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Covid vaccine causes heart inflammation in teens and young adults

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They come for our children

They come for your children and things go wrong. People who do not (often) come here, perhaps despise us and have themselves and their families vaccinated and who happen to read this:

Is it normal to play Russian Roulette with the lives of you and your children? Is that responsible as parents?

Think logically and realize that all this information comes from the governments themselves. We have been trying to warn you straight from our hearts for a year and a half about what is really going on here, based on official information and facts. No conspiracy theories. The vaccination requirement is real and we were laughed at when we warned.

We care about our countrymen. For our fellow man. We are not doing this for pleasure. We want to be free, just like you. A quiet life.

We were not put on this planet to wear mouth caps and keep our distance from each other. Waiting until we die. We are human beings and we are not going to fill the short time we have here with pure and demonstrable irrational fear?

Do not get vaccinated. And your children certainly not. When so many scientists, experts and people trying to keep up with world news are shouting it from the rooftops. When a soldier has gone mad with frustration because he sees it through. Then something is wrong. And beyond the rest of this hysteria, this is a decision about your own body and that of your children that you can only make once and it is an irreversible thing and you are, especially if you have children, at least obliged to in any case, to let yourself be well informed and to think logically when it comes to something so drastic.

Vaccination? Why bother? Why?

You have been talked into fear, while all information is known after more than a year “corona”. As ready as a lump. Concealed by the people you listen to. It is demonstrably collectively concealed. COVID-19? Please go to sleep peacefully. There is nothing to worry about. No one has died anymore and certainly no young people than in previous years. In fact, it has been a mild year when we talk about how many people have died from a virus. More than 2018 people were killed in 10.000. The truth can never be disproved.

And if you don't accept it, nothing can justify today's tyranny.

And there is certainly something going on with these vaccines and the coercion they are putting on you to get injected.

Ask yourself why people want to force you to inject something into your body that will never go away for a disease that only causes the elderly to die, often with serious other conditions in the background such as heart disease, cancer or lung problems.

Get away from the mainstream media, let your mind speak and be aware of what's going on in the world. The vaccine deaths are real. The side effects, which you have never been informed about by your doctor or by your government and which media cover up, are real and this stuff will never leave your body. Think about what this could mean in the longer term. The censorship of any critical opinion is real, although the criticism is justified. People are dying. People are forced. The plans they have for us, which we write so much about here, are real.

In any case, take the trouble to find out what an mRNA vaccine is, what can be done with it and what they have already done so far. The truth will never be brought to you on a silver platter on television.

If things go wrong already, if we already know that this vaccine has caused more deaths and injuries than all other vaccines combined, then the moment must come for everyone when a bell rings. And we've only been at it for a few months.

This is real. See the video at the bottom of this article or look it up. Put that next to the miniscule risk of dying from corona or the flu and conclude the smart thing to do.

This article is also based on information from the US government itself. (source)

Wake up! You are about to make a decision that you will regret.

Vaccine causes heart inflammation in teens and young adults

The adverse side effects of the covid vaccines are piling up. Now it turns out that the mRNA vaccine myocarditis (myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle) causes.

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says investigating reports of myocarditis. (source)

CDC dismisses it as "relatively few reports" and "mild cases" but it is already known exactly when this occurs. Namely about 4 days after the second shot. Then they have a reasonable sample to bring this out.

We can count on our fingers that the CDC is going to push as many cases under the rug as possible with some help from the media and other stakeholders in this multi-billion dollar business. They ask them own investigation committee to investigate what is happening here. (source)

The agency said vaccines containing the mRNA technology - from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna - seem to be causing the problem.

Using vaccines that use mRNA, which are relatively uncommon messenger ribonucleic acid (RNA) to create a protein that elicits an immune response is the official story.

Well yes, just try it out on people and we'll see, huh? That is exactly what is happening here. We are guinea pigs. They don't even hide it.

The reports of myocarditis have mainly been in teenagers and young adults and are said to be more common in men. The symptoms appear after the second dose, about four days after vaccination, said the self-compiled CDC CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization in a statement dated May 17.

"Most cases appear to be mild, and follow-up of cases is ongoing", the agency said in the statement, adding that the "Members of the consulting firm felt that information about reports of myocarditis should be passed on to healthcare providers."

There was no mention of how many people were affected and further investigation was recommended, but it is quite logical that the number is large enough as it is stated with certainty and precision that this occurs 4 days after the 2nd dose.

"Further information should be gathered through medical records on possible cases of myocarditis reported to VAERS", the CDC said, referring to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, aka VAERS.

VAERS keeps track of vaccine deaths and injuries. But VAERS has so often been accused of withholding information in the past. The video at the bottom of this article is now a month old but a good one to watch. Then do some research and you'll see (after having to go through a wall of Google censorship) exactly right.

"Information about this potential side effect should be provided to clinicians to improve early recognition and appropriate management of individuals who develop myocarditis symptoms after vaccination," the CDC said.

An incorrect manipulative sentence from this government agency.

We are not talking about “possible side effects”. We are talking about real side effects. Facts that are hushed up or downplayed by governments and the media with all their might.

And there you are with your good faith in the government and the pharmaceutical industry with heart infection, facial paralysis, one of the other dozen side effects that are often chronic or you die a few hours or days after the injection.

Pfizer and Moderna have been asked for comment by multiple media outlets, but for now they are not going into these new facts. (source)

Short video: An invited expert from the pharmaceutical industry with 25 years of experience in research and development of vaccines against Dr. Fauci on compulsive childhood vaccinations. This is the frustration of people who know what is going on but cannot wake their fellow man


Russian roulette

Stop thinking something is only true when an institution, newspaper or mainstream media network says it.

Will you continue to play Russian Roulette with your life and that of your children? And why? Be honest with yourself? If this is such a dangerous pandemic, why don't you know anyone who died from it? Or only the elderly? Usually with serious other conditions? And that has nothing to do with not caring about the elderly. They are facts, and the elderly are anything but protected in a decent way. Your government has allowed them to wither before and there have been no exceptional excess deaths in the last year.

Look up the figures in the Netherlands and put them in the right context. You really are a bovine when you stunt with vaccinations. It is not necessary for anything.

And as for the elderly, we could have cared for our elderly in a very humane way without vaccines and a ruined economy, World War II measures, and human lives wrecked. People who can't even get the disease. All to the hell out of your own government. A government that even determines how many people you can have in your home.

Again ... wake up! Otherwise, you are part of the problem.

Have you been stung yet? Stop it!

If the people are united, see through and refuse, then the government's bluff has failed and you will regain your freedom. Now your life is in the hands of the government and they only care about one thing. Power. Control over you. And they will never, ever give you back real freedom. If we haven't found out after almost a year and a half ...

Additional source:

Tucker Carlson on Vaccines and Vaccine Victims:


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