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Crooked, crooked, crooked

After more than a year, gentlemanly, feigning expertise, Mr Gommers came to the conclusion that keeping people in, especially the very old ones and those with underlying ailments, was not such a good idea after all.

Crooked, crooked, crooked.

After more than a year, gentlemanly, feigning expertise, Mr Gommers came to the conclusion that keeping people in, especially the very old ones and those with underlying ailments, was not such a good idea after all. It is only a matter of time that it is recognized that all covid measures were not scientifically substantiated.
It is remarkable that, against their better judgment (otherwise it would be utterly outrageous!), Other professional ignorants were kept under wraps for a year, as a result of which insane and purely hysteria-based measures were taken.

Many healthy people were the victims. Children who were denied school and social contacts, older people who became lonely and languished for the same reasons. Sick people, unlike with the whipped covid, missed their necessary treatments. And entrepreneurs who saw their often healthy business drift further towards bankruptcy every week. The exalted gentlemen Rutte and De Jonge did not care about it.

Anyone with normal good working common sense had known this for months and months, as evidence was accumulating. More and more scientists, doctors and nurses had their reservations, if it were not certain that the here and there some course-following vets were completely wrong from the first covid virus (you?).

Now it also appears that a cold virus cannot be mixed with nephew covid-19, which reduces the infection with a healthy snot nose. A university team has also succeeded in developing a medicine (no, not a syringe) so that patients are at least 4 days earlier than with the 'normal?' procedure are perfectly healthy again. President Trump was also a shining and predictive example of this.

It is also forgotten that the baby boomers are already getting older, so of course they die in bushes, but a reasonable flu could have managed that too. Death is part of life. Only people die every winter in flu waves that start over with 0 deaths every fall. With Covid, the pharma mafia is already eager to calculate when the 4th wave is rolled out over us. And just keep counting, that makes an impression, it does give you the fear according to people who have interests in the spraying factories.

Funny that despite all the lies and ignorance we do not have to count on relaxation for the time being. Until mayor and PvdA mastodon Aboutaleb suddenly realized that Ramadan would rapidly advance to the third wave. Without scientific evidence, without grumbling and without shame, it was decided to maintain the curfew, but to introduce an hour later. Funny. From January 23, the life-threatening virus was still very deadly active after 21.00 p.m. People would fall lifeless in clumps every day after 21.00 p.m., but after the introduction of daylight saving time, the clock-watching covid rascal isn't annoying until after 22.00 p.m.

And then the political instigator of all misery casually emerges as the winner of the battle against illness, with aunt Kaag in a nice 2nd place. Cases together about the benefits affair (Rutte grinning accused thousands of parents of benefit fraud), but also responsible for the gas debacle in Groningen and the undressing of care, including the closure of several hospitals, 1000 IC beds cut away and the dismissal of many healthcare professionals. Just fallen together and resurrected as politically desperate power-hungry people.

I hear you think power-hungry people? YES, you vulgar power-hungry people. They don't care here, either, who they hang out with. Of course, Mark - the prime minister of all VVD members - wants to keep the compliant CDA slackers on board, together with the most outspoken voter-cheating gang in Kaag, and also placate the seat robbers of JA21. After all, with those 3 apostate FvD'ers in the House of Representatives and the robbed 8 senators, they have a narrow majority in the Lower House and an almost majority in the Senate. If that does not work, the hypocrites of Segers may once again put their souls on the chopping block of Rutte / Kaag.
If that is also a wicked mission (Kaag / Seegers) then they just go over the left (why left, where left?)

Mark does not mind with how many and which minority views a stainless steel cabinet has to be welded shut. Minority views of the VVD, added to those of D66, the CDA and (find out) Ja21, CU or PvdA / GL.
All those minority positions together (and there are quite a few) are called cabinet policy for all Dutch people: also referred to as 'national interest'. With another gigantic cemetery full of scraped and destroyed voters' promises to be dishonorably buried, raked together in a charnel grave.

What do we call this? Just democracy right? What is the crookedest of all above? Or can it be even warmer? Probably. Kaag has plenty of time, is on the lookout for future crooked opportunities!

Rients Hofstra.

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