Too sharp cotton swabs at test centers cause BLOOD NOSES

The plastic scrapers supplied by a Walloon company to the corona testing centers are said to cause pain and stress in many adults and children. This is reported by the specialized medical magazine Medi-Sphère. According to doctors, they cause nosebleeds in half of patients.

The bars supplied by the government are too sharp and cut, it sounds. Also, according to the doctors, they are not flexible enough and they break too quickly.

In a response to Medi-Sphère, the supplier of the scrapers, the company Any-Shape, points out that CLEARLY it is indicated in the package insert that the test sticks are completely NOT are intended for children or patients taking blood thinners.

Some doctors at the testing centers also speak of shortages. But competent minister Philippe De Backer (Open Vld) denies that there is a shortage of test scrapers.

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