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VVD Group Chairman resigns: "I can't look at myself in the mirror with a clear conscience!"

Party chair VVD resigns

Yesterday we placed one open letter from former VVD party leader Ghislen Nysten.

Nysten will immediately resign as leader of the VVD in Limburg:

"Given the frightening developments, I can no longer look at myself in the mirror with a clear conscience, knowing that my party - the VVD - is largely responsible for the dehumanization that is currently taking place."

Nystenn further states that he can no longer represent the voice of the people on behalf of the VVD.

“I no longer want to support a policy that tries to kill a cockroach with an atomic bomb. Especially when this bomb destroys everything that makes life worth living - the small, but big things. ”, says Nysten.

Is that worth it, Mark?

It is commendable that Nysten is acting in this way and is putting its own interests aside by making this decision.

“Attending your daughter's ballet performance and afterwards telling her with tears in your eyes how well she did her best. Ordering a beer in the local pub and then go through your week loudly with friends. Embracing your colleague who's going against you for a while. Spontaneously drop in at your favorite great-uncle or attend his funeral a few months later. In short: “being human”. ”

“That is no longer possible. Not because of the virus, but because of the devastating corona policy. Is that worth it Mark? Not me."

"Passing curfew was the last straw."

Ghislen Nysten - Former VVD party chairman

Nysten is probably by no means the only VVD who come to understand and see that their party is implementing an inhumane policy. It also becomes clear that there is no room for criticism from Mark Rutte or the VVD top in general.

“That insight is also starting to grow with others. It is just not possible to express yourself about this. ”

“Behavior that used to be normal - and even healthy -, but now invites a home visit by the police with the stamp“ sedition ”.

Giving up our fundamental rights

“It is precisely our fundamental rights that must guarantee us, the hard-working down-to-earth Dutchman, that we can give substance to our own lives; fundamental rights that are now being ignored by you; fundamental rights that can be attributed to great liberal thinkers such as, your own great example, Thorbecke. Is giving up these fundamental rights worth it to you, Mark? ”

Ghislen Nysten continues:

“Scientists, and even judges, who question the policy are pushed aside, peaceful protests are broken up with brutal police brutality, and hard-working people are accused of sedition in their own living rooms. Since when does the VVD stand for arbitrariness and double standards? Is giving up the morality of the party worth it to you, Mark? ”

From my last plea as a VVD member, I therefore ask you to lift the lockdown immediately.

"Also the Dutch Doctors Collective and Herstel NL have decent alternatives. Put your atomic bomb aside and take a look at that. After all, a healthy life is more than the absence of the virus. ”

If this had happened at the FvD and this open letter was addressed to, for example, Thierry Baudet, the media hysteria would have started immediately. But we don't hear a word about it. Yes, some media have reported it but they have not quoted Nysten.

Only De Telegraaf, who conducted an interview with Nysten, put the open letter in an article that you have to pay for. So not public for people who do not have a subscription to that newspaper.

It shows once again how politics controls the media.

Nysten ends the open letter with:

“That is why I say to you, dear Mark, that being a representative of the people in the name of the VVD is no longer worth it to me. I myself therefore resign my VVD group chairmanship and go out to live, knowing that I run the risk of becoming infected. Life cannot be made, but I can try to make the best of it. That is worth it to me. ”

Hats off.

Read the open letter to Rutte here:

Nysten reports against the police:

After reading these facts, do you still believe that Covid19 exists? Read more!

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