be used with, a subsidiary of AholdDelhaize.

This is nothing, it is out of proportion to the gigantic extra revenue they turned.

CNV calls it a middle finger to the staff.

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