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CHECK: No, death and facial paralysis are not more common after an injection of the Pfizer vaccine

Paralysis symptoms, heart attacks and even patients who die: if you read some posts on the social media, you better not get vaccinated against the corona virus. But what about those stories is correct and what is wrong?

"I recently got the Covid 19 vaccine." Thus begins a video circulating on social media. A woman who says she is a nurse from the American city of Nashville tells a poignant story. “I felt fine right after the vaccination. But three days later I went to the doctor because I had problems with my face. The whole left side of my face. I now have Bell's palsy (a facial paralysis that is usually temporary, ed.). "

The video became widespread and was also picked up by several corona-critical blogs.

What about it? There are currently four known cases of subjects who effectively contracted the syndrome after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech corona vaccine - one news site talks about seven cases. The US Food and Drugs Authority FDA reported four cases at 3, 9, 37 and 48 days after vaccination. A total of 43.448 subjects participated in the study. Half of them received the vaccine, the other half (the control group) a placebo. None of the control subjects experienced facial paralysis.

The FDA calls four cases in 21.720 (1 in 5.430 during the two-month trial period) vaccinated subjects in line with the average number of Americans who develop the syndrome annually (1 in 8.200 each year). The cases found are currently so rare that they could just as well be due to chance, and the risk of serious complications decreases as time goes on. By way of illustration: no cases were found in the placebo group, which in turn was literally infinite onder the national average is, and cannot be explained by the injection.

Therefore, the FDA decides there is no reason to believe that the vaccine caused the syndrome in the test subjects for the time being. It does recommend further monitoring of the cases as the vaccine is further rolled out among the population.

Yes, two subjects died after they got the Pfizer vaccine… and four even without that vaccine

“Two test subjects for Pfizer corona vaccine died”, headlines a blog. It refers to as source an article from the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post. And anyone who reads that article will see that it actually even concerns six deceased test subjects.

What's up with that? The six deceased subjects are reported in same FDA document which we already referred to above. It states that two subjects who received the vaccine died. But another four subjects from the control group died, and they only received a placebo of salt water.

In the document, we read that the FDA assumes that none of the two deaths that received the vaccine are attributable to that vaccine. One of them died of a heart attack 65 days after the second dose. The other, who had previously suffered from atherosclerosis and obesity, died of that atherosclerosis three days after his first dose. Those are likely causes of death within this age range and in such a large test group, the FDA said.

And what about that creepy list of possible side effects?

It is remarkable how much is misinterpreted or selectively quoted from FDA documents. Consider this headline, which claims the FDA lists “22 serious illnesses and reactions from Covid 19 vaccines”. We find the article on a website that is also full of theories about corona plots, international pedophile networks and The great reset.

"In addition to death, it includes a heart attack, a brain haemorrhage, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, narcolepsy and cataplexy, consequences for pregnancies and births, and a host of other (autoimmune) diseases," writes the author of the article. also mentions a "dire list" of possible side effects of covid vaccines. But what about that now?

Well, that list comes from this document. That explains how the American Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) wants to further monitor corona vaccinations as the population is vaccinated. To check the effectiveness of the vaccines, for example, or to check whether there are side effects that have not yet appeared in the testing phase. This can always happen with side effects that are so rare that they do not occur in a test group of, for example, 44.000 people (in the case of Pfizer).

Being the "daunting list" cited by the author of the article possible diseases and side effects that the CBER specifically wants to monitor, in case they occur would occur. This list has been drawn up on the basis of experiences with previous vaccinations. So it may be that those conditions will show up effectively in extremely low numbers as hundreds of thousands, and then millions, of people are vaccinated, just as with other vaccines.

As a reminder: the side effects most commonly seen during the Pfizer-BioNTech test study, are injection site pain, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain and fever.

Have no illusions: we will read such nonsense stories more often in the coming months

As more people worldwide will be vaccinated against the coronavirus, this kind of disinformation will become more common. Ailments, illnesses and deaths will be attributed to the vaccine without necessarily being the case. And there is an effective risk that new, rare side effects will emerge that have not yet been noticed.

This text was modified on December 30 at 9:40. A previous version of this article stated that the FDA listed four cases of facial paralysis in the total test group in line with the mean, and that number is no higher than the national mean. That is not correct: the FDA is talking about four cases on the group of vaccinated test persons. That number is well above the national average, but according to the FDA is still too low for conclusions about a possible link.

Source: https: //

UK Government Publish Shocking Report On Side Effects Of COVID Vaccine

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