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Fritz Vahrenholt removed from the board due to criticism of climate hysteria

Fritz Vahrenholt (70) is a German politician and was a board member of the German Wild Life Foundation. 

He has now lost this job because of "Denying climate change." Absurd term that is used everywhere and inappropriately when you criticize this phenomenon.










Fritz's disbelief in the impending disaster by Co2 has cost the position of board member of the foundation.

Fritz himself says he has never denied that climate change is taking place, but he does not believe in the doomed thinking that a real catastrophe is coming. He describes the climate debate in general as something hysterical and warns of the reforms that are unthinkingly taking place everywhere because of the global warming. (source)

He has always been critical of the hysteria surrounding the climate, but once Fritz stated that the earth is likely to become greener, that was the trick for the foundation.

The official statement from the foundation says: "Different ideas about the positioning of the foundation in the current discussion about climate policy." (source)

Vahrenhold has been working as an environmental politician for the SPD and is seen as a pioneer in wind energy and environmental protection. (source)

But that didn't help. Irrational doom thinking is so deeply rooted in society that you are treated as a criminal when you dare to criticize this issue critically. It is almost impossible to blame some. When you are bombarded with this madness and your environment every day, it becomes difficult, but it should no longer be an excuse. Robert Jensen: "Google it and you'll find out pretty quickly." 

That is certainly the case with the German Wild Life Foundation. If you do not believe in the destruction of the earth by CO2 emissions and a climate optimist there is, in any case, no place for you at this foundation.

No matter how knowledgeable you are and how good you are with the environment and climate.

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