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Weimar court: Corona measures shake democracy

The legal grounds for the infinitely long series of corona measures are currently under investigation.

Under the guise of “beating the coronavirus” unimaginable interventions have been made in democratic, constitutional and humanitarian human rights. The rights of many hundreds of millions of people have been violated worldwide and in an indescribable way.

More and more judges are condemning the governments that impose these corona measures. So they are committing another crime by not obeying court decisions. Anything they don't like is ignored. We saw exactly the same story in America with the Democrats in recent years and the same is coming here now.

There are no more rules. Only one way of thinking, one narrative, is allowed and you really have to keep your mouth shut and obey.

No explanation. No substantiation. They completely ignore difficult questions. It is as they want it and there is nothing else. We now live in that crazy situation. And the fact that millions of people are brainwashed into it shows how guilty the media is.

The right word to properly describe this situation has yet to be invented. That bad. So unjust. So bizarre.

We are lucky that ever-growing organizations such as The World Doctor Alliance, Ortze für Aufklarung. At Corona-ausschuss (The Corona Commission) have been formed and organized to make a real stand against these crimes against humanity. They are brave people and they see it exactly like you and me. There are very big names among them.

And even if they run into a wall of media censorship, when judges start to judge, the media cannot escape either.

In addition, it seems, they do not want to be in the spotlight too much during these preparations. Lawyer Dr. Reiner Füllmich van Corona Ausschuss is also involved in preparing a criminal complaint at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

At an earlier stage these people were determined to fight against this great injustice. This is seen as literally the greatest crime against humanity of all time and they are very committed and determined to bring all those responsible to a tribunal. (source) (source) (source)

Human rights defender Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing is preparing a criminal complaint at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for the corona measures and is supported by the above organizations.

International Criminal Court in The Hague


The judge has ruled that all Corona measures are unlawful and unconstitutional

Judges are increasingly harsh in their judgments against these far-reaching measures.

Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fullmich of Corona Ausschuss responds to a clear and firm judgment of the Weimar judge on the legal basis of the corona measures.

Fullmich: “The judge has indicated that his judgment does not only concern the present case (see introduction), but concerns the whole of Germany in scope and scope. We will also hand the verdict to our colleagues in other countries and the US. ” (source)

Among other things, the judge said:

'A restraining order is a serious interference with civil rightsIt is one of the basic rights of people in a free society to determine for themselves which people, if they are willing to do so, and under what circumstances he will come into contact.

The free encounter of people with all possible different goals is the elementary basis of society.

The state explicitly refrains from any regulatory and restrictive intervention such as about how many people a citizen invites at home, how many people the citizen is with in the public space to go for a walk, play sports, do shopping or sit on a bench in the park; this should not interest the stateWith the ban on contact, the state intervenes, even if it is with good intentions (Füllmich: 'I honestly don't believe that 'in the foundations of society, especially when he forces a physical distance between the citizens. '

The judge complains that the 'state of emergency' (Ausnahmezustand) has already become normal for some citizens, citing a number of major damages that this situation has already caused in human and economic terms. He states that these damages can be investigated, but already as'gigantic'can be considered, even if we do not know the exact size.

The far-reaching measures have shaken democracy. - Weimar District Court.

According to the judge, the conclusion is:

'…whereas, after the aforementioned facts, there can be no doubt that the number of deaths caused by the measures alone exceeds by many times the number of deaths prevented by the measures. On this basis, the standards to be assessed in this case do not meet the criterion of proportionality'.

Added to this are the direct and indirect restrictions on freedom and the gigantic financial damage, the immense damage to health and ideal damage.'

'The word 'disproportionate', so the judge continues, 'is too colorless to describe the scope of the event in any way. The lock down proclaimed (for the second time) in Thuringia, of which the contact ban was and is an essential part, is a catastrophic policy error (Fehlentscheidung) with dramatic consequences for almost all aspects of human life, for society, for the stands and for the countries in the southern hemisphere.'(great death from hunger, ed.).

He then notes that the number of victims of the measures is greater than the 'saved' lives and that the far-reaching measures mean the 'democracy has been shaken.'

In Ecuador, a high court has also recently issued a clear ruling. He stated that after 9 months you can no longer suffice with shouting bad luck, but having to come up with hard facts. And those facts were not there in Ecuador, nor in Germany, according to Füllmich.

Füllmich also denounces the press conferences at which journalists with critical questions'scandalous' are being treated: 'those press conferences are a joke'. There is no room for criticism.

Translation: EZAZ

The media report it spasmodically.(source)

The verdict in .pdf is anything but convulsive



The fact that the verdict takes place in historically charged Weimar, the place after which the first attempt for a democratic Germany was named and which was destroyed in 1933 by the Nazi putsch, is particularly piquant. The Nazis also started with emergency laws and restrictions on basic civil rights.

Those who then hoped that things would go smoothly, were disappointed.

Reiner Fullmich: "This judge has shown how to deal with such a big case if you don't want to go to Weimar 1933."

Dr. Reiner Füllmich made a long video of 45 minutes last October. We've subtitled it for you. It is certainly worthwhile to sit down. We don't need to mention that this video was censored everywhere. That is standard nowadays. Is not it awful? Just wait when that bill comes ...



Call for testimony before the International Criminal Court in The Hague

Human rights defender Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing is preparing a criminal complaint to be submitted to the International Criminal Court in The Hague because of the corona measures.

She is supported by her husband Volker Reusing and the Corona Commission (Corona Ausschuss) with ao top lawyer Reiner Füllmich.

Lawyer Viviane Fischer and lawyer Dr. Reiner Füllmich of the Corona Commission, Reusings explain which elements of international criminal law they see implemented by means of the Corona measures. Among other things by means of White Torture (according to Prof. Biderman) a great many people are affected in a criminal way relevant by the corona measures that are implemented through the shock strategy.

White Torture, often referred to as 'white room torture', is a type of psychological torture technique that focuses on complete sensory deprivation and isolation. (source)

More information about the criminal offenses and torture practices can be found in this .pdf (translated from German to Dutch)

Original German version:

Press release

Here is Ms. Hassel-Reusing's official press release on the call to witnesses (source):

Human rights defender (within the meaning of UN resolution 53/144) Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing prepares a criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague for the use of the shock strategy under the guise of crown.

These are the measures that have reached the seriousness of a crime against humanity (Article 7 of the Rome Statute).

Citizens are harmed in the context of a large-scale and systematic policy in the form of individual crimes murder (lit. a), deprivation of liberty (lit. e), torture (lit. f), prosecution (lit. h) and serious encroachment on the physical or mental integrity or physical health (lit. k). These shock measures serve the power, ideology and profit interests of various overlapping private circles.

The human rights activist emphasizes: "Worldwide deaths and serious health damage from the corona shock measures are mainly in the form of hunger (an estimated 2020 additional acutely hungry people in 130.000.000 according to the World Food Program estimate as of April 2020)."

“Delayed surgeries, including about 50.000 cancer patients in Germany alone, and isolation, shock and economic ruin also contribute to this. The forced masks also cause physical and psychological damage. It is also noteworthy that deaths related to drug overdose and rushed invasive ventilation were also used for shock propaganda. ”

From the point of view of the human rights defender, the main drawbacks are the isolation and detention of residents and quarantine. Especially in the case of isolation of children within the family who are at risk of being taken away, strict exit restrictions and voluntary self-isolation due to the trauma caused by the shock propaganda (through the media and politics, among others).

A PCR test that has not been officially validated and is therefore medically and legally questionable serves as the basis.

The state of persecution was mainly met by the economic destruction of entire industries through shutdowns and forced face masks that damaged businesses.

This includes the unrest and targeted economic destruction of doctors, journalists, bloggers and human rights activists. From Hassel-Reusing's point of view, this also affects children, seniors and other populations who are particularly vulnerable in the context of the other facts.

The deactivation and removal of websites and channels, as well as individual videos clarifying Sars-Cov-2 or the shock measures, may objectively be an accessory to a crime against humanity from the point of view of the human rights defender. For example, it prevents victims from being informed, makes it easier to continue the actions or makes it more difficult to gather information that is important for the prosecution of crimes.

Torture is carried out by means of shock measures, mainly in the form of psychological torture. Includes isolation torture, perception of monopoly, exposure, and demonstration of clearer Omnipotence (unlimited power over everything and everyone), of threats and humiliations, as well as in the form of bringing about 'learned helplessness' according to Prof. Lieberman.

“Most politicians around the world participate because they themselves are being manipulated through shock and one-sided advice, as is made clear in the paper 'How we get Covid-19 under control' written for lobbying against the Federal Department of the Interior. ”, said Hassel-Reusing.

The ad should draw attention to those responsible for manipulating the public's perception and decision-makers, as well as those in whose interest this is happening, Hassel-Reusing said. "To our knowledge, there are a large number of fairly private perpetrators, some of whom have their people in state, media and international control centers, and the exact identities of some of the main perpetrators will probably not be until the course of the investigation."

To enable the ICC to initiate proceedings and determine the guilty party, it is necessary to explain the system or the extent to which the aggrieved party, their relatives or witnesses who witnessed a contribution to the crime, provide sufficient evidence.

Witnesses are called to contact the human rights defender or lawyer Viviane Fischer.

“Please send your statements in writing, with express permission to use them to file a criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity caused by the corona shock measures and with your signature to Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing, Thorner Str. 7, 42283 Wuppertal, or Viviane Fischer, lawyer, Waldenserstr. 22, 10551 Berlin. ”

"If you can, send your statements in English too, because German is unfortunately not an official language at the ICC."

Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing
Human rights defender i. S. v. UN resolution 53/144
Thorner Str. 7
42283 Wuppertal
Telephone: 0202/2502621

Possible sample form:

Knowing all this, tomorrow we will again explain to someone from our family or circle of friends who firmly believes in the coronas fairy tale, that the virus is really not the problem. Many will still look at you like you've gone mad.

It's awful to see your fellow human beings brainwashed and just convincing them with some simple facts about the tip of the iceberg is a daunting task. Let alone what is going on behind it.

We hope that Dutch doctors and doctors will also respond to this call. More than ever, we need brave people who stand up by simply telling the truth. Those who didn't when they could, and it is now, will not have a second chance to do the right thing and be seen as guilty.

The judgments of this judge fully correspond to reality. Every doctor must now be fully aware that very great crimes are being committed here that have nothing to do with a virus. And then you should get up as a doctor, gather your colleagues and act.


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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: "Drosten, the fact-free inventor of the completely false PCR test procedure"

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