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RIVM reports 356 new corona infections, slightly higher than the weekly average

PROVINCE OF UTRECHT - In the province of Utrecht, 356 new infections were registered with the RIVM in the past XNUMX hours. One person has also died as a result of the corona virus, five new corona patients have been admitted to hospital.

The number of infections is therefore slightly higher than the average over the past week, which stands at 343 infections per day. There were also more than yesterday, when there were 334 corona infections.

There were a relatively large number of infections in Bunschoten (18), although many residents are still being tested there due to a pilot. The least number of people tested positive for COVID-2 in Woudenberg (1) and and Renswoude (19).

The RIVM has registered 4729 new corona infections throughout the Netherlands. That is also slightly above the weekly average, which is 4605 positive corona tests per day. On Saturday, 4966 new corona infections were reported, according to corrected figures.

The number of reported deaths from Covid-19 rose by 21 last 24 hours. As with the deaths in the province of Utrecht, this does not mean that all these people died in a 41-hour period. Deaths are sometimes passed on after a while. 65 deaths were registered on Saturday, XNUMX on Friday.


Nearly 10.000 new infections have been reported in Germany

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