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Crew is no longer allowed. It is "manning"!

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Do you think that it cannot get any crazier in the Netherlands, a D66 madman comes to the microphone during the debate about the staff shortage at the police. 

We already had in which they spoke about houses that "white" walked through the rain instead of "White".










But this one is even crazier.

Lilian Helder of the PVV started her argument that the structural shortage at the police gets a face. Mayors indicate that some of the few police stations that we have left can no longer be open full-time and are not fully staffed either.

This was followed by an interruption of Monica den Boer from D66 which shows that we must intervene very quickly in the Netherlands to prevent such figures from being taken seriously.

Monica deBoer:

“Well chairman. First, it passes "Manning" from the police stations and not over "Crew ..."

We have looked at it several times but feminazi Monica den Boer from D66 he meant it seriously.



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