CommonSenseTV - Genuinely realistic news and opinions.

The mainstream media fails to inform us Dutch. In fact; they mislead the people and unwittingly draw us into a future mapped out by the globalists.

We no longer accept this and we will oppose it in every possible way. We will no longer be sidelined but stand up for our rights and our country.

Almost all media have become a conduit for the government. Critical questions are no longer asked. Anyone who does, is a conspiracy thinker and must be denounced.

Then there is no other option than for citizens to take over the task of the media.

This is how CommonSenseTV was born.

Without political correctness, here we discuss facts and news that the media does not want to show you.

After starting a successful YouTube channel with 31.000 subscribers within a short time, our channel was also removed when YouTube started censoring.

Now we are active on this website, on social media and our own video platform is in the making.

We stand for a sovereign Netherlands in which we are again proud of our country and where we are once again in control of our own house. 

A society based on rationality and common sense is how a society should work in 2021. In this digital era, knowledge is available to everyone and we will search for the truth for you.

We love the Netherlands and will always fight for our rights and our freedoms.

We have no final editing. Everyone writes independently and we will always try to get as close to the truth as possible in this complex world. You will receive our opinion for free.

The absurdly oppressive situation we find ourselves in now will change and this beautiful country will become even more beautiful than it ever was.

We believe in humanity and we believe that good will conquer evil through a massive collective awakening that will spread like a wave across this globe. 

Please help us to keep going. A lot has been canceled, the plans are big and we are going for the liberation of the Netherlands.

We are active on the following channels: (removed by mass censorship. Previously 31.000 subscribers)