CPB director: The Netherlands must ban crypto currency

CPB director: The Netherlands must ban crypto currency

You would like that, wouldn't you?

Hasekamp writes in the always objective AD that the Netherlands must act quickly because those who are the last to move will be the loser. “The longer we wait, the greater the negative consequences of the eventual crash.”

No, Mr Hasekamp. That's not why you're saying this. We've been hearing people say this for years.

He wants to take an example from countries like China.

We know more about that. One Mrs Kaag, for example. And those are not the kind of people who want the best for the population and their freedoms.

In China, trading and so-called 'mining' of digital currencies may become illegal. Possibly yes.

But the gentleman also wants to go in the direction of China.

But Hasekamp receives little support. Not least because a ban does not seem feasible. “The call surprised me,” says Teunis Brosens, who follows digital currencies for ING. For example, a ban does not seem technically feasible to him.

“You could theoretically ban providers of exchange services or wallets for cryptocurrencies. But not the infrastructure itself, such as the blockchain, wallets that people hold themselves and services that are offered abroad – that is simply not going to work.”

They are terrified because Bitcoins may well be needed to create a society outside this corrupt system.

They want to know and manage everything about you. And while all crypto transactions are trackable, there is always a sleeve to adjust.

According to this Hasekamp it is “unsuitable”.

But that's not up to him.

Pieter Hasekamp, ​​director of the Central Planning Bureau

That is up to the sovereign who trusts and accepts a bitcoin as a means of payment. You can do the same with a bag of rice. Or a worthless piece of paper with 50 euros on it and suddenly expressing value.

I am neither an economist nor an expert on bitcoins, so this explanation may seem childish to more informed people.

But the bitcoin and other cryptocoins is a thorn in the side of people who have complete control over humanity and can certainly not tolerate that a parallel society is being created in parts of the world with cryptocoins as a means of payment.

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Abolish paper money

People want to abolish paper money and preferably introduce a controlled crypto currency. Those plans are already in place and everything you do is checked, accepted or refused.

What they always come up with to abolish paper money is: “That's how you get rid of crime.”

So is this figure. But in reality you are taking away people's freedoms. The reason “to reduce crime” is only believed by TV viewers.

Look what he writes in the AD:

“Value retention does not exist, ease of use suffers from a lack of acceptance and security is undermined by outright scams.”

Phewwww. I've been hearing these stories for 10 years.

Cryptocurrencies are not issued by any financial institution, so banning it is virtually impossible and you are not going to stop it.

This is a superficial article with the knowledge I have about it and I know roughly why they hate bitcoin.

If someone can write a good piece about bitcoin and explain to people what it is exactly, what to expect and how it works, then that person is very welcome to explain it here.

There are different ideas about this, but in my opinion bitcoins do mean a form of freedom.

Criticism of how I look at this is also welcome.

Do you want to do something with bitcoins?

Inform yourself well. There is a wealth of information about bitcoins and plenty of people to advise you.


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