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Crime among asylum seekers increases by 30% in 1 year

A number of striking discoveries emerged from a secret report on crime among asylum seekers from the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Asylum seekers appear to provide an unparalleled amount of crime in the Netherlands.

In 2019, an increase of more than 1.000 crimes committed by asylum seekers took place, an increase of approximately 30%.

Almost 5.000 crimes in the Netherlands were committed last year by asylum seekers. Not only the amount, but also the seriousness of the crimes is increasing.

It usually concerns 'minor' offenses such as (shop) theft, pickpocketing or burglaries, BUT the number of more serious crimes such as abuse, rape and attempted murder increased FORS.

Also striking are the countries of origin of the criminal asylum seekers. The vast majority of the perpetrators come from so-called SAFE countries such as Algeria and Morocco. "Foreign nationals from these countries have almost no chance of asylum, but they cause the most problems," the report says.

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