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Those who should inform and protect the people from the government turn out to be political activists posing as journalists carrying out the government's agenda. The level of the mainstream media is beneath contempt and state propaganda is shameless. It's poignant.
We must oppose this media and this government that oppresses us, lies to us and takes away our freedoms. They set ill-informed fellow countrymen against those who pierce right through this. 
Resistance and truth-finding are indispensable. They have created a situation where facts are dismissed as conspiracy theories.
That's why CommonSenseTV was born and we'll show you what the media doesn't show you. We will continue to expose the media and the government. We will never bow. We will not be intimidated and we will never give up.
We stand and stand for a sovereign Netherlands and a society based on rationality and common sense.
On this website we independently produce columns, opinion pieces, videos and news in the form of articles. 
Always substantiated. We want the truth and sincerely seek it. 
We do not practice political correctness and we do not allow ourselves to be fooled by emotional blackmail. We are peaceful and we want the best for the Netherlands and we see that things are going completely wrong.
We see the big picture very well and we see what is going on in this world. Therefore, we are getting closer to the truth than any mainstream media. They use an agenda that must conceal the truth. 
But the facts don't lie and that collective awareness will come.
You can always participate in the discussion under the articles. Every opinion is welcome. We have simple rules for as long as possible. Discuss with respect. No personal attacks. No unnecessary foul language. No trolls.
This platform will never end up in the hands of people with impure interests. We will never sell our soul and remain independent forever. Our greatest wish is a bright future for our country. 
We do not partner with sponsors who want to exert influence. We do not advertise to multinationals. We don't want Google ads and where we can, we want to avoid and boycott bigtech as much as possible.
Sometimes you can't get out of the big tech yet to spread the word. It is a matter of timing to avoid them and share our content through good alternatives where freedom of expression still exists.
We can continue to do this thanks to your support through donations or purchases through the advertisements on our website. The advertisements are usually from smaller companies that support us in our mission or from products and services that we support 100%.
Furthermore, we have our own Common Sense Shop. Nice clothes and high quality products. Here too you support us enormously and you get something beautiful in return.
CommonSenseTV: We are on the right side of history.
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If you have any questions or tips, please email us. We receive an awful lot of e-mail and the time that we could answer everything is unfortunately over, but we do our very best. We read and store everything. 
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