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KRO / NCRV urgently requests to update our article on mental child molester Tim Igor Snijders (Volkskrant)

If you don't know this article yet, first read:

Below this email exchange is a summary of the regions of Tim Igor Snijders. Perhaps it is also more convenient to read that first for the correct context. Do not freak out!

We received this email late last night from the KRO / NCRV


In our opinion Tim Igor Snijders is indeed a child molester. He mistreats children psychologically. 

What we want to achieve with this? You have gone so far that this is a mild response. This is about the future of every Dutch citizen. You play a major role in that. You will be seen in the history books as people who were on the wrong side. Putting an email down so that people can speak directly to this manipulator is nothing compared to that.

In his article he mentions exactly what is going on and then he tells our children that this is conspiracy thinking. He debunked truths. He addresses a child's political opinion. He breaks respect between child and parents.

“There is often anger or mistrust behind the theory, which is very human. Especially when people are fed up with bad experiences with (government) bodies. ”, he says to your child when you have legitimate doubts about this madness.

Really read the entire article! You will be amazed and if you have children it will take the blood from under your nails. PURE INDOCTRINATION. Virtually every sentence!

When you write such a piece, you are in a very dirty way trying to turn a child against you. Against common sense parents from all walks of life. You indoctrinate children with your opinion or political beliefs instead of letting children think for themselves.

AN ADDITIONAL REASON why we place this extensively because it also comes from the State Broadcaster. We pay for this dredge.

"Journalist" Tim Igor Snijders indicates that if you have any doubts about the ridiculous situation we ended up in, you are a conspiracy thinker and he substantiates it in such a way that the child will lose respect for his or her own parents. He tries to show your child as inferior.

The mainstream media is a very big enemy. Has NOTHING to do with journalism and is the brake on the logical thinking of people. In 2020, all the knowledge is available, but these kinds of “journalists” are holding back that evolution and we can safely say that without mainstream media we would never have ended up in this situation.

We are fed up with this indoctrination and it MUST be acted upon. 

Tim Igor Snijders assaults children psychologically. And not just a little bit! Read the article by Tim Igor Snijders here.. You don't know what you're reading!

The manager of this gang speaks about: "Journalists must be able to take a beating", but our definition of a journalist is slightly different from that of the KRO / NCRV (and almost all other mainstream media).

We refuse to remove this. In fact… This only encourages us. 

We also refuse to remove the email address. It is publicly own site. It has been decided to publish this and that can be shared.

It was late and the answer may not be the neatest or grammatical, but this is our position. Or at least my point of view.


Surely there will be people who read this and disagree with us. That is allowed.

Our opinion is that the media has so much blood on their hands. In a world of justice, these people would be behind bars for life. Admitting is not an option for politicians. When the truth comes out, it becomes a Nuremberg II. This government has nothing to lose and has only one option. Promote this world agenda. Suddenly, our own government allows its own citizens to be physically addressed. And don't they have a valid reason to arrest you? Then they take you on that one and a half meter. Reason? Everyone breaks that rule several times a day. you cannot avoid when you run into someone by surprise. And they DO IT. Don't forget the bus that was held hostage for 1 hours, for free.

The media is one-sided and it is the poison in our society .. Do they even know how it feels when you have the most terrible things thrown at you for a lifetime because of your opinion that is different from that of the media such as De Volkskrant. 

And then the child indoctrination

This is a perfect example Tim Igor Snijders how child manipulation works!


The manipulation and indoctrination of our children is now beginning to take on really serious forms. It goes very far here at Brandpunt! 

The article below wrote Tim Igor Snijders for the child supporters of the KRO / NCRV.

Again the link of the complete piece of writing by Tim Igor Snijders:


The head:

What if your mom believes in conspiracy theories? "Counteracting is counterproductive"

Tim Igor Snijders is one of the people your kids turn against you when you think differently about corona than the corrupt official story. Look at the headline of the article.

He has been an editor at the Volkskrant and considers himself a journalist.

He is one of the persons responsible for the brainwashing of our Dutch children below. We see these people all over the world and somehow enjoy them. Satan at work.

Only with the pointer of the same state broadcasters.

One can report this. This man is perilous and misuses the still naive innocent spirits of your and our children to turn them against you? What are we doing and it shows a shocking arrogance to ask for a rectification as well.

Tim Igor Snijders

His email:

You can guess what this is about.

If your mother or father has any doubts about Corona, then you are a conspiracy thinker and Tim Igor Snijders explains to your children how to deal with this. 

And Tim Igor puts your kids up against you and whispers to them that their mom isn't crazy but can't think quite right.

It is the lowest of the lowest, Tim Igor Snijders!

Pay close attention to how viciously she tries to turn your kids on you here.

“Julius's (27) mother had been involved with conspiracy theories for some time, which in the past were mainly about vaccines. But since the outbreak of the corona virus, she seems more busy than ever. ”

“In the eyes of his mother, a global shadow force is secretly pulling the strings, and the current pandemic is nothing more than a fabrication to deprive people of their freedoms. More than ever, her ideas have driven a wedge between mother and son. ”

The Staatsomroep therefore states that in this case the mother has driven a wedge between her and her children. Because of her ideas.

The following is also imprinted in these children's heads:

“Growing unfounded doubts among parents have previously caused vaccination coverage to drop below a critical standard. And conspiracy theories often take racist or anti-Semitic forms, scapegoating Jews or other minorities. ”


“In the digital age, conspiracy theories have gained momentum. And they are being brought into the political mainstream by leaders in Brazil and the US, for example, who openly embrace the theories. ”

This while the digital era ensures that the lies of powerful people surface because the citizens are better informed (if they want to).

But… people like Tim Igor Snijder say to your child, in this case Jelle van Buuren, to which we will also return: Mom or dad isn't crazy.

"The biggest misunderstanding about conspiracy theorists is that they are all crazy," says Jelle van Buuren, researcher at Leiden University. “There is often an anger or mistrust behind the theory, which is very human. Especially when people are fed up with bad experiences with (government) bodies. ”

They advise your child not to be fooled. It may also be due to your past. But you are a little bit insane and your child loses some of the respect for you. And that bit of respect has just been taken away by people like Tim Igor Snijders.

"Anyone who makes fun of the conspiracy thinker further marginalizes him.", said “psychologist” Karen Douglas at the University of Kent. She specializes in conspiracy thinking.

Karen Douglas

Ene van Buuren says to your child:

“This pandemic deprives people of a basic sense of security and control. They ask for a very big clear explanation, to regain that idea of ​​control somewhere. This is easier if you can clearly point the finger at someone. That it went wrong at a wildlife market in Wuhan is far too silly as an explanation. ”

Not a word about numbers or context of course. 6.000 deceased. You will know the numbers if you have followed us, more than 80 years on average. Only 1.2% is likely to have died directly from Corona, but let's keep the official 10% mark. .

Pointer goes even further:

“This is also the case for Julius's mother, who doubts whether the virus is real at all: 'Several times a day she posts something on Facebook, often links to YouTube videos that appear to have been removed by YouTube itself when you click on them. Images, for example, of people walking through empty hospitals to prove the virus is 'fake'. "Look, there are no patients at all." I tell her to look more closely, and refer to fact checks that show that the people in the video are in a completely different department. ”

“People who want to convince the conspiracy thinker that the theory is not true are often accused themselves of being part of the conspiracy for that reason. Their arguments are therefore immediately rejected, ” says the psychologist Douglas.

And an “example” to emphasize that an independently thinking parent is an idiot and so turn your children against you to manipulate your independent thinking:

Things went very wrong in April. Julius and his mother had no contact for a month. The stumbling block: a mocking one meme about 5G conspiracy thinkers, sent via WhatsApp. A lighthearted joke for him, very hurtful to her. "Honey. I don't like your attitude. You can at least respect me in another opinion. Even if it is ridiculous in your eyes. ”

While many facts, what Brandpunt calls conspiracy theories here, have long been proven, your children should see these facts as incorrect and as a mother or father you are therefore not quite right in your head. In any case, a hole has been made in the child's respect for the parents.

“I would say to the conspiracy thinker: it's good to be critical of the resources I have, but are you equally critical of your own resources? And why wouldn't someone be behind it with their own intentions? ”

Thus a platform that never has sources and is based on models and own opinions. No source ends up somewhere and among the thousands of articles from CSTV they could not name a single concrete example of an article that shows that we are the extreme right and spread fakenews.

It doesn't work like that, mister manager. This has nothing to do with journalism at all.

And while we see that the Netherlands is losing its freedom and will cease to exist as democracy once that corona law has been introduced, you will also get this to your ears:

 “The appeal of a conspiracy theory lies in the exciting part: that you know how it really works, that you know something that most don't want to see. That is of course much sexier than making a sober analysis of a visible conflict of interest in, for example, the pharmaceutical industry. ”

And finally:

Just before Mother's Day, May 10, Julius tried to re-establish contact with his mother. “We called for quite some time after our fight. I have attempted to explain how to tell if an online resource is trustworthy or not. I hoped it would lead to something. ”

But the next day she sent me an edited photo of Barack Obama who had been photoshopped next to Osama bin Laden. Look, she said, here they are together in Afghanistan. I sent her the original photos back to show that someone edited it to make it look that way. She replied, "No, people do that on purpose, so that we seem crazy."

Now perhaps we understand a little better what Mark Rutte meant recently with his children's revolution!

What a sick country we live in. And we can have it so well.

Read the entire article by Brandpunt here. Crooked. Every word.

By the way, this is the SECOND TIME that these people from the State Broadcast are over the line. We have had a bit of trouble with these “people” before:


ALSO SEE: removes our video and threatens to take legal action.
We took the legal ones ourselves and was able to replace the video properly. Case lost!

Gert Jaap Hoekman from fake news NU.NL is bluffing, threatening and losing

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Left indoctrination in education

Do parents want to jointly report Tim Timor Snijders? Which can!
Let us know!

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