Court sets off corona mistreatment of children

Corona madness with children

This is pretty much the new normal that mark rutte also strives for. 

Not so much because he wants to. He consciously joined the Davos cabal and offered himself as an executor, betraying, maiming, robbing and murdering his own population.

Rutte and the young have no mercy with children either. If we do nothing, these images will soon also be seen in the Netherlands. In fact, they are already there.


But… no matter how pitch black the world may seem at the moment, there is still reason for positivity.

Everyone has days during this crisis when they see it a bit more positively than on other days. You feel it will collapse this house of cards but the other day you see your own loved ones doing the strangest things and worrying about something that does not exist as it is presented.

As Fuellmich already told during an interview last week there is a light at the end of the tunnel and several lawsuits are already being won.

Well, we had prepared a nice article but “never waste a good article” and especially not from fellow fighters who also want to bring the truth out.

We prefer that people also get to know other sites so that this sound becomes more accessible. The goal is to get out of this crisis and not to score ratings. We'll talk about that later. First make sure there is a “later”.

The Fire Online came up with this excellent summary about the German court that has banned these ridiculous degrading measures and acts.

The article:

"The children are physically, psychologically and educational damaged and their rights are violated, without this benefiting the children themselves or third parties."

For the first time, extensive evidence has been provided in a German court on the scientific meaning and necessity of the prescribed anti-corona measures in schools. On April 8, the court in Weimar (state of Thuringia) adopted the conclusions of many experts in its judgment that the measures harm the children, and that numerous rights have been violated, of children and their parents, including international conventions (listed on pages 11 to 14 of the statement, which can be read here). Due to the assessment against these conventions and the concurrence with the Dutch practice of measures in and outside schools, the judgment is also relevant to our situation. 

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The run-up and short summary

The legal proceedings were brought by a German mother of two sons (14 and 8 years old) against two schools in the family court. She argues in the proceedings that her children are harmed physically, psychologically and pedagogically without there being any benefit to the children or third parties. According to her, this also violates many rights, namely those mentioned in national laws and regulations, the constitution and international treaties.

In the 180-page judgment, the factual, scientific and legal situation is examined and reports and (medical) literature are evaluated. The court came to the final conclusion that the measures taken in schools (mouth masks, distance rules and rapid tests) “pose an existing risk to the mental, physical or emotional well-being of the child, to such an extent that without intervention significant damage is very likely. provided ”. Verdict: The schools can teach one-on-one without masks, distance rules and (self) testing.

Not only their mental, physical and spiritual well-being is endangered by wearing mouth masks and distance rules, the court says, which is also implicit in violating many of the rights of children and their parents under the law, the constitution and international treaties". This applies in particular to the right to the free development of person and physical integrity from Article 2 of the German Constitution, Article 8 ECHR (in the Netherlands comparable to Article 11 of the Constitution) and Article 6 of the German Constitution: the right on education and care by parents (also with regard to health measures).

A very eye-catching piece of evidence included in the ruling is a study recently published in the professional journal Monatsschrift Children's Sanctuary. It published the following findings on the wearing of masks, in which the interviewed juveniles (0 to 17 years) wore them on average for 4,5 hours a day (p. 126 statement).






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