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A CRUISE TRIP from Limburg to The Hague!


As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the end times.

And after months of devastating lockdown, it is now ready

Now that the government is going to strengthen the strict regime, also by laying down the bizarre strict legislation in law, a law that will end our freedoms and our way of life!

Are you awake?

This final battle and battle is here.

And the question is what role will you play?

Inspired by our history full of revolution and biblical crusades

As Dutch people, we will reclaim our rights and our country once and for all.

And this will come in the form of a human caravan.

In other words: The Mars de Triomphe!

A crusade traveling from Limburg to The Hague

Which will increase in size along the way

And where everyone can join

This is going to be a very festive mobile event full of DJs, speakers and other entertainment.

And this will most probably be our last chance as free Dutch people to express our dissatisfaction with that ridiculous one and a half meter of madness and the crazy fines and punishments they want to attach to this.

We will start in week 26 from - 22 to 28 June - and we will slowly move from Limburg to The Hague. Join this Mars de Triomphe

More info will follow.


Source channel De Kapitein:


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