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A first: The VERY FIRST CSTV Podcast

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Niels Lunsing finally managed to get me to hold a weekly podcast together.



We have known each other for over a year and a half now. Niels is known for his weekly audio newspaper and its website

He regularly lists various channels of independent news (websites, YouTube channels, podcasters and writers) that coexist with the mainstream media.

I myself have been on his show a number of times to bring our latest news, but I have always said that this is not for me. I also didn't know that I would ever start making videos, write and that something like CommonSenseTV would come out. At first, none of that was for me and the same probably applies to more people who are active here on CSTV.

What connects Niels and me very much is that we both mainly operate out of idealism. We are genuinely concerned about our future and that of generations to come. Together we have a certain vision that is very similar. Even though we differ from each other here and there, in the topics we discuss we notice that we broadly share the same opinion.

The private conversations that we have every week are a moment to live towards for both of us.

It's always nice to talk to someone who pulls as much hair out of their head every day as you do in these crazy times. We see the craziest things, such as people who, without any resistance, follow the most ridiculous measures.

Those conversations were actually much more fun because you can speak more freely.

From there, the idea arose not to waste that energy and broadcast a weekly podcast instead. In this we are completely ourselves so that many people will likely recognize themselves in our feelings. That is quite difficult and when I listen to our first trial podcast I immediately notice that there is still room for improvement.

That is easier said than done and when I listen to our first trial podcast I immediately notice that there is still room for improvement.

Niels has been in this world for some time and has been a radio DJ in the past.

With his experience and the clear click that we have, we bring an interesting podcast every week. This will increasingly take shape.

In the upcoming podcasts, we intend to discuss one or two topics that have been in the news (or, on the contrary, concealed by the media) in the past week, and we will also release the positive news.

The media have turned their backs on us and are out to remember every positive voice. but there are certainly developments underway that offer hope and perspective.

This is our first (trial) episode.

We would love to hear what you think of it!


Spread the freedom!

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