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CSTV Podcast Episode 2: Family and Friends

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CSTV Podcast Episode 2: Family and Friends

After the first podcast together with Niels, which I looked up to a bit, we received a lot of nice emails and requests for topics to discuss during one of our broadcasts. 

People also sent us tips and feedback. Exactly what we were hoping for.

During this broadcast we will take a closer look at something we are probably all dealing with: How do you deal with friends and family who think differently from you during this crisis?

We also deal with a question from a listener who liked to listen to a podcast from another platform until they suddenly started asking for money. Right in the deep!

We are also talking about Wybren van Haga calling on the Netherlands to boycott this bizarre test society. He seems to be emerging as an anti-establishment politician, I say very carefully, who wants to overthrow this system together with the people. After all, it is the only salvation. Our own sovereign little reset.

And good news keeps coming in from Reiner Fuellmich and his team.

Enjoy listening to our second podcast and send your sincere feedback on the topics discussed or other suggestions to: 



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Spread the freedom!

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