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Extensive Documentary: Covid-19 Vaccine Biotechnology Explained & An Overview of New Technologies & Implications

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By organizing Avalerion Awakes

Many people will be familiar with Dr. Carrie Madej's 'Mens 2.0' video statement & emergency call to the world that has been circulating on the internet for about three quarters of a year. Dr. Carrie Madej is a medical in-house specialist and has her own practice in McDonough, Georgia. She has been studying vaccines for at least 20 years.

In her video statement, she warns against new technologies that have the potential to touch us in the essence of our humanity and open the way to transhumanism. She focuses in particular on the risks of the genetic Covid-19 vaccines to permanently change the human genome. She also warns against other technologies that could have a major impact on our privacy and freedom, such as microneedle patch Quantum Dot technology and DARPA-Profusa hydrogel biosensors. There are also technologies such as gene-drive extinction technology that have the potential to wipe out entire species. At the end of her video story, Dr. Madej encourages people to do their own research and draw their own conclusions.

This is how the documentary 'Covid-19 vaccine biotechnology explained & overview other technologies and implications' came about. It was created to help Dr. To investigate and, where verified, support Madej's claims about the Covid-19 vaccines & other technologies. The documentary is also supported with a source list you . can find.

The documentary begins with Dr. Madej's video statement and is followed by a twelve-part video report that goes deeper into her claims and covers even more related topics. Not all subjects, such as gene-drive extinction technology, were included in the video report, but information about this can be found in the source list find.


Full Documentary: 'Covid-19 Vaccine Biotechnology Explained & Overview of Other Technologies and Implications' (1:59:43 min)


The documentary consists of the following parts:

'Human 2.0' video statement & emergency call to the world from Dr. Carrie Madej (24:20 min)
In it, Dr. Madej for the risk of the Covid-19 genetic vaccines to permanently alter the human genome and for other technologies that could have major implications for our privacy, our freedom and affect our humanity. Technologies such as microneedle patch Quantum Dot technology, DARPA-Profusa hydrogel biosensors and Gene-Drive Extinction technology.


Part 1-12: Covid-19 Vaccine Biotechnology Explained (24:00 min)
In this part, the biotechnology and risks of the genetic Covid-19 vaccines are mapped at the molecular level. The Covid-19 vaccines are a new type of vaccine that has never been applied to humanity before and that has not been studied in the long term. There are valid criticisms of the risks of these vaccines that can be scientifically substantiated. The Covid-19 vaccines are made using genetically modifying techniques and for their development and distribution, the EU has temporarily relaxed the regulations on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). All Covid-19 vaccines are either GMO derived or actual GMOs injected directly into the vaccine recipient.


Part 2-12: Storing medical data in the skin; Quantum Dot Technology (2:38 min)
This section shows a new patented technique developed by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and partly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The technique makes it possible to apply an invisible tattoo to the skin when a vaccine is administered, which can be scanned with a special Smartphone. Thus, the vaccine data is stored in the skin.


Part 3-12: DARPA-Profusa hydrogel biosensors (8:11 min)
In this part, Dr. Madej's description about the hydrogel biosensors. This hydrogel technology is able to monitor biological values ​​such as oxygen and glucose live in the body. In addition, the makers claim that viruses, such as the coronavirus, can also be detected and that a pandemic weeks before it occurs can predict and possibly be prevented. The hydrogel biosensors are able to connect with artificial intelligence such as those in Smartphones, from where the values ​​can be followed directly. This can have enormous consequences for our privacy. Hydrogel can also be used to make microrobots that can perform all kinds of tasks in the body and deal with medical issues.


Part 4-12: Vaccination Damage and Risks (19:57 min)
In this section the vaccine damage or injury of early recipients of the Covid-19 RNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer is presented. It starts with a report from Dr. Vernon Coleman, who cites a report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, US RIVM) stating that about 3% of the first 112.807 vaccine recipients were diagnosed with serious health damage. It also shows a number of images of two Moderna and Pfizer RNA vaccine recipients who experienced uncontrollable convulsions shortly after vaccination. Two articles are also discussed that include the death of a physician following Covid-19 vaccination, injury to participants of the Covid-19 clinical vaccine trials, dangerous / risky ingredients of the Covid-19 vaccines and a poor clinical trial design of the Covid-19 vaccine. XNUMX describe vaccine trials.


Part 5-12: Liability Exemption for Vaccine Manufacturers (3:01 min)
In America, a law has been passed since 1988 that exempts vaccine manufacturers from liability for injuries sustained by their vaccines. The European Union has also promised the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers exemption from liability.


Part 6-12: Fetal cell lines used in the development of the
Covid-19 vaccines (1:49 min)
Human fetal cell lines derived from human aborted tissue are used to develop a number of Covid-19 vaccines. People can have ethical objections to this.


Part 7-12: Dutch & European Covid-19 vaccine contracts & vaccination obligation (7:06 min)
This section provides an overview of exploratory talks and contracts that the Netherlands and the European Union have entered into with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers. Manufacturers negotiated on behalf of NL and the EU are: Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), AstraZenica, Sanofi / GSK, Curevac, Moderna, BioNTech / Pfizer and Novavax. Note that these manufacturers supply Covid-19 vaccines that have different technologies / actions. This is discussed in detail in "Part 1-12: Covid-19 Vaccine Biotechnology."


Part 8-12: Optional Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) tags in the
vaccinations (6:34 min)
In 2020, the US military entered into a $ 138 million contract with ApijectTM, a company that can prepackage drugs, including vaccines, in syringes and rapidly produce large numbers (hundreds of millions of copies). The company also offers the option to supply prepackaged vaccination syringes with RFID / NFC tags for GPS tracking and anti-counterfeiting. A compilation shows that RFID technology and the digitization of people will occupy an increasing part of our society.


Part 9-12: Rapid Rollout of the Biometric Health ID / Passport (13:08 min)
In this part you can see a number of video fragments from, among others, the United Nations and the Thales group, a multinational Defense company that develops digital biometric ID wallet systems for governments, among other things. These biometric ID wallet systems are ready for global rollout and will digitize a large part of our lives and be crucial for access to buildings, airports, work etc. They will be linked to mandatory (Covid-19) vaccinations and the emerging Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) payment systems.


Part 10-12: Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) (4:39 min)
Central banks are in the process of pilot concepts and introducing central bank digital currency (CBDC) trials. This section shows that the European Central Bank, the Nederlandsche Bank and the Federal Reserve (American Central Bank) are moving towards this at a rapid pace. This means the inevitable end of cash. A recent Microsoft patent application for a cryptocurrency system that uses body activity data is also discussed.


Part 11-12: Existing medicines; Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) & Ivermectin (2:36 min)
Hydroxychloroquine is an affordable and available drug that has been used in medicine for more than 65 years for the treatment of malaria and rheumatism. Scientific studies and experiences of doctors have shown that the drug is particularly effective in combination with zinc and azithromycin against corona disease. It has been advocated for its use in primary care by doctors & scientists from various countries being widely censored on the mainstream channels.
Ivermectin is another affordable and available drug that has been shown to work even better than HCQ, including in secondary care and as a prophylaxis (treatment to prevent disease).


Part 12-12: Protests against compulsory vaccination (10:30 min)
In this last part, following the previous parts, it is summarized what we as a population are heading for: Mandatory inoculations with synthetic nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) that have the potential to permanently change our genome; Mandatory biometric immunity passports that will be linked to mandatory vaccinations and will be crucial to our participation in society.
A fragment of a Danish protest against the Danish epidemic law and compulsory vaccinations is shown. This is followed by a compilation of some of the technologies Dr. Madej warns against it, in view of a Biblical prophecy from the New Testament and concluded with a current issue on vaccination from Guydence and Ask Gabz.


Technology & Spirituality

Technological developments are happening at lightning speed and are so advanced that they can redefine what it means to be human. From our natural genetic makeup, to our interaction with each other, with artificial intelligence, our physical autonomy and our freedom. Technological progress does not necessarily have to be bad, it is about how new technologies are deployed. As it now stands, one can hardly conclude otherwise than that highly advanced technologies are being used against us for control and power by a relatively small group of rulers who control these technologies. But it can be different, such as Catherine Austin Fitts said before; The people who own and use these advanced technologies for power and control have no imagination and are so predictable. They have the spiritual level of a Neanderthal. If we want to progress as humanity and do not want to lose our humanity, we have to develop further spiritually. Then we can do such beautiful things and use advanced technologies for the good of humanity.

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About Avalerion Awakes

Avalerion Awakes is an initiative that emerged after it became apparent that a growing and alarming degree of censorship in the West has emerged since the start of the corona pandemic. Where even doctors and scientists are censored on a large scale and can barely participate in the public debate on the mainstream channels to criticize the official narrative and have any influence on corona policy.

With a slogan such as 'Quest for Truth', truth-finding always comes first, in which freedom of the press and freedom of expression form the basis. Access to information is of paramount importance, so that people are able to conduct their own research and draw their own conclusions.

With an academic background in molecular biology & biochemistry, the initiative also applies an academic approach to the studies it publishes. The initiative focuses in particular on the corona pandemic and tries to uncover suppressed and censored information and to present it in an orderly manner, with a broad view on a global level. The work is always supported as much as possible by sources that are made available to the viewers and readers.

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