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Covid-21 is ready for you

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The number of deaths or serious side effects after administration of, in particular the Pfizer, vaccines, CSTV has already reported on several times. But it is now so frequent that we can no longer keep up. That is already in the hundreds. Many of them are already at a blessed age, but there are also a striking number of young people.




The reports keep pouring in. But of course those deaths are not attributed to the vaccine. “These people often had underlying conditions,” the authorities invariably claim.

Hey, what the hell is that?

If you had underlying conditions or a traffic accident, but tested positive for corona, covid-19 is the cause of death. But if you died because of the vaccine, then the underlying conditions appear to be the cause of death and it is impossible that the vaccine has anything to do with it….

The number of infections with the pcr test does not decrease after large groups of people have been vaccinated. Just look at Israel. Almost everyone there has been vaccinated and the 'infections' continue to increase. Still, vaccine propaganda continues. You have to get that syringe twice a year, year after year.

We had already seen that the authorities themselves are not so keen on Dr. Fauci who, in front of the camera, but not visible in detail, was given a syringe in his left arm and then rubbed his right arm in an interview to report that it was a bit painful there from the vaccination.

We have also seen medical staff perform a play in front of the camera several times. But as colorful as the Brazilian State Secretary of Health makes it with the fake play… .. Have a look for yourself:


India and Bangladesh are 2 very densely populated countries. Still, the death rate in India, but especially in Bangladesh, is much lower than in many other countries. Do you know why? In these countries, healing with HCQ, Remdesivir and especially with Ivermectin is actively prescribed for healing.



Meanwhile, an extensive international study is also being conducted into healing with Plitidepsin. A drug that has great potential to cure covid-19, even at a late stage when the lungs are already severely affected. The studies so far show that the drug is almost 30X more effective than Remdesivir. Most countries vilify healing with drugs. the young even calls it 'quackery'. "We should not sit in the doctor's chair," he claimed, when valid and substantiated arguments and results from the medical world were presented to him.

I was a little confused then.?!?! Is it not hij who sits in the doctor's chair? Our schoolteacher / dictator apparently knows more about medication than thousands of scientists and medics. Or does healing with drugs sometimes not fit very well with the larger plan being rolled out over us ??????

Facebook has in the meantime been reprimanded by the Oversight Board with regard to the removal of messages about the effect and cure of covid-19 with medicines. Someone had posted and criticized the Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament's refusal to authorize HCQ with azithromicine for genizing covid-19. That was removed by Facebook, but the Oversighty Board has forced Facebook to reverse that removal. It is striking that The Board also criticizes Facebook for limiting freedom of expression and violation of human rights.



Evidence is now piling up that the corona virus has indeed escaped from the laboratory in Wuhan. It has been found that several laboratory employees became seriously ill in the fall of 2019 and had what we now call covid-19 symptoms. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a virologist who had fled to the US and worked in the Lab in Wuhan, has stated several times that the virus was made by humans and intended as a biological weapon.


Her twitter account has of course been deleted.


It is currently being investigated whether the virus was indeed developed as a biological weapon of war. It goes without saying that the Chinese government is fully disclosing to get to the bottom of this issue.



bill gates, you know, that benefactor who owns many patents on both viruses and vaccines had announced a while ago that a new, much more deadly virus was being released.

Such was the grin on his face and that of Melinda when he announced the much more deadly virus a few months ago:


If you don't know yet what Operation Lockstep - The Rockefeller Playbook is, then I heartily recommend that you research it. The whole scenario of what is now unfolding is detailed there. Not made up by wappies. They wrote it down themselves. Operation Lockstep also describes for this stage of 'the turnaround to full dictatorship' that a new, much more dangerous variant, with many more fatalities, will be unleashed. This is necessary because there is too much opposition to measures, but especially to vaccines. And that cannot be the intention. Only with total panic and anxiety hypnosis can they keep the people down.

Meanwhile, the WHO has also stated that the current virus is only a foretaste of what is still to come.

Covid-21 is ready for you.

Just listen to what Adi Goddijn has to say about Operation Lockstep:


See also my column:

Is there really a conspiracy going on?


Course conspiracy thinking

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